Sunday, August 13, 2017

Morning Energy Recharge at Morningville

Not going somewhere too far from what its name told you, Morningville's simply a perfect place to go for a champion breakie! Actually they neither merely served breakfast menu nor opened only in the morning, but I called it a 'gas station' who serves the morning fuel as for my preference, what they served on the menu were mostly types of dishes I wished I could have every single day to kick start my long busy hours. 

Taking the space in Conclave Co-working Space, this eatery adds another line to the long list of similar cafes in South Jakarta area. At first when I hadn't known the precise location, I was just wondering it's actually a brave decision to come as another new comer, having already quite many existing competitors. Nevertheless, I finally figured out that it's the brand new version of Typology, the cafe I used to go quite often for their cake shake, and I guessed they're indeed one of the first comers for these drinks. Having had great experience with Typology, I did have high benchmark set for Morning Ville so let's made it a bet ;). 

Nothing much was changed for the interior, that even my sister who was usually ignorant and forgetful could notice just in a sec that it's ex-Typology (yep if you knew her you would probably understand this statement better LOL). It was still a quite sizable space with one tall communal table, accompanied by smaller ones by its surroundings. Most were for group of 4, yet they were definitely adjustable when you came with more people. My pick would certainly be the one with sofa seating located just next to the window. 

Honestly speaking I couldn't recall the theme-color carried by Typology but I did guessed it's pretty similar to this one. The petite private room was also still there, occupying the back space, dedicated for those who might want their exclusive space. Being in a co-working space, the room actually served those who might want to conduct a meeting with few people as well. Besides, sometimes the venue's even booked entirely for events and I had experienced this since Morningville was still Typology. 

Chicken Karaage Sambel Kecombrang (IDR 64k)

Arriving at what to dine in the venue, I was in dilemma of either having Smoothie Bowl or this Chicken Karaage. Well yes, perhaps rice breakie wasn't really typical me, but that Chicken Karaage pictures I had spotted for multiple times couldn't easily be removed from my mind. It simply looker too tempting to be true that I couldn't help myself from finally opting for it. 

Exactly fulfilling my expectation, the dish was wonderfully preserved with a half-done sunny side up in the middle. I knew the snaps didn't lie at all when I found the gigantic karaage chunks in my plate. You could picture that uberly wide grin on my face, especially when I had my first spoon of the dish, combination of flawlessly runny yolk, crispy-outside-juicy-inside chicken, and impeccably cooked torch ginger spicy sauce. The sliced onions and scallions mixed as the toppings were like bonus of happiness for me (not the after-smell though LOL). It's doubtlessly a portion of perfection, which would definitely bring me back here <3. Nothing more to say than must-try!

Banana Berry Smoothie Bowl (IDR 59k)

Here came the sweet part upon the savory. Beauty might be indeed in the eye of the beholder, yet taste would never lie. Looking gorgeous on my sight with its rich combination of colors, this healthy dish wasn't only refreshing for the eyes, beneficial for the body, but also spoiling for the palate. Fresh fruit cuts on top of the blended frozen berries and banana, enriched with granola and eye-catchy edible flowers; it simply created rainbows of colors and taste as you would have sweet and sour flavors burst out altogether. 

Hot Cappuccino (IDR 33k)

No, it's no more sinful shakes like what I used to have in Typology. Nonetheless, so long as I still had my caffeine doze, I absolutely wouldn't mind. Picking their cappuccino, I found their coffee suited my liking really well! They got me sold to the aromatic coffee fragrance, which I could strongly sensed in each sip. Taste wise, it was actually more to medium roast, giving medium body level as well. Yet, its bold coffee scent made it a delightful morning cup to have. 

Regardless the name or even the concept change, I was still highly satisfied with everything's served on my table in this place. Bluntly said, nothing in particular impressed me from the venue's design or ambiance; yet for my palate, it was a wonderful morning pleasure delivered by Morningville today.

Taste: 8.5/10
Place: 7/10
Service: 8/10
Price: 8/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Jl. Wijaya 1 No. 5C, Jakarta
Phone: (+62 21) 2912 6149
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun 9am - 9pm

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