Saturday, December 23, 2017

Cornerstone Roastery

Let’s give a big hand-wave to the new fella in this epicly growing coffee shop population. Hello and welcome Cornerstone! When some people might think names were just names and there were nothing so relevant about them, for some others who belonged to different boats might perceive names differently. I believe those stood at the latter groups did believe Cornerstone had chosen insightful name. The phrase that would deliver deep meaning and strong interpretation as it could be translated into the word ‘foundation’. Well yeah, my guesstimate told me that the owner might wish this cafe to stand strong and survive within the tough condition of the market and the industry. OK stay relax guys, I would stop there and not bring the conversation to the deeper level.

Wondering how this ‘strong foundation’ (don’t get confused, I’m just trying to make another name as the analogy) looks like? It’s a quite minimalist one, with only single line of table at the first floor and a petite table next to the showcase, where they displayed the beans and some coffee-making equipment they sold. Despite the simplicity, the way they arranged the overall set up made the venue ended up comfy, especially the special spot with kind of indoor roof, occupying the front corner. Besides it was the Instagenic minimalist grey-ish spot where there were two woven seats, precisely like those you often saw in any Kinfolk mags. 

Climbing up to the second level, which was actually not that ready yet, they were planning to make working space with long communal table at one spot, then few petite private rooms with smaller tables. It’s funny as I got it like a course center, yet I guessed they’re just trying to arrange the limited space best. Great effort put there! 

For those whose palate and tummy could be easily satisfied by the dynamic duo of pastry and coffee, I had something terrific to tell you. Just with IDR 55k, you could easily get the yummy couple, 1 pastry and 1 cup of coffee, both of your choice. I wasn’t sure if this would be something permanently offered or just temporarily and I was in a boat with the lucky ones!

Knowing the pastry mostly came from the kitchen of BEAU, I was so enchanted for this morning sweets. Well yeah, I’ve tried some of BEAU’s creations and the most memorable one, the signature menu that kept calling back was indeed their sweet pastries.

Mushroom Pastry Square

Without further due, I right away placed my order, taking the complete set of flavors, combining savory and sweet pastries. Actually from my ‘Beau experiences’, I’ve never gone for their savory pastries, thus today marked my premiere try. Starting with something with more seasonings, I had this squared-shape flaky pastry, which I did agree that honestly it had nothing looked really appealing to get people drooling. Nevertheless, if you then questioned why I could pick it up, it’s mainly because I asked for the ingredients and those components mentioned simply got me hitched. Mushrooms, tomatoes, and various cheese; yeah indeed the last one played the biggest role in capturing my attention. Thankfully it did not let me fall into disappointment as the taste wasn’t bad at all, though I couldn’t mention it as excellent either. If I had to call out one point that could turn it better, I would say greater balance between the cheese and the tomato. You might think (or might be actually the case indeed) that I was bias as I loved cheese, but my palate did demand lighter tomato flavor and bolder cheese!

Salted Egg Yolk Croissant

No need to put too much worry, the next order was definitely the savior of the day and I could already tell it from the start that my taste bud would definitely fancy it more. Two simple reasons, first I’d tried it and second I did love sweets more to savory. Just one thing, I initially didn’t expect it would turn out this gigantic, which made me ended up having love-hate relationship with the dish. I was somehow happy that the size was huge, meaning I could enjoy it longer, but I hated knowing the fact that the impact lasted too long on the hips. Well yeah, let’s just be happy and forget the calories LOL. 

Slicing the golden brown croissant, the flaky pastry had stimulated the appetite to go to its highest. Then looking at the blend of the salted egg yolk filling, milk, and cream fla bursted out and overflowed around the plate, I was struggling holding my jaw from dropping. The first bite was surely the heaven, with perfect crispiness from the skin, complemented by the almond crumble. This piece of paradise was like perfect example of balance, in terms of the texture as well as taste; being crispy outside and perfectly molten inside, neither overly sweet nor bland. Saying everything shortly, top notch!!

Hot Cappuccino

Hot Piccolo 

Have we reached the end? For sure not! As I mentioned earlier, Cornerstone was being nice to the guests, offering a pair of morning booster for you instead of single one. The choice ranged from all the coffee-based beverages on the menu. Having 2 cups given, I got the chance to try my mainstream couple every time it came to being a first-timer in any coffee shop; Cappuccino and Piccolo. 

As expected, my palate fell deeper for the piccolo with its stronger body and perfect size for morning cup. Besides, as the beans were actually medium roasted ones, Cappuccino turned a bit milky for my kind of preference. But for sure as it’s simply the matter of preference, you absolutely could choose which one would prolly suit you better since you understood your own taste bud best. 

Oh well, thanks to Cornerstone for opening my day with my flawless kind of breakie; sweets plus coffee, the dynamic duo which did sound and look simple but turned out could make the rainbow went more colorful in my day.

Taste: 7.5/10
Place: 7/10
Service: 8/10
Price: 7.5/10

Address: Ruko Diamond Blok 3 No. 60, Jl. Gading Golf Boulevard, Tangerang
Phone: (+62) 85885 916 916
Operating Hours: Mon - Fri 10am - 10pm, Sat 8am - 10pm, Sun 8am - 6pm

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