Thursday, December 28, 2017

First Crack Coffee

Could you mention the feeling of being able to crack a mystery for the very first time? It would absolutely be an astonishing one, the second you had that AHA! moment and felt proud of yourself for being able to nail it. This awesome experience would prolly be my best way to describe why First Crack name seemed to be so memorable for me. 

Finally, having been to the coffee shop for the second time, I had the time to write a simple review about my visit. It might sound quite funny but indeed was the reality, I went for exactly the same food and beverage at the second visit, just added another one I did feel curious to try. Yepp, that’s me, able to stick to something I’ve fallen for, and could go back to it again and again without feeling bored or sick. 

As at the initial visit I anyway didn’t take any snaps and simply just enjoyed my foods, so this repeating one was the chance to do so. If you later made your first one, I hoped you didn’t get lost like me. Just one clue, it’s occupying a space inside the Altira Business Park so just set your online map to it, then got the security at the ticket corner guided you for detailed direction. 

Opening the door, you could right away noticed that First Crack did have their own roaster from the decoration including the equipment. Wow, looked like they’re indeed going serious with coffee, beyond just opening a simple coffee shop. The design which mainly featured black and white combined with red bricks, made the venue looked classic and elegant, not just like simple and casual cafes. 

Based on my quick scanning on the whole corners, most guests went for their coffee above anything else. Some did give companions to their caffeine cups by adding light bites, cakes, or other pastries, but I could clearly spot the coffee was almost never missed. Yeah for sure it’s unquestionable especially because they even had their own roastery. 

Hot Cappuccino (IDR 30k)
Two cups directly landed on my order list; with one being mild version and the other being strong, first went hot while the latter served cold. For sure it’s indeed purposely done to ensure I tried more from the portfolio. 

Let’s begin with the hot one, the standard coffee menu which I mostly set as the benchmark to determine if a coffee shop passed my approval or not (giggling). At my first trial, I had it originally as-is and I shortly said I loved it! The scent was so indulging even before I took my initial sip. It gave a strong kick of coffee flavor on the palate with slightly-biting bitterness. With the smooth finishing at the end, it’s like my flawless morning ‘dopping’. 

For my second visit I tried to be more inventive, which ended up made me get the regrets. I requested for additional vanilla syrup (IDR 5k) and I seemed to ruin my perfect caffeine cup. It turned out too sweet and I simply wanted my pure coffee cup back (deeply frowned). I promised I would no longer have such random idea. 

Iced Hazelnut Coffee Papua (IDR 35k)

On the menu which was dominated by coffee, there’s a special tiny section featuring the signatures of the house, which I guessed were mostly cold brew. My pick was this Hazelnut Coffee Papua, which I (again) estimated was iced coffee made with the beans from Papua, but to ensure it didn’t go too strong, First Crack paired it with Hazelnut syrup. When I first made the order I honestly didn’t know it’s black coffee. Surprisingly, my first sip made me deeply fall in love with this one and I found myself couldn’t stop till the last drop. You needn’t be worry if you’re not used to strong one as this was mild on the taste bud and so refreshing!

Honey Cake (IDR 29k)

Coffee only without the cake for me would surely turn incomplete; just like going to a movie then leaving 10 minutes before it finished. To ensure my coffee cups weren’t lonely, I got them a slice of companion, the Honey Cake! Bluntly said I was a bit dissatisfied at my second attempt on this cake as it turned out quite dry. 

Nevertheless, I was so much into my first one. Everything seemed impeccable, having the texture being precisely at the right level between soft and dense, the caramel faultlessly added the sweetness element to the overall cake, and the crumbles covering the cake gave the final indulging touch. If you’re more into adventurous side, you gotta give this cake a try as you might not commonly meet it elsewhere. 

Those residing or having the radar within North area, First Crack does worth to visit and who knows it will turn to be on your repeating-visit list ;)

Taste: 7.5/10
Place: 7/10
Service: 7.5/10
Price: 7/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Altira Business Park B12-15, Jl. Yos Sudarso Kav 85, Sunter, Jakarta
Operating Hours: Mon - Sat 9.30am - 7.30pm, Sun 8am - 8pm