Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Ignasia's Cake Me Away

The first time my sight caught this coffee shop on Instagram, I was like hypnotized straight away by its classic and chic design. Well yeah, boys might indeed be not that much into it, but I was pretty sure it would be 180-degree different for most girls. I was too excited to visit it, till I got disappointed as I unfortunately couldn’t make it for multiple times till today. GIMME A MAGNIFICENT YEAY PLEASE!!

Standing in the middle of the big crowd of coffee shops and restaurants, it’s surely easy to find this newly opened spot. Easiest clue would be Locupan, which most of you absolutely was familiar with, the one standing right next to Ignasia. 

OK honestly speaking I had no idea if I should call the place Ignasia or Cake Me Away. I did prefer the latter, being more catchy and somehow did make me realized representing myself precisely. The way it sounded like Take Me Away, did get me agreed that desserts particularly cakes rarely failed to make me blown away into the world of extreme satisfaction. Besides, Ignasia’s actually the owner’s name, so it’s better to call the place differently right? LOL

As I called our in the beginning, when I firstly opened the entrance, I was mesmerized by the colorful hanging plants as well as nice sentences decorating the walls. Nonetheless, I was initially confused since it seemed like no one’s there, including the baristas. I then noticed the first floor was the space for additional seats as well as the store selling groceries and food ingredients, while the main cafe was upstairs as led by the signboard given. 

Along the stairs they did put plants as the decoration, giving the feeling like you’re dining in the middle of a gorgeous flower park. If the first floor already looked awesome, the second was even way better! Each corner simply appeared too cute to be true for me, not to mention the first table right upon the entrance which was a wonderfully Instagenic spot. The wall behind it was enchantingly set up, making it a corner that I believed would be a happening photo setting on any social media real soon. 

Another personal joy for me was they made the venue looked a lot like Christmas. Red santa hats, mistletoes, pine cones, and snow flakes were just few of the ones delivered the ambiance of this best time of the year. 

Classic Cheesecake (IDR 40k)
When Ignasia picked the name of Cake Me Away, I believed she didn’t just do that randomly but did mean it, looking at how many selections of cakes displayed on the showcase. Moreover, those mentioned on the menu were even more, just that some of them were still in development progress and weren’t readily available yet, such as the cold cheesecakes and mocha nougat. 

Nice stuff, they did provide tester to help you solving your biggest dilemma in the cake shop, having to decide which one to order. Given the abundant options ranging from Matcha, Red Velvet, Carrot, Black Forest, Espresso, Mocha and more, my choice landed on the Classic Cheesecake, featuring vanilla cheese spongecake with cream-cheese layers in between and on top. 

I was actually a big fan of the creamy type cheesecake but I did love the classic one like crazy. Nonetheless, my benchmark for this old-style one was high, as my most favorite sold in my hometown was like the best one ever existed for me. All my friends who had given it a try did say so, thus you might have guessed that my palate would have a super high standard. 

Perhaps that’s also the reason why for me Ignasia’s wasn’t bad at all, yet not yet reaching the level that’s been able to beat my number one. Besides, I thought it’s a bit too dry but I guessed one of the reasons was perhaps because the cakes had been pre-sliced and kept for quite too long. Overall the cream cheese was moist and lovely, being not overly sweet, and the shredded cheese was generously given as well; pretty much compensating the not-completely-satisfied desire for the better sponge cake. 

Bana-Nut (IDR 45k)
Though the cafe’s name didn’t call out anything related to smoothies, neither the bowl nor the drink, they did serve quite rich variants of both. From the 9 variants of the bowl, my final pick was Bana-Nut, a bowl of banana, peanut butter, yoghurt, and soy milk. 

Hmmm, if you just thought they sounded quite simple (and indeed they were), but lemme tell you how much they could get my taste bud spoiled. Briefly said, I had expected that it would turn out delightful as it featured peanut butter, my most favorite component in any smoothie bowl, but actually I didn’t expect I would love this healthy food this much!! It’s like a bowl of addiction, making me not able to stop digging deeper into the bowl and having some more though honestly the blend was such a fulfilling one. 

The smooth texture of the base itself had actually been able to get me hitched, yet it delivered something even more, adding the extra delicacy from the toppings of chia seeds, nuts, and sliced banana; letting you enjoy the excitement of having party of textures in the mouth. 

Talking about price, I might have to say this was one of the best deal I’ve ever made for a smoothie bowl. The size was like for sharing with 3 people in my honest opinion, as it’s delivered in a gigantic bowl. Moreover, it’s highly affordable, especially with those mix of ingredients taken into account. 

Hot Chocolate - Single Estate Microlot: Sulawesi Ranoha (IDR 39k)

Served by Korte, I was actually raising the query to the barista on which one he recommended as there were 4 variants listed on the menu. He called out the Aceh and Sulawesi ones as the most favorites, but did mention that Sulawesi one was the lighter type. Well yeah I was totally in the mood to get myself sunk into the deep sugar-rush but for sure not to get my tummy nauseated so I opted for Sulawesi (not because it’s my hometown for sure). I apparently took the right choice since even this one wasn’t that ‘light-light’ (if you got what I meant). It was pretty thick, but still at moderate level, making it perfectly suited my ask. Besides, I guessed this cup of dark choco wasn’t further mixed with sugar or either mixed but at very low doze, as the sweetness level was minimum, allowing the bold cocoa flavor to shine. 

Having tried still very small part of the overall menu, I’m still highly excited to come back to try some more from the kitchen’s invention, particularly their other smoothie bowls! Also looking forward to tasting their cold cheesecakes <3

Taste: 7.5/10
Place: 8/10
Service: 8.5/10
Price: 8/10

Address: Ruko Cordoba Blok D No. 15, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta
Phone: (+62 21) 5698 3539 / (+62) 81 7880 810
Operating Hours: Mon - Thu 8am - 9pm, Fri closed, Sat - Sun 9am - 10pm

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