Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Alluring Sweet-Tooths at Lobbyn Kitchen & Bar

Located at Fave Hotel Kemang, Lobbyn basically had 2 separated areas; the restaurant located at the lobby and the rooftop bar located at the upper floor. As I came at the afternoon, I unfortunately couldn’t go to the rooftop one as it was still closed. So I decided to dine in the one located at the lobby. The venue was quite spacious and it was actually the place where the hotel guests had their breakfast as well.   

Since I had had my lunch, I only spent dessert time at Lobbyn. Following the waitress suggestion, my sister and I ordered their two best-selling desserts. Unfortunately, though we only ordered desserts, it took them so long to serve the order. I had to wait for approximately 45 minutes before I had my desserts ready on the table.

Crème Brulee (IDR 30.5k)

This simply presented dessert belonged to my sister. Yes, in terms of presentation, it seemed like there’s nothing special about the dish as it exactly looked like other common crème brulee. However, when it came to taste, I had to admit that it was so good that I forgot my pique of having to wait for quite long time. The texture was so moist and the sweetness level was excellent. Two thumbs up!

Chocolate Volcano Cake (IDR 37.5k)

Here was mine, the Chocolate Volcano Cake. As I have told you for many times, any types of choco lava cakes were irresistible for me and I would always want to try them. This one was not an exception; especially strengthen by the waitress’ suggestion that this was one of their best-sellers. The presentation did reflect the name as the chocolate cake, which was the volcano, was decorated with strawberry coulis, which represented the lava. When I sliced the cake, the chocolate beautifully melted out. Taking my first spoon, my mind was immediately blown away! It was so damn good! The cake was smooth and the chocolate taste was strong. Not to forget the vanilla ice cream which came as the perfect complement. This cake undoubtedly entered my list of most favorite choco lava cakes. Once again, thanks to the waitress who recommended this.

Overall, I extremely enjoyed my dessert time at Lobbyn. I really loved the exceptional taste of their two best-selling desserts. I could assure you that there was no single doubt should be put on both of them. Seemed like the waiting worth the taste. Just one thing, if they could be served faster, I believed I would be far more satisfied and I would definitely be one of Lobbyn’s most loyal customers.

Taste: 9/10
Place: 8/10
Service: 7/10
Price: 8/10

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Address: Fave Hotel, Jl. Kemang Raya No. 6
Phone: (021)2952 9047
Operating hours: Mon - Sun 7am - 11pm (Kitchen) & Mon - Sun 5pm - 1am (Rooftop Bar)

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