Saturday, November 8, 2014

Being A Starving Monster at the Republic of Burger

Ok guys, right now you have to be on your seat and fasten your seat belt cause we are going to take off to the place you will never want to leave, the Republic of Burger. Okay, sorry for the cheesy joke. Yeah, we are not going anywhere and we’ll still stay in this beloved country, the Republic of Indonesia.

So enough talking about nonsense, let’s go seeing what this place serves. Located at Cipete, you might have to fight a little bit before reaching the place as the traffic around the place is not that cooperative. It’s quite easy to find the venue and if you happened to know Epilogue French Restaurant, Republic of Burger was just right across it.

The venue was not that spacious, but I really loved the homey ambiance it gave. The decoration was quite simple, yet lovely. Just one thing, I guessed many corners were quite dusty :( . Not want to mess up my weekend with that problem, I simply forgot it and immediately went to the menu offered by the friendly waitress.

The Republican Monster (IDR 76k)

Just in a blink, I already could decide what I wanted to try. It was surely The Republican Monster, the signature burger from this place. Actually, I wanted to have junior size but apparently they did not have it for this Republican one. For you who’re on diet, just consider weekend as cheat day :p

I didn’t have to wait quite long for the dish to be served on my table. I guessed I was stunned for quite some time after I firstly looked at the burger. Not only the giant size, the flawless presentation also amazed me and made me unable to wait to taste it. Having the first bite, the monster in my stomach was immediately waken up. If I had to pick one sentence to describe this dish, I thought it would be “The best burger man ever invented!”. It served you all ingredients you ever wished to have for a burger. The thick 250gr Australian premium Wagyu beef grilled patty was so tender and juicy. Chewing it together with the crispy sliced bacon, crispy onion rings, sautéed onions, and double melted cheddar cheese; your taste bud could certainly experience what so-called heaven on earth! Not to mention, the exceptional mushroom sauce (other choice: Barbeque, Black Pepper, Tomato Basil), which I chose to perfectly complement this divine burger. What was so lovely about this burger was you could strongly taste the terrific flavor of every single element, while simultaneously enjoyed the marvelous combination of all of them.

Blueberry Wonder (IDR 33k)

This blend of fresh blueberries, vanilla ice cream and low fat milk belonged to my sister. It came with gorgeous color-gradation presentation. The refreshing taste from the fruits ideally balanced the milky taste from the ice cream and milk.

Skippy McDreamy (IDR 35k)

My choice as a peanut butter fanatic was this Skippy McDreamy, a pampering glass combining Skippy peanut butter, chocolate ice cream, and low fat milk. Luckily, the texture was not too thick; otherwise I might not be able to finish it as I was made very full by the monster-sized burger. If you said that you were a peanut butter lover, you surely did not want to miss this!

Snowy Jelly (FREE!)

I was extremely full already when the waitress offered me this free dessert. The guest could have it just by tweeting a photo taken here. Not wanting to miss the great deal, I did try this Snowy Jelly. It was actually a very simple yet exquisite mixture of vanilla ice cream, blueberry jelly, and syrup. Of course, it’s not bad at all for a free-treat.  

Call me the most satisfied customer today. I really really enjoyed every single dish I had here. Looked like the formerly-starving monster was now sleeping tight in the happy fatty tummy. In one saying, it was beyond recommended!

Taste: 9
Place: 7.5/10
Service: 8.5/10
Price: 8.5/10

Thanks for Reading! :)

Address: Jl. Cipete Raya No. 26A
Other Address: Ruko Kebayoran Arcade, Jl. Rasuna Said, Bintaro Sektor 7
Phone: (021) 3658 0862
Operating Hours: Mon – Sun 10am – 10pm

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