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Pleasure Seeking at Magnum Café

I still could clearly remember how massive the crowd was, when Magnum Café  was firstly established in February 2011. People were queuing like crazy only to give this cafe a try. Bringing out the concept of kingdom, the waiters and waitresses dressed up like the servants of a castle, which you usually saw in fairy tales. Not only that, the decoration and ambience also made all guests felt as if they were the royal family.

Only existing for approximately a year, Magnum Café then temporarily closed and came up again in July 2012, bringing the new concept of House of Chocolate. The design totally changed and now every single corner of the café reminded you of chocolate. If previously the theme was more to classic and elegant, now it was more to casual and lively. However, both of them successfully delivered the atmosphere of a perfect café for me. Providing outdoor area, you could feel as if you’re dining in a rooftop bar when you sat there.

Though the place was very cozy for the guests to stay for quite long time, unfortunately the service was kinda slow. They needed to take quite long time to prepare for the foods, except if you were buying stick ice cream immediately from the ice cream bar. Adding this with the queuing time before you got into the café, sometimes it might annoyed the customer.

Nacho de Ville (IDR 55k)

For appetizer, Magnum café did provide various choices of finger foods for you to enjoy. The first one I tried was their Nacho de Ville. Yes, the most mainstream appetizer that was almost always ordered by all people. The crispy Nacho tortilla chips were served with various toppings, including  jalapenos, tomatoes, olives, and abundant melted cheese. The refreshing toppings made this one became a nice light opening.

Calamari Vindaloo (IDR 49k)

If I might say, this one was Magnum’s must-try appetizer! Though the portion was quite small and thus it was quite pricey, but this dish was simply their best finger-food! Coming with the perfect golden-brown color, it successfully made everyone who looked at it to drool. The taste was highly satisfying as well as it was crispy, tasty, and not greasy at all.

Waffle De Bruges (IDR 55k)

I would rather call this as a main dish than appetizer, considering the giant size of the waffle. The presentation was amazing and the taste was simply flawless. Combining savory crispy waffle with the toppings of beef salami, sunny side up, and fresh veggies; this dish could simultaneously pamper both your taste bud and please your tummy. It also provided you additional happiness as it was served with thinly sliced potato chips. Moreover, they did not forget to add the signature of Magnum Café, chocolate sauce. It might look weird to enjoy savory dish with chocolate sauce, but the unique taste worth to be tried.

Waffle De Aristocrat (IDR 65k)

This waffle would best suit the ones who loved the blend of sweet and sour taste. Mixing strawberry sauce and chocolate sauce for the toppings, this dessert provided you complete flavors in a single plate.

Waffle De Brussels (IDR 65k)

You love Banana? Then you might try Magnum Café’s Waffle De Brussels, which was basically waffle served with grilled caramelized banana, vanilla Magnum sticks, chocolate rice-crisps sticks, dark chocolate sauce, and caramel sauce. The combination was actually a great idea, however I guessed it would be finer if the banana was sweeter.

De Velvet Seduction (IDR 55k)

To serve the red velvet lovers, Magnum café tried to bring out the combination of red velvet cake with their vanilla-strawberry Magnum stick. Additionally, they also completed it with red velvet flakes, chocolate sauce, and raspberries. For this one, the ice cream was indeed a great invention, but unfortunately I had to say no to the cake.  

De Constructed Cheese Cake (IDR 55k)

At first, I expected this dessert would marry vanilla Magnum stick with cheesecake. However, it turned out that what was said as De Constructed Cheese Cake was basically cream cheese among layers of chocolate rice crispies. The taste was okay, but I guessed it might only fit the people who loved creamy dessert.

Parfait De Chocolat (IDR 49k)

This Parfait De Chocolate was actually still serving something creamy. However, I totally fell in love with it. It created a flawless mix of chocolate mousse, chocolate Magnum stick, and chocolate crispy balls, with extra was the chocolate macaron. All the elements let you enjoy the heavenly chocolate taste. Any chocolate lover certainly wouldn’t want to miss this!

The Honey Pot (IDR 39k)

For the banana devotees, Magnum Café conceived The Honey Pot, the blend of hazelnut Magnum smoothie, fresh bananas, honey, and whipped cream. Same with my comment on their Waffle De Brussels, this one would also taste much better if they used riper banana. However, I did love the innovative idea of combining banana, honey, and hazelnut flavors!

Grand Almonde (IDR 39k)

Are you the member of almond milk fanatic? Yes, the milk that apparently has been very hip lately. Not because I want to follow the trend, I indeed fancy almond so much, not to exclude almond milk. When I firstly saw this Grand Almonde on the menu, I immediately ordered it without thinking further. I then ended up feeling so happy as I found out that the taste was impressive. The sweet taste from the dark chocolate flakes and vanilla Magnum stick impeccably complemented the exceptional flavor of my favorite almond smoothie.

Briefly said, dining in Magnum café was a quite delightful experience. I was really pleased with some of their menu and I really enjoyed the ambiance of the café. There were some of their menu, which have attracted me and currently stayed in my memory. I would surely come back for them and I really hoped they would have improved the service on my next visit.

Taste: 8/10
Place: 8.5/10
Price: 8/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Magnum Café
Address: Grand Indonesia West Mall 6th Floor
Phone: (021) 2358 0055
Operating hours: Mon – Fri 10am – 10pm, Sat – Sun 10am – 11pm

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