Thursday, November 6, 2014

Kempi Deli, The Paradise of Chocolate Fanatic

Kempi Deli is the delicatessen of Kempinski Hotel located right across Paulaner Brauhaus. The place was quite small, but very comfortable for spending long-time chilling or working. The classic design and the warm service from the waiter/waitress made you feel as if you were in a European coffee shop.

Actually, not all the customers were the ones dining in the restaurant. Some people just loved to buy their European bread, cold cuts and sausages, dry pasta, snacks, jams, and other home cooking needs. For those dining in, Kempi Deli offered various selections of breakfast menu, bread, cakes, and pastries.

New York, New York (IDR 50k)

I tried one of their breakfast menu. This New York New York was basically eggs benedict with pork ham (you might request turkey ham as well). I’ve always loved eggs benedict and this one was surely not an exception. The presentation was appealing and the taste was unquestionable. The eggs’ texture was lovely and the pork ham was exceptional.

Green with Envy (IDR 30k)

This gorgeous green cake was pistachio cake. Yes, it was pistachio! Let all the pistachio lovers cheered up now. I myself was not a pistachio fan. However, as the presentation of this cake was so lovely, I could not resist myself from trying it. Surprisingly, the taste was not disappointing at all! Bringing out the combination of cream, berry jam, and pistachio crumbles; this cake was so lovely, even for a non-pistachio lover like me.

Secret Crunch (IDR 30k)

As I was a chocolate enthusiast, this cake was surely irresistible. I was already drooling only by looking at that shiny chocolate glazing. Having a spoon of the cake melted in my mouth, I felt hypnotized by the heavenly chocolate taste! Consisting of various chocolate-based elements, this cake was definitely a perfect choice for anyone who was so into chocolate.

The Cage (IDR 30k)

This cake was the award-winner for the most unique presentation. Reflected by the name, it indeed looked like a cage. If you wondered what’s hidden inside it, it was chocolate cream, thin berry layer, and another chocolate cake. The cage itself was made of dark chocolate. If you were not a chocolate lover, don’t you dare trying this as it was indeed so chocolaty! However, for any dark chocolate lover, this might be a piece of paradise.

Hazel Bubble (IDR 30k)

Though I really loved all the cakes I’ve told you before, but this Hazel Bubble was doubtlessly the best one! Similar to the previous two cakes, the main ingredient was also chocolate, but this one delivered you more variation. Instead of mainly consisted of chocolate cream, this cake was mixed with praline as the bottom part, hazelnut sponge cake at the middle part, and of course milk chocolate cream under the top dark chocolate layer. If you thought that this cake looked familiar, yes, it did look like a Plaisir Sucre. For taste, I thought I did not need to talk too much about it. Once you tried it, you would absolutely want more, more, and more!


Kempi Deli is surely a must-visit place for any sweet-tooth lover like me. It provides a complete package of impressive taste, cozy place, pleasant service, and affordable price. Special information for you, all the cakes and breads will be discounted by 50% after 7pm. If you do want this, you’d better come earlier, otherwise please expect yourself stuck in the long queue.

Taste: 8.5/10
Place: 9/10
Service: 9/10
Price: 9/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: East Mall Grand Indonesia 2nd Floor
Phone: (021) 2358 3985
Operating hours: Mon – Sun 9am – 10pm

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