Sunday, September 10, 2017

Ardent Coffee, where Japanese Cuisine Came as Your Coffee Partner

Ardent Coffee, sounded familiar guys? Seemed to have seen it somewhere? If you couldn't recall, let me share with you to shoo away your curiosity ;). Some of you might have ever seen or even visited Ardent Coffee's first two outlets, located in Soekarno Hatta Terminal 3 Ultimate or in Plaza Senayan. OK, now I spotted that 'O-shaped' lip and the relieved face *winking*

Having been successful with the first two babies, Ardent Coffee still continued its expansion, establishing the third one at Pesanggrahan area, right at the same line of the infamous Medan Baru and Bakso Solo Samrat. Having this hint, regardless the exact location might be not yet available at any maps applications, you would find it easy to find now. 

Looking quite dark as it used dim-lighting at the entrance point, once you went through the alley and reached the back part, you would definitely be amazed by the awesome interior the way I did. I found it hard to explain in words, but I hoped the pictures could tell the complete story. White-based walls, colored by the arrays of pots with green leaves, then further complemented by the blue-and-brown furniture. Featuring those colors, the overall view looked simply comforting for the eyes, delivering the relaxing feeling and making it a flawless spot to spend long hours. 

Covered by glass windows, the venue basically didn't require too-much lighting anymore. The view of clear blue sky could even be enjoyed from the indoor space of the venue, though the guests still had the option to sit outside, the space which was more to monochromatic theme, with mainly grey color. The house-shaped coffee bar at the center made the space looked more lively for me, as you could enjoy the live performance from the barista handcrafting the orders of the consumers. At first I thought the front one that I met upon opening the entrance door was the coffee bar, while it's actually the cashier and the display for the ice cream and the doughnuts only. 

The concept of the dishes offered in this newest outlet was pretty different from the prior ones as it carried out Japanese fusion theme. Having said that, you might have been able to imagine the selections of dishes offered. Looking at the descriptions, some looked like twist of Japanese and Western cuisines, while some were the blend with Indonesian ones. Besides the foods freshly made in the house's kitchen, they also offered doughnuts from Dough Darlings, ice cream from Sore Sore, and cheesecakes from Dore by Le Tao

Hot Cappuccino (IDR 33k)

While Ardent clearly called out coffee as its 'last name', I got the impression that they specialized in it. Thus, this hot cappuccino finally ended up landing on my table as the must-have. It's my bad that I missed to ask the beans used. Serving medium-bodied coffee, it's a slightly milky cup for my palate, yet still a delightful one with nice aroma and flavor. 

New York Cheesecake Doughnut (IDR 18k)

Switching the plot, I started with the sweets, having the one coming from the external - doughnut by Dough Darlings. The simple reason was it's the first food I saw when I came into this cafe, and as a dessert-holic, I couldn't help myself from ordering it. The flavor I picked was the one with best presentation in my sight, serving great combination of colors and ingredients. Generally it tasted delicious with the moist doughnut batter, topped with yummy cream cheese, berry jam, and biscuit crumbles. 

Nonetheless, I had to bluntly say that it's not to the level that wow-ed me or led me to an addiction; and with this size, I would say it quite overpriced. 

Japanese Bruschetta (IDR 42k)

Finally reaching the climax, the real dish invented in the house. As I'm a huge fan of kani mayo, thus when I tried to find the light bites to go for and I read this dish featured one of my biggest crush, I straight away called it out as my order. Exactly like my prior expectation, the presentation was gorgeous with that tobiko and seaweed on top giving the colors to the pale kani mayo. Having the kani generously served and well-blended with the scrumptiously seasoned mayo, I was stolen away by this appetizer right at the initial trial. 

Being the base, the toasted bread came with perfectly crunchy texture, making it impeccable pair to the smooth and creamy kani mayo. Delivering something beyond just nice texture, it was also flavorful with garlicky taste infused in the bread. Yumsieee!

Final sayings, I would surely come back some time soon to try much more from the selections of dishes and to enjoy the spoiling ambiance of the cafe. For you who're now attracted to visit this newly opened coffee shop as well, you'd better hurry and utilize the promotion period as you could get 20% off during this timing. To end, I would say congratulations for the newly opened branch and all the best for the trio! 

Taste: 8/10
Place: 8.5/10
Service: 7.5/10
Price: 8/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Jl. Pesanggrahan No. 168F, Jakarta
Phone: (+62) 895 3744 616 94
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun 11am - 9pm