Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Monkey Tail Coffee, A Complete Package of Ambiance and Delicacy

Initially knowing this cafe from my friend, I found the name very catchy as it somehow triggered the question 'Why monkey tail?'. An innovative pick made there, especially the logo as well, which for me couldn't represent the name better, looked very simple yet memorable at the same time. Well, the question probably didn't demand an immediate answer, but it at least tickled the curiosity of those who heard about it to find out more, and that might mean end up coming to the venue as first timers. 

Located right across Bermvda Coffee, at the second layer of the arrays of shop-houses called as Cordoba area in PIK, honestly speaking Monkey Tail's location was pretty invisible for me. Except if people did have the intention coming here, the chance of passing-by the space would be very rare in my thinking. The reason being was even when I was about to find it, it did cost me some effort to go back and forth for some time. It's quite unfortunate because in my objective view, the place actually looked very attractive even from the outside, with that stripes wooden door and squared wooden windows somehow reminded me of Japanese traditional houses which you might have been familiar with as you'd spotted them for thousand times in various manga.

Opening the door, I could only have my lips opened wide, stunned in amazement as I adored the interior too much. It seemed to deliver that peaceful stress-relieving ambiance with the simple design, soft and neutral colors; simply said, none of the elements overcame one another. Having this view surrounded me, I felt like sitting with empty mind, daydreaming while sipping my coffee. 

Consisting of two levels, the second floor was another surprise, having the semi open-air smoking area located there at the back corner. It's neither rooftop, nor balcony; another remarkable idea that got me impressed one more time. Next to it, there resided the indoor area with few communal tables sitting next to each other to occupy larger groups of people. I could already imagine in mind that people could utilize this space for more private events without having to distract other guests as well. 

Despite the fact that this cafe was quite a new comer (I guessed not even a month old yet?), I got the impression that the waiters and waitresses were well-trained, starting from the welcome greeting they gave, the speedy service in offering the menu and giving recommendations to the clueless guests like me, as well as the prompt responses to any of my requests including simple one like getting my coffee served at the same time when the foods were delivered. Well, I highly appreciated such gesture since I had found troubles in many places before, when raising exactly the same request even after I mentioned that I needed to take the snap featuring all of the foods and drinks. Here they even got me wow-ed as they could serve the dessert and the main course at almost the same time so I could have my ice cream not melted yet in the picture, while my heavy meal still being warm as well when I was done with my photo session. *Highly satisfied customer!* 

Salted Egg Chicken Rice (IDR 60k)
Spotting some brunch menu like Eggs Benedict, French Toast, and Big Breakie, I decided to skip them all regardless they're usually being the dishes I opted for when doing cafe hoping. I simply had no idea but I had been craving for salted egg chicken since yesterday. Perhaps I got exposed to it too much on social media, particularly Instagram, or I simply got 'infected' by my sister who's a TERRIBLY BIG FAN of it! I really meant it when I was saying this as her salted-egg fever's already reaching the extreme level to the stage that she might have tried all salted egg chicken available in Jakarta, which're accessible through online delivery order. She could recommend you the one that might suit your preference by mentioning the detailed characteristic of each brand. OK, having said that, I was now more convinced that she had got me hitched to salted egg, as I used to hate this food but I now found myself longing for having it like right here right now (I guessed she now owed me a treat of this meal). 

Oh well, moving back to the right track, having wished to have this dish in the last 24-hour, once I spotted it mentioned on the menu, seemed like the name had a flashlight there. Moreover, called it coincidence, right at the time I was in dilemma if I should go for it or try other dishes, the waiter called out that this dish was one of their most recommended. Without any further delay, I then requested him to list this dish on my order. 

Landing on my table, the aroma right away got me hypnotized and drooled. A second for the blog pictures, as I was already unable to wait any longer to try it and got my craving satisfied. Proving my smelling sense right, the taste was indeed mind-blowing. Bold salted egg taste in the sauce, which was well blended with the tender fried chicken fillet. The price could even be said as affordable since the portion was absolutely fulfilling. I was so into the idea of mixing the sauce with small chili cuts as they perfectly complemented the whole flavor by adding that spicy touch. If I could wish for one more thing, I would definitely say I wanted the sunny side up to be half-done so the yolk could be runny and thus I could stir it together with the other components. CERTAINLY MY HEAVEN ON EARTH!

Triple Chocolate Lava Cake (IDR 50k)

When I was trying to find which dessert to have to give the sweet ending to my lunch set, I couldn't see any of them mentioned on the menu. I was initially quite disappointed yet the waiter was apparently able to read my mind accurately as he directly asked me not to worry since the desserts were available just that they hadn't been printed on the menu. He mentioned all of the ones they offered and highlighted this Triple Chocolate Lava Cake as the most favorite. 

Trusting him quite too much when placing my order, I again followed his suggestion. Furthermore, I just realized that I hadn't had molten cake for quite long time. As I had expected, the phrase 'triple' there indeed referred to three types of flavors, namely dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate. This reminded me of similar one I'd ever had like few years ago in Cork and Screw, just that Monkey Tail's seemed to be slightly smaller. 

Nice thing, this version was accompanied by a scoop of vanilla ice cream and additional milk sauce, which I would call as extra happiness served on the plate. Taking some time to get a good picture of this dessert, I guessed it might be one of the factors I sadly had to find out that the cakes were not impeccably molten. The center part did melt a bit, but not to the extent that the filling burst out once the cake was cut. Nonetheless, I still ended up happy as I loved the pleasant flavor of each of them. They had their own unique taste, but my favorite would definitely be the dark chocolate, delivering strong chocolate touch, making the sweetness level precisely met my liking. 

Hot Cappuccino (IDR 35k)

If I called out the beans they're using, I bet you wouldn't think twice to immediately pick coffee as your choice of beverage. Yes, they're using my favorite one, GIYANTI! Well, I certainly didn't have to explain much; impeccably suited my coffee preference with strong body, indulging aroma, and clean after taste. I would recommend you to go for cappuccino or perhaps latte if your taste bud couldn't take too strong one :)

In a nutshell, I was highly delighted with my premiere dining experience at Monkey Tail. It got me sold to the 'overall package' it offered, starting from the place, the service, and even every single dish I had on my dining table. I would surely come back some time soon!

Taste: 7.5/10
Place: 8/10
Service: 8/10
Price: 7.5/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Rukan Cordoba Blok E17, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta
Phone: (+62 21) 2257 0700
Operating Hours: Mon - Fri 8am - 8pm, Sat - Sun 8am - 10pm