Monday, September 18, 2017

Bake and Artisan Coffee Co.

Another new comer in Tangerang, YIPPIEEEE! Please don't call me childish, as that just expressed my real excitement every time I found another baby born in this fast-developing town. Perhaps it's also showing my motivation to my own self who was surely tired and simply had no time on weekdays for doing this hobby of food-hunting and blogging, which I thankfully still am excited about as I was at the very first start. 

Sitting at the arrays of shop-houses at Alam Sutera - Ruko De Mansion, right behind Onyx residence, it's a homey and spacious cafe, which immediately got myself feeling like sticking on the seat sipping my caffeine and working a productive weekend. Yes, this particular weekend (or perhaps most weekends lately *frowned yet still thankful*) I had to prepare on some presentations which would be needed early Tuesday. Not being a procrastinator (self justification but somehow true), it felt like I was stuck in the middle of the mountains of task, trying to get myself not sunk in it and this was the one I was just be able to hold and try to complete. OK, I wouldn't continue more as anyway it's certainly not as interested as what I would be going to share. 

Actually the setting was neither futuristic nor sophisticated. It's just simple lines of seats at the indoor space and a couple of petite round tables in front. What got me hitched was the coffee bar and the wall paintings, which combined minimalist design with colorful one. The coffee bar itself couldn't get my eyes out of it, being so gorgeous and picturesque. The hanging lamps stuck to the high ceiling looked like being placed at all precise spots making pictures taken from almost all angles turned Instagenic!

Considering the sizable venue, I initially thought they would serve quite rich selections of dishes, despite that their name did mention 'Bake' somehow reflecting they would merely presented bread, pastries, and cakes. Well, I guessed they might carry out breakfast meals as well just like typical coffee shops, but turned out they did focus on what the name had clearly called out. So please don't expect you would get something fulfilling especially for the tummy who needed heavy carbo for getting its satisfaction. But for my kind of liking, this was more than enough. Sweets and coffee, my appetizer, main course, and dessert LOL. 

Marmer Cake (IDR 20k)

Reaching the coffee bar for placing my order, I was nicely assisted by the baristas, who mostly looked still very young, automatically popping the guesstimate in my brain that they were surely uni students doing part-time job. One of them highly recommended their Red Velvet but it's unfortunately not my kind of Red Velvet, being more to fluffy soft cake. 

I then decided to opt for their Marmer Cake, which looked more appealing for me. It's been awhile since the last time I had this kind of traditional cake, and somehow it did cure the craving on my aunt's homemade version. It's lovely how the combination of slightly crispy edge part being met with the moist center. It's not overly oily as well, which was typically the problem I faced with this homemade cake. Though my auntie's was still my numero uno, Bake and Artisan's was overall a nice one to try. 

Raisin Croissant (IDR 25k)

My first impression was probably 'Hmmm. Does this really worth a quarter of my red paper money?'. Well, it didn't come in giant size and the toppings were merely raisins so I guessed it's quite pricey honestly. As I was having it right at the venue, they re-heated the croissant before having it served. 

Featuring that seductive buttery aroma and flavor, it actually kinda surprised me since the presentation didn't really tell it would be this tasty. Bluntly said, the raisins weren't generously given yet the yummy batter itself did heal. Moreover, as it's served warm, this golden brown pastry was still indulgently flaky. Perhaps my next trial would be the basic butter croissant, which I bet would turn out awesome as well!

Hot Piccolo (IDR 30k)
 I might forget to mention in the beginning, but this place served Ombe Kofie, the infamous coffee shop from Pluit, which also belonged to the same owner with Maarkeze in Grand Indonesia. Wow, I could see some smiles there from those who might have been familiar or even already big fans of these names. I was actually a first-timer for their coffee and they got me sold immediately at the first offer. The petite cup offered coffee with medium-to-strong body, but not acidic and having clean finishing; such a 'kicking' weekend caffeine doze!

Even at this first visit when I did need to work for awhile, I found myself spending like almost 2 hours there. I priorly thought of having quick morning coffee then moving to another place for working on my presentation slides but I ended up enjoying the space a lot and decided staying there. Finally, all the best for Bake and Artisan Coffee and keep serving awesome cups!

Taste: 7.5/10
Place: 7.5/10
Service: 8/10
Price: 7.5/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Ruko De Mansion C18, Alam Sutera, Tangerang
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun 7am - 6pm

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