Sunday, September 10, 2017

Coffee.Right, Cause Everything Just Sounds Right with Coffee

Just like what you've just read, what could go wrong with coffee? It's simply right almost at all times for a caffeine-holic like me, who wouldn't let a single day passed without having this cup of indulgence. You might call it addiction, but I would perceive it as happiness fulfillment. 

Coffee Right's actually not a new comer anymore as it's been there for more than a year, having its first outlet located at Cibubur. Since Cibubur might sound too far to go for a cup of coffee, I honestly had never been to Coffee Right's first baby. Nevertheless, its second-born was just like 5-minute car-ride away from my place so there's no reason for not paying a visit there. 

Standing next to Alfamart at Courts Megastore BSD, the venue was a semi open-space one. It might be quite hot during the day, especially at dry season like this. Luckily, the area near the coffee bar itself was pretty cool as it's actually fully air-conditioned. Best spot would be the communal table next to it, as you could still enjoy the pampering temperature there and you could protect yourself from the sun kiss. 

By the time I stood in front of the coffee shop, I kind of regretted not bringing my employee ID card here since I supposedly could get 30% off if only I had it with me *fiuuuhhh*. For sure you just heard that deep sigh, yet not to ruin the whole-day mood, just consider it not my lucky day. Let's move on and make the order! ;)

Oreo Cake (IDR 35k)

WOW! Giant slices of cakes <3. My eyes right away sparkled once I spotted them gorgeously sitting in the chiller. I seemed to want all of them, yeah you knew me too well when you already pictured this girl falling into deep dilemma having to pick one. Before I was asked to move away due to taking too long time just to place an order, I decided to choose the Oreo Cake, simply because it's the biggest among all so unconsciously it stimulated me more than the rest. At that time, the cake hadn't been cut so I just made a guess on what would be the components. Basically, our huge friend here served a piece of dense oreo sponge cake combined with layers of smooth cream cheese. Oh my goodness, my random pick turned out featuring my favorite couple. 

Now I started to re-think if I should revise my initial statement and called it my lucky day *gazing*? The one behind this cake was surely remarkable, able to look forward and pay much attention to details that she made the upper layers of oreo and cream cheese thinner while the bottom ones thicker, resulting the first ones to be lighter while the bottom more solid. This prevented people from getting nauseated especially if you had it yourself like me. However, there's definitely a drawback there that the top parts tended to go dry when being stored too long in the chiller. Nonetheless, so long as you had them fresh like me when they're just being sliced from the whole cake, it's surely not a deal. One more thing, I'd better warn you now that if you're not as mad as me in taking sweets you'd rather share it (please take notes ;) ). 

Hot Piccolo (IDR 22k)

As I wanted to go for two versions of the coffee, hot and cold, I then chose piccolo as I didn't want to get full while not yet finishing my whole cups. When I placed my order, the barista did ask me, 'The piccolo is the ristretto, isn't it?'. To be honest I didn't really get the point, and silly me I didn't re-confirm. The conversation stopped at the time I said 'huh?', while he continued keying the order. When the order finally came on the table, it turned out he misunderstood it and gave me a shot of espresso *frowning*. No matter how deep was my love towards coffee, I'd never be able to take the shot as I did prevent myself from that dizzy feeling and abnormal heartbeats (yeah the ones with hypotension problem certainly knew this well). I did try being naughty a lil' bit by having a sip, yet I found it too sour anyway so I stopped. I ended up neither asking nor complaining on this (wrong) order; yups I intentionally put brackets there since I indeed didn't know if this was their true piccolo or not. Maybe next time I would double confirmed in case I again wanted to try this particular beverage. 

Es Kopi Jadoel (IDR 20k)

Easily moving on (perhaps also having the drive to quickly neutralize the acid taste on my palate), I directly sipped my Es Kopi Jadoel, the name assigned to Coffee Right's signature iced milk coffee. Yes yes, seemed like now all coffee shop had this drink as the mandatory one to be on the menu. Being served in the plastic cup that looked upside-down, no it's not being served that way, as it would definitely poured out leaving the cup empty if it's done, since it had a whole for plugging the straw at the center. I did initially expect it would be served upside-down like Dairy Queen ice cream *honestly* LOL. Perhaps the founder wanted to re-consider changing the cup lid with hot seal to be able to do so? Well in my view, it could be a distinctive point others currently didn't have ;). From the dark brown color, I could already tell it's good and seemed like the ingredients were pretty rich. My guesstimate was validated by the bold coffee taste, which I did feel being mixed with chocolate as well. Overall I now thought that this cup have me addicted to it, since I'm now already craving for some more. Surely no worries, since it's just 10-minute away from the office and I could simply order it online. YEAAAAYYY!

Saying it in brief Coffee.Right has proven that when there's coffee, everything will turn right, particularly through their signature iced coffee! Oops. I would add their cakes as well there ;)

Taste: 7.5/10
Place: 7/10
Service: 7/10
Price: 7.5/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Courts Megastore BSD, Tangerang
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun 10am - 10pm

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