Sunday, September 3, 2017

Travelogia Coffee, the Founder of the Best Iced Coffee Ever!

Talking about the contagion of iced coffee trend to all other cities than Jakarta across Indonesia, when it came to Bandung, seemed like the speed was quite extraordinary, going much faster than the expectation. The radar wasn't only limited to the cities area, where the center of crowd resided, but also the upper hills like Dago. 

Yeah, for some of you who might have been visiting Bandung recently, you must have noticed that there have been rapidly growing numbers of coffee shops and restaurants around Dago. Perhaps people started to prefer such areas, where you could enjoy both the nature and what's served on the table. Sitting under the clear blue sky, staring at the green grasses and plants around you, breathing the fresh air at the open space, while sipping your warm cup of caffeine; seemed to be the perfect ambiance to finally say "WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD!". Simply said, it's too nice to be true that more and more people seemed to be migrating. Currently even the long-standing 'players' began to do re-branding or re-decorating their spaces with new concepts, just to ensure they could capture the attraction and stay competitive. 

Not missing the perfect moment, Banyu Leisure Park came as the new kid on the block, occupying part of the areas belonged to PDAM Tirtawening. It's basically a joint-space, featuring cafes, barbershop, concept stores, and even futsal court. Some of them were the real outdoor ones, while some were semi open-space. Answering the latest demand, they did provide eye-catchy walls for OOTD snaps, including the happening storied seats and people-watching spots. 

One of the cafes that became the family member of this 'just-inaugurated' park, was Travelogia Coffee, the one taking the most front space - exactly at the right hand side of the entrance door. The  colorful floor-seating at the front part of the cafe somehow reminded me of La Plancha in Bali, though they're indeed much different especially the scenery served to be enjoyed. Nonetheless, despite that it might be not as panoramic as the one you could enjoy in La Plancha, this one wasn't bad  at all, especially the temperature which was far more friendly due to the advantage of the location. Occassionally, it might be hot particularly at noon time, but at most times it's pretty cool. 

Being a sharing spot, all guests of Banyu Leisure Park could actually enjoy the foods and beverages coming from all stalls at all places. So even when I was in Travelogia, I could order the dishes coming from others here, and the waiters even offered the complete menu coming from all outlets. Wonderful collaboration, isn't it? ;)

Hot Cappuccino (IDR 22k)

Having the premiere sip at this premiere visit to Travelogia, it came from the mandatory beverage I had in any coffee shop I visited. Yes, it would always be either hot cappuccino or hot piccolo, and this time I picked the first one. The main reason was the waiter mentioned that they're using 100% Aceh Gayo, meaning it's mainly Arabica coffee. Just to prevent that the coffee would be having high acidity, thus the order ended with cappuccino which was definitely lighter than piccolo. Like what the waiter had initially informed us as well, the coffee did come with strong body as the beans were indeed dark-roasted ones. A cup of wake-up call that would doubtlessly work very well. 

Iced Coffee Travelogia (IDR 25k)

Mentioning at one of the spots at the coffee shop that they loved to make coffee for the city that loves to drink it, Travelogia did prove it by their signature iced coffee, which I might nominate as the best one I'd ever had in lifetime. Even if I compared to my most favorite ones in Jakarta, Travelogia's version was now THE BEST!! Don't dare to say that I was over-exaggerating before you gave it a sip. Even my friends and I initially only ordered 2 cups as we perceived it's too expensive for this type of coffee, especially if we compared it to the similar ones. We're thinking of trying first before ordering more as we're being conservative and wanted to avoid getting disappointed. Nonetheless, our doubt was proven totally wrong and we ended up ordering more cups. 

Honestly, it did worth every single Rupiah spent having that strong taste of coffee blended with bold palm sugar touch and only a hint of acidity. The size was moreover kind of justifying the relatively higher price. 

If I might have a wish that would be made true by Travelogia, I would take not even a second to state 'Geez, just establish your branch in our beloved capital city! A.S.A.P, pretty please!!'

Taste: 8.5/10
Place: 7/10
Service: 7/10
Price: 7.5/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Banyu Leisure, Jl. Ciung Wanara No. 10, Dago Bawah, Bandung
Phone: (+62) 81 394 309 858
Operating hours: Mon - Sun 8am - 10pm

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