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Brood en Boter, Delivering Simplicity in Sophisticated Way

Getting our independence from the Dutch absolutely doesn't mean that we should keep the hatred towards them since the past has been passed and now each of us live by ourselves peacefully in our own sovereign country. We also can't deny that our culture has been much influenced by theirs and vice versa. Food is not something out of scope in this case; as if you even go to Netherlands, you can easily find Indonesian foods sold in many places. The same case here in Indonesia, where we can find quite rich selections of Dutch food. Some of you might be not consciously aware that they belong to this windmill country, yet actually are familiar with the names. Bitterballen, Poffertjes, Pannekoek; sounds not remote, aren't they?

Called as Brood en Boter, the name of this cafe is indeed derived from Dutch, meaning Bread and Butter. Somehow it literally reflects what they sell, but not limited to it since they provide more beyond that. They neither merely sell bread, nor only offer Dutch foods. Quite abundant choices of Indonesian foods are also provided here, starting from the snacks and appetizers, up to main courses and even desserts. Both for dine-in and take-away, they serve various choices of bread and cakes coming in different flavors, fillings, and presentation. 

Before going to what I have for my weekend breakfast, let me take you through the venue. For sure not physically, but through the pictures and the brief exciting story! 
Standing in front of the entrance, I feel like being reminded of Lucky Cat coffee in a way. Well, time does fly as it's been almost 2 years since I went there! Anyway, the place looks so gigantic for a cafe, not only the dining space but even the parking spot! So there'll be no typical hassle when you drive your own, just like what you might usually face when going to South area. 

When I have to pick phrases to represent the design, I'll call it sound and still. Well, might sound quite weird in the beginning, but try yourself coming early morning when it's just opened and very limited guests are there, it simply seems so peaceful and for me it just delivers heavenly stress-relieving ambiance. Bread-themed photo frames decorating the clean white walls, bright marble tables, petite green plants, beautifully combined with wooden furniture; somehow making it turn to be a gorgeous interior-design showroom as well. 

Not stopping there, Brood en Botter even accommodates the needs of people who try to go for breakfast or lunch meeting by providing private rooms. The space can also be utilized for other purpose and events, and it's amusingly quite spacious, giving the impression that they don't just force it to be there. What amazes me even further is they also provide playing arena for kids, with quite complete equipment and abundant toys. The decoration makes it unable to look cuter, which I believe will certainly 'hypnotizes' the kids to stay happily. Such a perfect spot for hang out with either friends, colleagues, or even family, isn't it? ;)

As I'm stopping by for quick breakie with my sister before each of us go for our own appointment, we only pick up the light ones and as usual, we're the lame for the sweets, so nothing savory landed on the table for today! 

Roti Bakar Martabak (IDR 29k)

Something basic to open the curtain of the performance stage. Yeah, it's indeed very simple, exactly like the homemade toast featuring chocolate sprinkles, shredded cheese, and peanut butter spread; all the ingredients making it called as Martabak. Though I personally think Martabak should carry out crushed nuts or sesame seeds instead of peanut butter, yet I don't mind at all as I love it even more! Nevertheless, though I do think this toast is palatable, it will surely be even better if it can come with more buttery aroma. That will make it get more indulging, complementing the combination of the fluffy thick bread and its crispy toasted skin. 

Bolu Nougat Slice (IDR 29k)

Having to face the challenge choosing one among the trio flavors of chocolate sprinkles, cheese, or nougat for the sponge cake a.k.a bolu, I again find my hard time and I wish my tummy can afford all. But as I'll go for another heavy lunch, self-control has to be there wink wink. Ended up with Nougat, this slice version's actually a quite good deal as the size is fulfilling enough, especially because the cake's somewhere in between moist and dense. Covered in sticky nuts, I extremely enjoy that crispy-outside-soft-inside compilation. It might look neither too fancy nor too advanced like any elegantly presented cakes, yet something basic and genuine like this is doubtlessly the one that can last eternally as all-time favorite. 

Great stuff, not only for dine-in, they do sell the cake in bigger size for take-away with the option of 15cm round-shaped one or 22cm square. A nice coincidence, I'm celebrating my small-group Church community anniversary at the same day, and the cake finally becomes our 'birthday cake'. Proving myself not over exaggerating, all my friends do love it to bits and suddenly the celebration lunch turns to be the sharing session of Brood en Boter contact LOL. I bet the alarm has just rung to wake up your curiosity!

Hot Cappuccino (IDR 30k)

The Simonelli machine sitting there at the beverage bar at the center is unquestionably not just for decoration. That's what makes this Hot Cappuccino stands nicely on my dining table. I'm quite astonished (in a good way fortunately) that the cappuccino can come with this strong body, more like a cup of Piccolo, especially with that hint of acidic taste. If it could come with slightly smoother after taste, this cup would be even more appetizing. 

Offering various general dishes, both Indonesian and Dutch, and serving them in indulging flavors for the palate as well as pampering the guests with the comfortable place to enjoy them, it's just like delivering something classic and simple in sophisticated and addicting way!

Taste: 8/10
Place: 8.5/10
Service: 8/10
Price: 8/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Brood en Boter 
Address: Jl. Bangka Raya No. 25
Phone: (+62 21) 2271 6167 / (+62) 8788 3417 389
Operating hours: Mon - Sun 8am - 9pm

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