Sunday, July 2, 2017

Titik Koma, A Short Stop for Caffeine Boost

Titik Koma. Yes guys, semi colon. Don't get it switched with Titik Temu as they're different; one was in Surabaya while the other was in Bali. Naming the place as Titik Koma, the coffee shop did take it seriously in strongly emphasizing this theme. You could find the cups, saucers, and other tableware being marked with semi colon symbols - not to exclude the paper cup for take-away guys! 

Beware that it might be quite tricky to find the place since they didn't write the name literally as 'TITIK KOMA', but only used the semi colon symbol which wasn't that visible as it's printed on the door that had almost the same color. Even my friends and I almost passed the venue when we're trying to find it. It's nice that the traffic around the area was pretty friendly so it's not as worse as in Jakarta where you might spend hours just to make U-turn. 

Standing next to houses at a quite narrow road, the coffee shop seemed to be a house being transformed into a cafe. Having the shape similar to L letter, so you would firstly meet the mini outdoor space at the front side, then small alley with several high tables next to the coffee bar, then a not-so-sizable communal table at the back. They did provide white board on the wall at that back part, which I guessed could be used for meeting, simple doodle to spend time, or even just for wall decoration (LOL. Perhaps the last one was just something random popped-up in my mind).

Actually the petite space somehow gave me the reflection that most guests would just stopped-by for quick coffee as they had limited seats as well, otherwise there would be long queue or even unserved customers. Nevertheless, I was apparently wrong since I saw most of them sat there for long time; mostly killing time with friends. I kind of understood when I looked more detailed on the venue set up and decoration, from which I could sense that they wanted to deliver casual ambience welcoming all people across different age dressed informally, having simple chats over coffee. The stuffs landing the concept included Instax photos all over the well-known La Marzocco coffee machine, hand-written beans name on the coffee grinder machines, guest-doodled paper cups, easy-to-read books at several corners, and other cute little items put here and there. 

The bar itself was such a unique one, having so many coffee-maker equipment being displayed on it, of which I had no idea if they're sold or used actually (sorry for missing to ask!). Looking like a lab, it somehow reminded me of Pacamara Boutique Roasters in Singapore. Great that the baristas didn't wear google or otherwise I might mistakenly recognize him as scientist (Oops. Cheesy jokes there!). 

Serving single origin coffee from all over the world, you might have abundant choices of beans to go for, but do notice that you would get no blends here and they even put high emphasis on this point using the hashtag of #bukanblend. Unfortunately, despite my big crush on coffee, I was a novice in terms of the knowledge on coffee beans so please don't expect me explaining about them here guys. My review would stay simple, as basic as how common people talked about coffee. I hoped you guys still could bear with me and not getting disappointed ;)

Hot Cappuccino (IDR 28k)

The starter cup, perhaps the most ordered one as well, since it matched most palate being at the medium level in terms of body; yeah it's Mr. Cappuccino. Using medium roast beans, it was pretty milky for my palate though I admitted the aroma was indulgently fragrant. So if you fancied your caffeine cup at intermediate strength level of the coffee flavor, this would be the flawless choice for you. 

Magic (IDR 35k)

Those demanded something stronger, meaning bolder coffee taste, would be recommended to go for this second one, which was simply said the first cup with one additional espresso shot. Served with two ristretto, this matched my coffee preference best as it offered that 'extra kick' I desired in my cup, yet the smooth after-taste was also not skipped. The one I would call as 'main course' from this coffee session <3. 

Hot Mocha (IDR 40k)

On the other hand, some people who belonged to the group who wasn't that much into coffee, might want to find another alternative; something still contained coffee yet got extra hint from other non-coffee component. This time we spoke about chocolate, offering Hot Mocha on the table. Well I did love my coffee to be vivid, but I was also a chocolate holic, so Mocha could be an exception where I could accept my coffee being mixed with another flavor. Thus, no question how I ended up with this cup, much love!

Coffee, coffee, and another coffee for my afternoon visit to Titik Koma. Nonetheless, I wouldn't mind as they're all distinctive to each other and hence able to spoil my taste bud in different exciting ways!

Taste: 7.5/10
Place: 7/10
Service: 7.5/10
Price: 7/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Jl. Juwono No. 25, Surabaya
Phone: (+62) 813 5740 5500
Operating hours: Mon - Sat 8am - 9pm, Sun 11am - 9pm

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