Sunday, July 2, 2017

Titik Temu, The Gathering Spot at the Heart of The Paradise Island

What? Bali again? Chill down guys, it's not the case that last weekend I was in Bali, then couple days after that I flew to Makassar, and upon that moved to Surabaya, before finally going back to Bali. I wasn't that 'generous', or perhaps it's more proper to say that I wasn't that royal in spending Rupiahs. It's just simply because I wrote following what came into my heart and my mind. Wherever they met, fit, and finally took me, I had no choice but to follow as I needed them synchronized before I was able to flow what were in them into letters, words, stories, and complete blog posts. So that's actually how they worked. Some of you might think they're going to many different directions, yet I perceived it as being dynamic as well as to avoid themselves from getting bored being static in one place.

They brought me to Bali this time, sharing about this not-so-new coffee shop which had created big hype some time around last year. The visit itself happened months ago, just that I kept procrastinating writing about it. I guessed now was indeed the right time to share the review, right after I published the post about Titik Koma, the coffee shop in Surabaya having similar name to this one. I hoped it might help you a bit in differentiating the two of them afterwards. 

Being given the direction by the map that Titik Temu was located across Seminyak Square, just next to Monsieur Spoon Seminyak, I perceived it wouldn't be hard to find this coffee shop, despite that the signboard showing the name wasn't that visible. Entering the small alley, which was actually the entrance, you would finally spot Titik Temu at its end, standing uniquely with its outdoor staircase connecting to the second floor. Some people who had been here, might not really notice this second floor at the first time, especially if your sight focused only at what's right in front of you, which was basically the first floor. Myself wasn't an exception since I just knew they had this upper level facing the front side of the cafe, when I was about to leave already. It's quite a pity since I could imagine it would be much cozier sitting there at the semi-open space, enjoying the fresh-air while watching the scenery of the continuously busy Seminyak :( . 

Fortunately, I did get enchanted by the interior of the first floor with glass windows surrounding the venue and the minimalist design it carried out. The grey-ish theme might look plain and nothing from the decoration showed any complication, yet those stuffs actually gave the eternal good-looking view. Calling it simply, you wouldn't easily get bored and nothing's too much for the eyes. 

Just like how the place was called, the coffee shop was literally made to be a meeting point, where people could spend more time with the real people in the actual world, instead of getting busy with the virtual ones on social media - one of the crisis trapping most people in the recent days and sometimes I would count myself in. This was bluntly mentioned at the back of the t-shirts worn by the baristas and other crews, which I found was funny but true. 

Magic (IDR 38k)
This time I might meet no one than my sister, who was actually my trip companion LOL. Nonetheless, I would still call it quality time since I could share stories with her, which we might not be able to do much during the busy working days. Our chats were accompanied by this signature Magic from Titik Temu. Yes, I heard it was said as the most favorite and most recommended one from the house so I had no single doubt to give it a try.

Serving double espresso shot in the cup, it was doubtlessly a strong one, magically kicking away the afternoon sleepiness post heavy lunch. Moreover, it did give extra mood-booster for me as I could customize my coffee by replacing the full-cream milk with skimmed one. If only I could have it less acidic and delivering cleaner finishing, I would prolly call it my cup of the day. 

Salted Caramel Apple Crumble (IDR 30k)

Still being on the lucky side, the pair I picked for my coffee was such a curer. The sweet taste coming from the marriage of apple and caramel in this cake could somehow neutralized that acidity staying on my palate. The soft sponge cake at the bottom layer was well complemented by the crunchy apple slices as well as crumbles on top of it. The cake somehow showed impeccable example of balance, with no single element in it overpowered the others; and they even worked well together presenting something spoiling for the taste bud. I would even recommend this to anyone, including those who might not that much into apple since the way the apple part was served, for which they were thinly sliced, made the apple taste turned out not so exaggerating that even my sis who usually didn't take apple crumble did fall into this cake. 

I was overall pleased by my short stop at Titik Temu, not only as it allowed me to have quality moment, but also since it let me get accompanied by nice dessert for the tummy and pampering space for spending the time.

Taste: 7.5/10
Place: 7.5/10
Service: 8/10
Price: 7.5/10

Address: Jl. Kayu Cendana No. 1, Seminyak,  Bali
Phone: (+62) 821 4411 2489
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun 8am - 8pm

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