Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Cupten Cafe, A Cute Space to Stop for A Sip

Perhaps this should be called as the lucky fortune for Cupten Cafe. Yeah, some bonus to be given to the visible spot which definitely was the biggest contributor making this happened. Initially wanted to go to another coffee shop located blocks away from Cupten, I got lost then I spotted Cupten which immediately got me hitched by its cute and gorgeous looking. A tiny coffee shop, which somehow gave me that girly feeling and right away triggered my OOTD-photo-shoot mood!

Feeling kinda 'depressed' as well as getting more guilty for asking the driver to make a turn-around for finding the place I priorly wanted to go to, I then thought why didn't I just stopped-by Cupten then afterwards figured out if I could just walk around, continuing my 'mission' finding that 'hidden spot'. So cutting the story (that's already quite long) short, there I was opening the entrance door and standing in amazement. 

I couldn't stop admiring the brilliant idea behind the design of the coffee shop. Explaining it in the simplest way, the brain impeccably transformed a little space to be a cute and pleasant stop for having some refreshments. With the beach wallpaper at one corner and the coffee bar at the edge, it's delivering the feeling of sitting in relax by the beach, enjoying the panorama while sipping your favorite drink! The concept of semi-mezzanine was another unique one, making stairs at the entrance then lower level for the seating area. Not to mention the lovely mini decoration placed all around the corners, OMG! I wished I could have my bedroom being set-up like this, I would probably find myself not going out for days!! The petite space might not allow thousands pictures to be shown, but I guessed the few ones could already give you the enticement to directly come and experience it yourself ❤. 

I was trying to find pastries as my light bites, but unfortunately they only offered savory snacks like fries. As it's just not me, going for coffee and fried savory meals, so I ended up having beverages only on my order. 

Iced Ocicha (IDR 38k)
Fortunately, right at the time I only had drinks as my option, this coffee shop offered quite rich selections for its beverages and some of them weren't something commonly served anywhere else. They might be available in other cafes, but I would say only limited ones. One of them was this Iced Ocicha, featuring the dynamic duo of Matcha and Coffee, my current addition at Starbucks. Thus, without any doubt I went for it, having set the initial benchmark that this should be at least par. 

The presentation looked nice with 2 layers of colors getting mixed there. The coffee aroma was appealing as well, boosting my spirit as it apparently would taste great. Mixing the two, I then took my first sip and I proved my guesstimate on the flavor to be accurate! This would seriously be a long-standing one on my favorite list, as well as a new high benchmark for matcha espresso fusion drink. The green tea taste was bold and the coffee flavor was strong as well, both of which were complementing each other perfectly instead of having one dominating the rest. Requesting it to have medium sweetness level, this cup flawlessly suited my palate. I was even already craving for another cup of it now!

Lychee Blossom (IDR 30k)

Non-coffee drinker didn't need to worry as well since the choices did serve your preference, carrying out some milk-based drinks, mocktails, and tea. Avoiding the conservatives, I went for one of their mocktails, Lychee Blossom, which was also the one mentioned as the favorite of guests. Based in soda, this drink seemed to contain lychee and a hint of yoghurt drink like Yakult. Hearing of the ingredients, perhaps you could already picture in mind how the taste would be like. It's another delightful one from Cupten, serving something refreshing, mixing sweet and slightly sour taste. Having the milky drink in the beginning then ending it with this one, I got the complete package which in turn giving complete satisfaction as well!

Just being there for around 2 months, I wish Cupten Cafe all the best along its still long-journey to go! Hopefully it could come up with more choices of dishes as well as the beverage pairing ;)

Taste: 8/10
Place: 7.5/10
Service: 8.5/10
Price: 8/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: The Icon Business Park Blok C No. 9, BSD, Tangerang
Phone: (+62) 878 7818 8288
Operating Hours: Mon - Fri 9am - 10pm, Sat - Sun 8am - 10pm

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