Sunday, July 30, 2017

Native Coffee Tribe, Another New Spot for the 'Dream Catchers'

Eh, sounds familiar? Yes for sure! For me it's even one of my most favorite in PIK area, not really because of the place, but their coffee itself which best suited what my palate demanded. Knowing that they has spread their wings to Tangerang area, I couldn't be happier as it's now closer to what I called 'home' in this last half year. 

Occupying a gigantic space at the ground floor of Saumata apartment Alam Sutera, this time I wasn't only hitched by the coffee but also the venue. Covered in white, including the marble-white furniture, the place looked chic and elegant, also delivering the clean and bright ambience. It was waaaayy bigger than the one in PIK and honestly said thousand-times more gorgeous and more pampering. 

The golden-color touch at several corner made it look more luxurious as well, seemed to match the upper-class theme carried out by the apartment itself. Nonetheless, thankfully everything served still came at exactly the same price as in PIK outlet. Moreover, as this new outlet was more spacious, it simply gave cozier feeling and you didn't have to fight for a spot there. 

Another great news especially for the early-birds, they opened the door at 8am every morning so you guys who belonged to this boat could at least stop-by for your quick morning coffee. I was quite sad that though I did stay in Tangerang, this coffee shop was located in Alam Sutera, which meant it wasn't ideal for me to come here just for coffee especially in the busy working days. Envy you whose 'playing arena' was around Alam Sutera as you could have delightful morning caffeine doze every morning. Not to mention those residing at Saumata apartment, called me the one who might be the most jealous towards you now. OK, shoo-ing away those bad vibes of jealousy, at least weekend still worked for me, and finally the long awaited day took its place! 

For you who're not a first-timer for Native, you must have known that they did serve both pastries and cakes besides some other fried snacks, pasta, sandwich, and rice bowls. I was a big fan of almost all the cakes they served, especially those coming from La Reia. You might meet different selections at different days or even different times since I guessed it depended on the supply availability as well as I thought Native itself wanted to make it variative by circulating their orders. 

Nutella Danish (IDR 28k)
Starting with lighter sweets, which I usually called as appetizer to the full dessert course (giggling), I picked the Nutella Danish from the trio pastries displayed on the table, leaving the salted egg and plain ones. This wasn't my first trial and I was glad finding out that they were pretty consistent with the taste, particularly the indulgently flaky and aromatic buttery pastry. Though I wished I could have more Nutella at its center, I was happy enough able to enjoy it while warm as they indeed re-heated it prior to serve it on the table. 

*PS. I might not have the salted egg one this time but I did recommend you to order it, as based on my premiere trial, it's super good with abundant filling that's not overly sweet and not having that 'sandy' typical texture of salted egg which I disliked. 

Chocolate Souffle Cake (IDR 46k)
My most favorite cake from La Reia!! I couldn't say in words how big my gratitude was to Native for serving this cake in its coffee shop! I at least could have the slice portion instead of having to order the full round-cake every time I badly craved for it. Beware of below picture, HIGH RISK OF DROPPING SALIVA!!

For you who might not know yet, this cake presented the combination of molten chocolate and caramel on top of dense yet moist chocolate cake. A slice that a chocolate holic like me would never be able to resist, something we called as heaven-on-earth for which we're willing to put aside the calorie counter and let ourselves fell into the amnesia of its impact on the hips! One thing that would make me giving a standing ovation to Native regardless this cake wasn't coming from 'its kitchen', was its ability to serve it perfectly, the best way I would always desire for my cake to be delivered. What I meant was they're able to accurately estimate the precise re-heating time to ensure the toppings melted and the base texture was at its best. I could even bluntly admitted that it's better than the one I had in the original cafe since that one didn't have its chocolate wonderfully melted like this. 

Double Cappuccino (IDR 44k)

Coming to the coffee, my order at Native was always the same, its Magic - or here they called it as Double Cappuccino! This was the signature from the house, the distinctive point that my brain would always have to be attached to Native just like how I also perceived the Dream Catcher being stuck to its design. It might at first looked kinda pricey, yet what you paid was what you got. Having this as your morning caffeine doze, you would get loud wake-up call from the strong bodied coffee with a slight touch of acidity. Such an awesome one to finish my short self-indulging session. 

Finally, I was excited that I could have a genuine sharing to all coffee lovers residing or having daily activities around Tangerang area. If I could make a wish, my biggest hope would be for Native to have their third branch in BSD (pretty please).

Taste: 8.5/10
Place: 8.5/10
Service: 8/10
Price: 8/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Saumata Apartment, Alam Sutera, Tangerang
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun 8am - 7pm

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