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Odysseia, Dining like Alice in the Wonderland Wannabe

Odysseia's definitely no more a stranger to your ears. Yes guys, you're certainly right when you knew it's been there for several years. At the early opening days, it did create a big hype on social media, where people loved to come to this cafe for its Instagenic spots for OOTD snaps or simple selfies. 

Regardless it's 'seniority' Odysseia still stayed gorgeous with its concept of garden-dining. Being surrounded with green plants and flowers, not only the standing ones but also those hanging on the walls as well as sitting on the table, it felt so refreshing to be able to sit in the venue. The semi-open-air space located at the entrance of Lafayette at Pacific Place mall allowed the guests to get the feeling of enjoying the fresh air in a free outdoor space, without being bothered by the direct sunlight kiss or water splash from the rain. 

I always recalled Alice in Wonderland in my mind every time I passed the venue, and when I dined-in there, I could see myself as if I was enjoying my tea time in the middle of the garden, just like Alice and the other characters. You could even sense the totality in the mind behind the design, especially with that idea of having water fountain right at the center, mind-blowing cake display at the corner, even super-cute cutleries bucket on each table. It's such a flawless spot that would probably make you feel like stuck to the seat. 

Even for those demanding more privacy, they did provide more-closed space which carries out the classic and elegant concept with huge and luxurious drink bar where you could watch the live performance of the baristas handcrafting your beverage order. The long sofas and antique statues did complement the exclusive ambiance of the place itself. 

Exactly like being in a wonderland, the service did deserve thumbs-up, with highly responsive and knowledgeable waiters and waitresses. Having a lot of selections listed on the menu, they were like experts, able to guide me answering my questions and finally choosing my orders.  

Odysseia Delight (IDR 55k)

Starting with something delightful from Odysseia, the signature mocktail of the house, featuring melon and grenadine syrup mixed with milk and caramel as the main ingredients. It might sound quite heavy as I mentioned milk there, yet it was actually well-balanced by the fresh melon and cherry put on top. Not being overly sweet, it was a great choice if you opted for drink with rich ingredients. 

Grape Sour Punch (IDR 55k)

When the first served something slightly sweet, my palate demanded the opposite for the second, making me ended up with this combination of fresh orange juice, cranberry juice, and vanilla, which had slight hint of sour flavor exactly as I wished. Just as satisfying as the first one, this glass also brought together many components including apple, grape, and lychee, and they're literally all-over, making you got the reason behind the quite high price. It's indeed showing what you paid's what you got. 

Peach Strawberry Royal (IDR 55k)

Another one with generous combination of elements, making me conclude that Odysseia indeed took it seriously in inventing the mixture to be presented in each of their mocktail glass. I would call this the winner in terms of both presentation and taste. It didn't only look the most beautiful with bright colors, but the blend of taste did serve the best indulgence though actually it could be said as the simplest among the three. It's the real proof of simplicity turned to be ultimate sophistication. My fave!

Crab Rangoon Wontons (IDR 85k)

Having quenched the thirst, it's time to fill-in the tummy with little bit fancy light bites. They might in a glimpse looked like simple wontons, but the filling was surely something beyond the common ones, presenting flavorful crab and cream cheese. Having the options to request them being pan-seared or deep-fried, I went for the latter. So I guessed you could already imagine crispy coating with moist and creamy inner, then dipped into coriander and sweet chili sauce. I would call it one of the yummiest appetizer ever! Others did have to worry as these were certainly challenging to beat ;)

Crispy Roast Duck Sandwich (IDR 78k)

I was thinking of not going for something too heavy since I would still go for multiple portions of desserts yet apparently I kind of underestimated the size of this sandwich prior to see the actual one. It was a gigantic one and I would say that it was an awesome deal to have this fulfilling portion and abundant stuffings at this price! I wasn't that much into duck and I only opted for this dish as my sister badly wanted it, yet it successfully got me hitched to the scrumptious taste. I was so much into the tender texture of the protein, and how it was served without the fat layers which were the key drivers I disliked duck. Understanding me too well, this dish doubtlessly got into my favorite list in Odysseia as well as occupied a line on my recommended sandwich chart. If you had 'big tummy', you needn't worry as there's other component to satisfy your hunger - French Fries!

Deep Dish Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookie (IDR 35k)

Who dare to say he doesn't love Nutella? If you just nodded your head, then I would ask if you've really ever tried it LOL. Shortly said, I wouldn't believe if one could say he hated Nutella, and that pretty much represented how people would fall into this half-baked chocolate chip cookie as it's served with warm and gooey Nutella inside. The cookie itself was the one with the density in between fluffy and fudgy, which for my palate faultlessly suited Nutella. The additional scoop of vanilla ice cream to cool down the warm cookie made it turn even better as you could enjoy the opposed temperature blast in your mouth!

Oreo Chocolate Tart (IDR 45k)

Still in the circle of chocolate as well as everyone's all-time favorite. This one brought to your dining table the combination of milk and dark chocolate in the tart made of your twist-lick-dunk childhood biscuit. As the two types of chocolate were combined, the sweetness level turned out just right! Served in the form of tart, it was a great marriage of smooth cream and crunchy tart. A piece of heaven-on-earth for the palate of any chocolate holic <3

Tiramisu Cake (IDR 55k)

Some people might belong to different group of taste, demanding something 'fancier' with alcohol hint in the dessert, and more advanced presentation, whose answer would be provided by this Tiramisu.

Served in a glass with stunning arrangement, you might feel kind of unwilling to break and enjoy it. It somehow looked like a terrarium to me, the plants in a petite aquarium-alike jar. Unfortunately my desire to try this cake was bigger than my reluctance to ruin this piece-of-art, so oopssss... I finally did it, ruining the amusing masterpiece. 

Like typical tiramisu, the artistic glass contained ladyfinger cookies, espresso, mascarpone cheese, eggs, sugar, rhum, and cocoa powder. The distinctive part would be the Marsala wine which I guessed not all Tiramisu would possess, but absolutely a plus point people wouldn't reject. This time appearance didn't lie as it's unquestionably moist and delectable. 

Regardless I wasn't Alice, my full-course dining at Odysseia could deliver me the wonderland experience as my tummy was totally spoiled and happily bloated.

Taste: 8/10
Place: 8.5/10
Service: 9/10
Price: 7.5/10

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Address: South Lobby GF Pacific Place, Jakarta
Phone: (+62 21) 514 000 28
Operating hours: Sun - Fri 10am - 00am, Sat 10am - 01am

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