Monday, July 31, 2017

Boens Soes and Coffee, A Cute Space Serving Genuine Taste

Wooowww! It's such an adventure trying to find this petite coffee shop. Occupying a mini spot in Jelambar area, you gotta be patient when you're trying to figure out where it's located, as for me it was like being trapped in a maze surrounded by narrow roads. Fortunately, I didn't give up till I finally reached the place and there I was, at Saturday morning with my hungry tummy and the other abang Gojek. Looking that many people apparently having their order through delivery service, my curiosity was tickled, wondering how the taste would turn out. 

The outlet actually looked very simple,  like a typical home-based bakery, just that it offered some spaces for dining in. I guessed they indeed didn't intend to focus on the cafe as more take-away orders were received. The reason why I ended up with this thought was because they didn't really provide complete kitchen utensils for having the meals in the venue. Most of the available ones were also disposable type only. Nonetheless, it might be not a big deal as taste was still the priority abd also taking into account that the price was highly affordable. If I recalled correctly, most of them were within the range of IDR 6-15k!

However, in spite of the limited space, the interior was pretty cute, especially its wall-of-fame concept where it displayed the photos of the guests and the products on wooden trays. The overall arrangement was not bad as well, still able to afford few small groups and some individuals. 

Original Soes (IDR 6k)

As the name has reflected, Boens was indeed a specialist of choux or what's more well-known as soes. Having said that, it would be incomplete without having the signature of the house, and in this case the basic one was a mandatory to go. This original version was basically custard and rhum, served in quite sizable portion. Though the skin was slightly too dry for my palate, the filling was pretty good. The rhum flavor might need to be a bit bolder to get me wow-ed, but this level was not bad at all. 

Mocha Nougat (IDR 10k)

Perhaps this new comer could be the perfect representative of the saying 'Never underestimate newbies!'. It might be have not been there as long as the classic ones, yet the satisfaction it delivered was something beyond expectation for me! The stuffing presented an awesome marriage of moist mocha cream with crunchy honey and nut crumbles. It's not merely the combination of textures which was delightful, but also the twist of flavors! Mentioned as recently emerged variant, I would call this a wonderful invention delivered by Boens!

Kopi Susu (IDR 12k)

Not pulling itself from the latest hype of 'Kopi Susu', Boens had its own version for this happening drink. As I went for something cold for my other beverage, for this one I opted for hot version. Said to be using Robusta Toraja beans mixed with condensed milk, honestly saying nothing special to highlight as the taste for me personally was like simple coffee with milk and I guessed they didn't use brown sugar, which was actually my preference for similar drink. Nonetheless, I wouldn't be too demanding as the price was highly affordable as well. 

Es Koko (IDR 12k)

You might have made your wild-guess about what the drink featured as its main ingredient when you heard the word 'Koko'. Yeah, sounded similar to cocoa, it's indeed Iced Chocolate in Boens' secret recipe. Having this refreshing drink in the middle of this hot sunny day was just like the flawless representative of finding a fountain in the middle of a dessert! 

The coordination of my taste bud and my brain told that this glass contained strong chocolate flavor from cocoa powder mixed with chocolate condensed milk. I wasn't 100% sure about that but I was completely certain that it's top-notch! The flavor exactly reminded me of the iced chocolate we usually got distributed in school when we were still elementary students; the one that made us nagging to our mom for making similar one but apparently homemade version would always end-up tasted different (don't know if it's just my story or you do have similar one ;) ). It's super good that my sister even marked it as her upcoming afternoon-snack-delivery-order LOL. 

Before I forgot to mention, if you're now questioning how the light-bites and drinks actually tasted, I guessed you could transform that curiosity into pampering moments for your lips by having them delivered to your door. The choux and other traditional snacks were even available for bulky order and great thing you didn't have to 'dig too deep into your pocket' when you're about to pay!

Taste: 7/10
Place: 7.10
Service: 8/10
Price: 8/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Jl. Swadaya No. 46, Jakarta
Phone: (+62) 899 8088 245
Operating Hours: Mon - Sat 8am - 7pm

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