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Papa & Mama Bistro and Coffee, from A Humble Bakery to A Spoiling Cafe

Some of you might have wondered if this Papa Mama was the same with the 'historic' bakery which perhaps all people in Jakarta were a fan of. If you had that thought crossing your mind, you just had your perfect score as your guess was completely true. Coming from a humble bakery and pastry shop, Papa Mama now had expanded its wings, establishing its very own coffee shop in West Jakarta area. 

I was initially predicting that it would be a minimalist outlet with not so gigantic space, yet what I founded out in actual was something 180-degree different. It was a 2-storey huge space which was certainly able to accommodate big number of people. The venue itself wasn't designed like any of the recently opened coffee shops which came with either monochromatic or wooden theme. Papa Mama Coffee was more into a family bistro concept, which indeed didn't look that contemporary, yet still serving cozy ambiance to spend time. The gorgeous point was the transparent ceiling at the left side of the first level, giving open-air view at the indoor area. The second floor was pretty similar in terms of concept, besides that it offered literally outdoor spot at the balcony. Some guests did utilize it for having private petite party. 

As the bakery concept was still maintained, you could see the trays displaying various traditional bread lining-up at the center. Next to it, there were the cakes sitting side-by-side gorgeously in the chiller. Most of them were not the complicated ones; instead they were offering something basic like sponge cake in various variants of toppings, chocolate cake, tiramisu, and anything similar. Surprisingly, almost all of them including the cakes were priced under IDR 20k, such an affordable level especially considering that you could even have them for dine-in. 

On top of that, they surely provided other heavy-meals and light-bites which you could find on the menu. There were quite rich of selections, mostly Western and Asian including the specialty of the house - Nasi Padang! Quite astonishing, wasn't it that you could enjoy such menu in a cafe ;)

Eggs Benedict (IDR 70k)

My apology to any Nasi Padang lover, but we simply had different palate guys. I couldn't share you much about that menu as my option was something from the brunch list. Their Eggs Benedict got me hitched as I scanned through the description mentioning that it featured corn fritters as the base instead of toast or English muffins. Without long-thinking, I immediately called the name out as my order. 

This time, my choice went as awesome as expected, having my egg yolks being perfectly runny, the corn fritters were crunchy and well-seasoned, and all the additional toppings were delightful with crispy and scrumptious bacons as well as generous portion of chewy mushrooms. Perhaps some additional veggies would make it be beyond perfection ;)

Almond Cookie (IDR 15.4k)

Going around the showcases of bread, pastries, and cakes, I seemed to get attached to this Almond Cookie right at the moment my eyes bumped into it. The big size and thick shape was too appealing to be true. It was not even close to soft cookie, proving my guesstimate to be wrong, yet I hadn't finished guys. Despite the crunchy texture, I surprisingly loved it to bits! The aromatic butter scent and indulging almond flavor were such impeccable spoilers. If only it's just next door to my daily 'zone', I could see myself munching this every snacking time!

Hot Cappuccino (IDR 38k)

What's going to cafe without coffee? For sure I gave a try to their caffeine cup by having the Hot Cappuccino. Actually I was about to order the Magic when I realized that it's double-shot piccolo. Thus, I then shifted to this Cappuccino which turned out not disappointing at all; I could even say it's satisfying serving medium-to-strong roast beans meaning bold coffee touch yet very smooth finishing. 

Overall, I was impressed by my premiere visit to Papa Mama Coffee. The only thing that kinda bothered me was the service, as for me the waiters/waitresses needed to be trained better to be more responsive to the requests and more knowledgeable about the menu they served. Simple explanation was I was requesting for the coffee to be served with the foods together, yet I didn't know if he forgot or simply ignored it. Even when I told him that I had pre-requested for this when he delivered the cup earlier than the meal on the table, he did nothing (not even an apology. Sorry for being blunt, but I highly appreciated such response). Another example when I was about to order Almond Cookie and he just looked confused and left himself stayed confused till I had to go to the showcase picking the cookie myself. Leaving the service behind, my experience actually went beyond my expectations with the dishes served and the ambiance to enjoy. I would try to understand the flaws since this cafe was recently opened anyway, so all the best for the upcoming days and keep satisfying all palates!

Taste: 7.5/10
Place: 7.5/10
Service: 6.5/10
Price: 7.5/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Jl. Green Ville Raya Blok AS No. 40 C
Phone: (+62 21) 563 8805
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun 8am - 10pm

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