Saturday, July 22, 2017

Something Special 'From Our Friends'

Something coming from friends has always been interesting and even usually becomes the most awaited one. It's not an exception for this coffee shop located just several minutes car-ride away from my place and my office as well! I've been multiple times wanted to order it via Go-Food, yet there were always multiple reasons causing the cancellation. Finally, today I found time for directly visiting the venue, enjoying something freshly made to order there. 

Located really close to the entrance gate of the arrays of shophouses, the venue was firstly invisible to me. I had already passed it, then making a u-turn, starting from the entrance gate again before finally spotting where it resided. No wonder, there's no gigantic sign board showing the name located in front of the venue and there were no such thing like outdoor seating before the door. The space itself was medium-sized one, with the capacity up to two dozens people in my guesstimate. Not provided at the front area, the open-air space was actually there at the backyard - a simple and minimalist one, which for me seemed to be the typical style of most coffee shops in Serpong area to have a petite outdoor area at the back side. Funny stuff, they put the note at the back door to engage the guests visiting the spot. 

Just like visiting a friend's place, the coffee shop looked homey and cozy despite the minimalist design with a simple coffee bar under the stairs, tables lining-up next to it, and some sofas as the most comfortable points. The books displayed on the shelves as well as the board games provided made the coffee shop looking more casual and seemed like a perfect gathering place for youngsters. I could spot most of the guests were in the range of teenagers up to young adults. I myself felt like didn't wanna move at least for the next couple of hours! My weekend caffeine time finally came after the extremely exhausting days with endlessly-coming tasks LOL.

Established by a group of three, who were doubtlessly friends of each other just like how the cafe's name represented, this coffee shop offered selections of beverages which were generally served in the others - coffee, tea, chocolate, and milk. Some coffee pairing were also there, but not that abundant choices were available. Besides, it also depended on your visit time since not all of the snacks mentioned on the menu were there the whole day.  

Doughnut with Icing Sugar (IDR 10k)

Unfortunately, when I was there, the only option I had on the showcase were doughnuts. The ones displayed were plain, then the guests were allowed to pick the toppings of either icing sugar or Nutella. Going back to the traditional one, I opted for the first. Honestly speaking I indeed kinda missed it so much, not having such type for long long time, as these days toppings were mostly 'complicated' with the 'fancy ingredients'. Taking my first bite, I was sold to this O-ring, being so fluffy and neither overly sweet nor overly greasy! I would definitely record it as my breakie menu for the upcoming days as my office was so close to this place. Love struck <3 <3

Es Kopi Susu (IDR 20k)

The shining star recently, iced milk coffee - in the version of From Our Friends! Spotting the gradation of brown color, from light to dark one, I was already impatient to have my first sip as it somehow gave me the impression that this would be superb. I could already picture the strong brown cane sugar flavor on my palate. Giving it a try, I wouldn't say that I disliked it, yet my taste bud wanted harder kick from the brown sugar. If only it was there in the cup, this iced coffee would be an impeccable one especially because I was in love with the strong body of the coffee.

Hot Magic (IDR 30k)

Say hello to my Hot Magic, who didn't only magically carry away my sleepiness but also magically satisfy my good-morning-coffee craving. Delivering double ristretto in the cup, the bold coffee flavor flawlessly got me awake in a delightful way. The ending was also a nice one with smooth after-taste.

I wouldn't make it go even longer as it was indeed just quick morning-coffee-session with my sister. Knowing that they did call-out other doughnut toppings like regal, cheese, and strawberry; as well as providing other breakfast option like toast and few cakes, I was already enticed to meet my next coffee cup and its sweet couple. Hopefully it would be some time real soon! :)

Taste: 7.5/10
Place: 7/10
Service: 8/10
Price: 7.5/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Ruko The Icon Business Park A/3, BSD City, Tangerang
Phone: (+62) 858 1130 8101
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun 9am - 8pm

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