Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Sixty Two Coffee, Another Comer in the Sixty-Two Country

Strolling around Senopati area, waiting for my Sunday lunch, I tried to find if there's any coffee shop to try here. My little 'research' brought me to Sixty Two Coffee at Cipayung, which was pretty close to the gorgeous Sofia at Dharmawangsa. Due to the slightly misleading guideline from Google Map, I almost got lost when trying to find the cafe. 

Located at the edge of the crossroads, I guessed it's a house being transformed into a coffee shop as the shape and the arrangement didn't really look like a cafe. Dominated more by the outdoor space, it was indeed much nicer to sit there, as the indoor spot looked quite too packed with only limited number of petite tables and some seats by the bar. 

Despite that the open-air area was only complemented by fans, but it wasn't as hot as I initially expected. Perhaps it's because they covered the ceiling with  leaves and hanging plants to avoid the direct sunlight burning those sitting there. Though I did admire the design concept, I guessed I should warn you to beware of the different height of the floors, as I myself almost fell due to taking the wrong steps (LOL. Part of it was indeed the clumsy me for sure). 

Coming to the ordering part, it's pretty much self-service since you had to reach out to the cashier which was also the ordering point. Firstly spotting the menu, I was wondering why the choices seemed to be so limited, while what I saw people having here on my Instagram timeline was definitely way mooore than what's listed on this paper I was holding. I then finally figured out that it's because there's another corner out there belong to Wok Day which was actually the one offering selections of rice bowls. Nonetheless, anyway I finally didn't go for the rice-based menu as I intentionally didn't wanna take something too heavy for this breakfast, simply to prepare my tummy for a bigger lunch feast. 

Not So English Breakfast (IDR 60k)

Coming here with my friend who had just been to the gym, I did get the chance to try their savory breakie menu. What's served on the plate was pretty much like common English Breakfast, but I would say this one simply served the basic version with toast, scrambled eggs, sausages, mushroom, cherry tomatoes, and spinach. Honestly I thought it's kinda overpriced, featuring only these ingredients and being served in this portion. All the elements were okay besides the sausages which didn't suit my palate well, and unfortunately it's not only me but all of us did agree on this. It's kinda hard to explain it by words but there's something from the taste we didn't really fancy. I didn't know if it's just preference, but trying to find substitute brands might work IMHO :)

Cheese Doughnut (IDR 20k)

Chocolate Sprinkles Doughnut (IDR 20k)

In the happening way, this might be called as Cheese Doughnut, yet I did believe people would be more familiar with the term 'Donat Kampung', the name we usually assigned to homemade potato doughnut. Just right after my sight fell on them, which were displayed in front of the cashier, I immediately called them out to be listed on my menu. My picks were surely the dynamic duo of Cheese and Chocolate Sprinkles. Please don't get me wrong as the two flavors were not combined in one piece; what I meant was I ended up ordering two since I didn't want to stay in long dilemma of having to choose either one. Even the way I enjoyed both was having a bite from each in consecutive turns. Taking my trial bite, I felt like I demanded the texture to be slightly less dry. I did love the fact that it's not overly greasy, yet I still wished the butter used could be the more fragrant one with stronger buttery aroma. On toppings, no single complaint as they're indeed generous on these ones for both the choco and the cheese. 

Hot Piccolo (IDR 33k)

Either it's just a decoration, it's a sponsored stuff, or it's even an emphasis, I actually didn't really know for sure; but Sixty Two did mention clearly at one of its decoration that they're using La Marzocco machine. Thus, skipping coffee would be pity, wouldn't it? As the barista had pre-warned me that the beans were light roast, I picked Piccolo just to ensure I had stronger caffeine kick in my cup. I realized I made the right choice exactly at my premiere sip since even this one was kinda too milky for my taste bud. If I could have bolder coffee flavor here, it would be a truly satisfying one as the after-taste and acidity matched my preference so well. 

Hot Cappuccino (IDR 70k)
Finally coming to the funny yet miserable part at the same time. Some of you might have noticed there's something strange with the extreme price there. If this was Luwak coffee or Cappuccino made of any distinctive beans, I might understand; nonetheless it's neither of 'em. Sadly, my friends and I didn't look at the bill before we finally moved to other place then realized we were charged double Cappuccino price for requesting double espresso shots in a single cup! I didn't blame the barista for giving this high price, but at least he should've notified us before we decided to go for it, and actually this was my very first time in life experiencing such case *giggling*

Trying to perceive it from the positive side, it was indeed an indulging morning coffee. Everything was at the precise level; strong body, a hint of bitterness, low acidity, and smooth finishing. Oh dear, if only you're not IDR 70k (BRB, wiping my tears and grimacing). 

Overall, it's always a nice experience trying the coffee and its 'friends' in new spots, so that I could have more references as my options for places to go for in various areas. Next time I might be going back for trying the rice bowls, who knows I would have a crush on one of them ;)

Taste: 6.5/10
Place: 7/10
Service: 7.5/10
Price: 6.5/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Jl. Cipayung II No. 19, Jakarta
Phone: (+62) 21 7223 682
Operating Hours: Tue - Fri 11am - 9pm, Sat Sun 9am - 9pm, Mon Closed

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