Sunday, April 16, 2017

Blue Skies, Green Grass, and A Cup of Coffee at Eugene The Goat

Being at the lobby of Clove Garden Hotel, which was located at Dago Atas area, you might make your guess on how nice the ambiance of Eugene the Goat was. Just imagine sitting in a semi-open-air space at Bandung's hill area, such a heavenly feeling able to inhale the fresh air in the middle of this cool weather. 

Not stopping till there, the panoramic view from the hill was also mind-blowing, serving clear blue sky, fresh green grass, and all the great things you wish from the nature. This was surely the type of coffee shop I could never find in Jakarta, so you could spot one happy kid with a big grin there!

Hot Piccolo (IDR 30k)

Obviously didn't want to waste the opportunity as it's indeed a long journey to come up here, my friends and I went for three different cups of their coffee. I had my first sip from the Piccolo cup as it's usually my most favorite in any coffee shops. Serving medium-bodied one, I was surprised (in a good way for sure) that it tasted just like my coffee liking! Yes, sorry for having different pre-judgment, but I initially thought the coffee would just be okay and perhaps they only 'sold the place', yet they successfully proved me wrong. Dangggg! You got me at this premiere visit, Eugene <3

Magic (IDR 33k)

Now moving to the second cup, Magic. Coffee lovers should have known what it was but I would simply state what this cup was just in case some of you might be still wondering about it. Magic's basically latte with double ristretto. Honestly, every time I went to any coffee shop serving Magic, I always made my bet if I would prefer their Piccolo or their Magic as it's always case-by-case base, instead of consistent result. For Eugene the Goat's my choice still sticked with my first Piccolo cup as this Magic was slightly too acidic for my palate. 

Hot Cappuccino (IDR 32k)

If I most of the time would rather go for Piccolo than Cappuccino as my palate felt that Cappuccino was likely to be too milky, this time Eugene once more proved me wrong. I was unexpectedly loved their Cappuccino more. It was indeed milkier, however not to the level that faded the bold coffee flavor away. Even, more milk doze made the cup turned out more indulging as it gave that clean after taste, which was the final touch I did demand for my caffeine cup. 

Durian Cheesecake (IDR 35k)

Having trio of coffee at this first stop of my long culinary trip, I felt it incomplete without any dessert pairing. OK, at least one slice of cake please; and gladly, all my awesome trip companions seemed to understand me best as they offered me to have something from the petite showcase next to the barista table. Providing several choices of cakes and pastries, my option was taken by the Durian Cheesecake (after I had a moment of dilemma between it and the Banoffee croissant to be honest). Apparently, all these complementaries to your coffee cups were not made freshly from Eugene the Goat's own kitchen, but ordered from outside instead. FYI, I did spot similar croissant at Ambrogio Patisserie, which's the cafe I went to, later in the afternoon. Well, of course the source's not a big deal as long as it's there to accompany our coffee cups and got us spoiled even more. 

OK, before I was going too far, here and there, let's go back to the Durian Cheesecake. Oops, I spotted that confused, curious, and interested faces already. Yeah, I was also a first-timer for Durian Cheesecake! Looking at that spoon on top of the cake, I was getting more excited to give it a try. Funny thing, one of my friends who didn't join me when I was making the order, mistakenly thought the spoon as real one and he almost picked it up from the cake just before my sister and I shouted at him for not breaking the cake LOL. As a dessert lover, I was the most excited one among all to have it in my tummy. Not only the first spoon, the last one did belong to me as I found myself fell in love with the bold durian flavor, which was in a great balance with the cheesecake taste. Just like yin and yang, none of the elements overcame the other, such an awesome starter of the trip!

Knowing this kind of coffee shop was such a treasure to find especially in these days where most of the recently opened ones residing in the busy city center, I felt like I simply wanted to spend all-day-long here sitting in relax and spending hours over coffee and easy chats. If you're into coffee shop a lot and you're trying to find brand new ambiance, Eugene the Goat couldn't fit you better. Trust me, the time and effort spent going up there would surely be worthy!

Taste: 8/10
Place: 8.5/10
Service: 8/10
Price: 8/10

Thanks for Reading! :)

Address: Jl. Awiligar Raya I No. 2, Bandung
Phone: (+62) 899 6842 225
Operating Hours: Sun - Fri 8am - 10pm, Sun 8am - 00am

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