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One Eighty Coffee and Music

I knew this place had been at its highest trending level around months ago where it seemed like everyone going to Bandung must be coming here and got those Instagenic snaps at the pool-seating corner. Yeah, for you who might not be familiar with it yet, so basically this coffee shop offered seats in the middle of shallow pool, requiring the guests to take-off their shoes when they opted to sit there. 

Surrounded with tall standing windows, both floors allowed natural light to freely flow in and the ambiance delivered was as if you're sitting in a semi-open-air space. I was mesmerized by the creative idea of making the bar in a round shape, exactly under the round staircase that brought you to the upper level. It made the view looked stunning and elegant especially with the bottles of liquor and spirits lining up on at the wooden racks. The bar-seating was also available for those who wanted to enjoy the live show from the baristas handcrafting the orders. 

Named as coffee and music, One Eighty was not merely a coffee shop, but also a space for enjoying live music as they did provide a stage with full-band at the center of the spacious second floor, which I thought was more suitable for those coming in larger group. Long communal tables were there standing, making several wide alleys. The real outdoor area was there at the balcony to let you breathe the fresh air; not getting the view to the stage yet still able to listen to the music. Sadly, housings were all around so there was no panoramic scenery to enjoy. 

There's also a quarter-sized third floor, which looked more like a private room that I guessed would be a perfect venue for holding bridal shower or private birthday party with small group. It was all surrounded by glass window so beware that it would be a pretty warm spot in the afternoon. 

At my visit, which was around afternoon tea time, there's indeed no one singing on the stage but I guessed the live performances were there at peak hours, when the venue had its highest occupancy. A gigantic 1-8-0 numbers on the stage covered with full lamps somehow reminded me of Broadway. 

S'more Lemon Cheesecake (IDR 28k)
S'more Lemon Cheesecake (IDR 28k)
For this high tea, we opted for desserts to accompany our laughters over silly-yet-funny conversation. The first one safely landed on our table was S'more Lemon Cheesecake (IDR 28k), which was basically cream cheese with marshmallow and lemon sauce. Rather than cheesecake, I would call it more into Panna Cotta especially due to its moist and creamy texture. The lemon touch could be strongly tasted in it, balancing the sweet taste from the cream. Unfortunately, I had to admit that this cake wasn't my kind of plate as I preferred it to be either solid cheesecake or creamy panna cotta than something in between, which sorry to say but I thought representing this one. 

Brownies Tower (IDR 34k) 
Brownies Tower (IDR 34k)
Brownies Tower (IDR 34k)
Brownies Tower (IDR 34k)
The second dessert, Brownies Tower (IDR 34k), was the one capturing my interest with its gorgeous appearance. The look literally reflected its name as it did form a tower with the chocolate stick laid on the brownie and the rhum raisin ice cream on top of it. The side decoration of lemon ganache and little orange beautified the whole presentation making the plate looked more colorful and lively. There's nothing specific I could highlight from this brownie, which made it distinctive compared to common ones, especially considering that brownie was indeed one of the most-carried signature gifts from Bandung so I'd set high benchmark based on those I'd tried. Honestly, it was a not bad one being quite fudgy and having right sweetness level, yet not to the level that wowed me.

Butterscotch Cappuccino (IDR 28k)
Having quite much coffee already since the morning, we tried another one which was sweeter as it used additional Butterscotch syrup, Butterscotch Cappuccino (IDR 28k). I had no idea if there's something wrong with our coffee, or this was due to the syrup, or there's other particular reason, but it seemed like our coffee looked oily. I could barely tasted the Butterscotch flavor in this cup and the coffee was too light for my liking as well :(

Piccolo Latte (IDR 24k)
A better caffeine cup, coming as the savior  to the previous one, Piccolo Latte (IDR 24k). Despite that I wouldn't mention it as the one that suited my coffee preference, it's at least coming as the curer to the prior cup, as the coffee flavor was bolder though I still prefer it to have stronger body and more fragrant aroma.

Final sayings, I loved the arrangement of the venue and I guessed if I had it in Jakarta, this would be the type of place I preferred to spend long time, working or chilling while enjoying live music. However, perhaps next time I wouldn't go for desserts or coffee anymore; might be next to try would be the savory one :)

Taste: 7/10
Place: 8/10
Service: 7.5/10
Price: 7.5/10

Thanks for Reading! :)

Address: Jl. Ganeca No. 3, Dago Bawah, Bandung
Phone: (+62) 8221 8000 155
Operating Hours: Mon - Thu 8am - 11pm, Fri - Sat 8am - 00am, Sun Closed

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