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Gormeteria, What Gorilla Eats

What is Gormeteria? Please don't ask me as I also still haven't known what's the meaning behind the name. I tried to find more information but apparently couldn't find any, so let's keep it a secret. 

Going up to the second floor of the building, there stood the restaurant, being separated into indoor and outdoor spaces. The first one was just next to the food shop located at the center, which you would meet first when you stepped up to the second storey. The food shop sold seasonings, Bandung traditional snacks which people usually brought home as gifts, as well as healthy foods. At the same spot they did display all the cakes and pastries in their big chiller. On the other hand, the outdoor one basically occupied the balcony of the venue, facing the front side of the restaurant. 

The design of the indoor part was more into classic and elegant, using huge long sofas, marmer tables, and a long bar table at one of the corners. Could you also spot our gigantic friend there who's hiding in the wallpaper? I honestly couldn't explain the relationship between this gorilla and the restaurant's concept but if I went to Gormeteria's socmed account, I saw them using the hashtag of #whatgorillaeats. So rather than bringing you into deeper confusion, please just draw your own imagination on how this gorilla was actually related to the restaurant *giggling*. 

The design of the outdoor part and the food shop were actually more appealing for me, carrying the 'green concept' with green walls and flowers beautifying the whole area. The type of scenery which never got my eyes bored of it. If only the outdoor part wasn't for smokers and a bit cooler, I would surely opt to sit there. 

This spacious restaurant mainly sold Western dishes, ranging from pasta, sandwich, burger, and breakfast/brunch menu as well. For those having Indonesian palate, a few choices of local cuisines were also served to satisfy your liking. 

Banana Juice (IDR 25k)

Perfect score for you who have guessed this wasn't mine. Yeah, I wouldn't go for quite heavy drink like this as I wanted to save more spaces in my tummy for trying something new. Nonetheless, for your reference I could say that this fresh healthy drink tasted pretty decent for my friend's taste bud.

Thai Milk Tea (IDR 30k)

From the 3 selections of milk tea, we did try the Thai one, leaving Hazelnut and Caramel. Nothing in particular made it different to the general Thai tea in other places, yet it was surely not bad at all.

Lime Juice (IDR 25k)

Simply said, it's a refreshing glass to quench your thirst. With this price level, I was happy that the lime flavor was pretty bold, reflecting that the water component was not overly blended in the mixture.

Bubble and Squeak Benedict (IDR 45k)

Initially planned to have desserts and light bites only, my friends and I ended up couldn't hold our curiosity to try the savory ones as we spotted that the breakfast menu ordered by the guests from other tables looked too appealing to be true. One of them was definitely this Eggs Benedict, which I thought was very affordable if compared to the similar one sold in other cafes. 

Cutting the poached eggs, you would get that most-wanted view, the impeccably runny yolk flowing down to the moist english muffin. Enjoying it with luscious slices of smoked beef and generously served Hollandaise sauce made all of them came as a perfect combination in a plate. One distinctive point from this Eggs Bennie, which I guessed made the key difference compared to common ones, was the layer of hash brown stacked together with other components. This additional carbo basically added extra indulgence to spoil my palate.

Pasta Pesto and Prawn (IDR 68k)

Hmmm.. OK. Not only breakie menu, we all did cheat as we also went for pasta. From the color I guessed you could already tell that it's pesto. If the first one came with the 4-leg protein, this one was with seafood, mainly calamari and prawn, which were both served fresh in nice texture. It's actually a simple yet tantalizing one, not only because of the flavor but also the fulfilling portion and abundant toppings. 

Patatas Brava (IDR 65k)

The winner of the best dish landed on the table surely belonged  to this Patatas Brava, which's basically seasoned baked potatoes mixed with smoked beef, corned beef, mushroom, egg, and mozzarella. It's such tough time when I had to wait for all my friends to take pictures till I could finally had my first spoon of this dish, as the fragrant truffle oil and cheese aroma were so seductive. I was like 'OMG..Hurry-up! I just want to have it A.S.A.P'. 

Taking my first bite, I proved myself 100% right, it was finger-lickin luscious, an obviously lip-smacking dish, being creamy, cheesy, and flavorful at the same time. One important thing, please enjoy the dish while it's still warm to get the maximum level of delicacy.

If you're seeking for delicious Western cuisines and you're also demanding for nice place to have them in Bandung, Gormeteria surely can be on your top list. Their breakfast menu's surely not to be missed!

Taste: 8.5/10
Place: 8.5/10
Service: 8/10
Price: 8/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Jl. Pasir Kaliki No. 176, Bandung
Phone: (+62 22) 2052 4850
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun 7am - 10pm

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