Saturday, April 8, 2017

Moreau Chocolatier Cafe

When I saw the picture of Moreau's Fondant on my timeline for the very first time, what suddenly popped up in my mind were only two things, Max Brenner and Dazzling Cafe! Yessss, that well-known chocolate paradise available in many countries and that famous honey bread topped with gorgeous pattern currently hyped in Singapore, respectively. Moreau looked like the 'marriage' of the two, introducing its 'house of chocolate', the population which I thought very limited in this beloved capital city. The great news successfully drew a big grin on my face, a very lame girl when it turned to sweets!

Mainly colored in yellow and brown, the venue created its own signature design which was totally different to Max B, a great effort to stand out different there :). For a dessert place, especially the one who specialized in chocolate specifically, Moreau's space was actually quite gigantic, having two floors, each of which with the capacity to accommodate up to 25-30 people in my guesstimate. The second storey did provide outdoor seating at its balcony area, which I thought was intentionally made for the smokers. If you noticed from the pictures, almost all walls were covered with mirrors, so perhaps the best place for the narcissistic ones to express himself LOL. 

To ensure the guests were put under full-temptation, Moreau brought the concept of open-kitchen, with glass windows covering the dishes-production area, allowing you to enjoy the live-performance of how your orders were freshly made. Please note that this did mean that you're under high-pressure to hold yourself from ordering everything served. Well if you just said 'no, it wasn't you', I didn't know it's just me or you've just lain. Not to mention, those 3 seductive towers of dark, milk, and white chocolate fondue, lined up at the front part of the kitchen. 

Opening the menu, I was even more pixilated by the pictures shown, making it more complicated in deciding which one to go for. Everything seemed too good to be true. Thanks to the kind waitress, who at least helped me to spot the light at the end of the tunnel by recommending their best sellers. 

Moreau Hot Chocolate - Dark (IDR 55k)

The show was started by the mainstream one, Moreau's signature hot beverage, for which I picked the dark one. Call me one happy kid, as I was beyond indulged having this cup of thick Dark Chocolate drink! Super bold flavor that couldn't hitch my taste bud even better. 

Cannelle Crepe (IDR 78k)

Looking that most people were ordering the Fruity Crepe, this Cannelle Crepe tickled my curiosity harder especially because it mentioned cream cheese there in the description. The presentation of this french crepe was so unique, reminding me of Ekkado in gigantic version. 

The taste was not bad at all, but I preferred the cheese flavor to be bolder. Other than that, this dish actually presented a delightful trio of cheese, banana, and chocolate. My most favorite part was the Belgian Chocolate condiment poured over the crepe. Despite the cup's petite appearance, it's surprisingly quite generous in terms of portion. The taste was doubtlessly delectable, for which I picked dark chocolate, from the available choices of Dark, White, and Milk chocolate. 

Moreau Fondant (IDR 58k)

Finally the most exciting part of the dessert time at Moreau, Fondant! I would call this my most awaited part as I always had to hold my saliva from dropping every time I saw the snaps of this gorgeously presented lava cake. Cutting the cake was an extreme excitement for me, and the moment when I spotted that molten chocolate impeccably burst out from the center part of the cake, it's like experiencing the feeling when you finally found the treasure you've been searching for years. You gotta see it yourself before telling me that I was over exaggerating, because the real proof could explain better than words definitely. 

Most importantly, it's not only the beauty that spoke loud, the taste who's the most honest, did prove the same. Finger-lickin' awesome till the very last spoon, serving moist cake, combined with two types of liquid chocolate filling - the lighter and the thicker one. One phrase to summarize, mind-blowing!

If you're deeply in love with chocolate just like me, you would call this a paradise, so you'd better put it on your list now :)

Taste: 8.5/10
Place: 7.5/10
Service: 8/10
Price: 7.5/10

Thanks for Reading! :)

Address: Jl. Kemang Raya No. 93A, Jakarta
Phone: (+62) 21 2271 5594
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun 11am - 00am

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