Sunday, April 2, 2017

Double Bond Coffee, Heart-Warming Kinfolk-ish Space

Having read the title, you might have your own thinking on what the name of the coffee shop actually means. Using the word 'bond', no it has nothing to do with James Bond as the concept doesn't reflect anything about this 'womanizer' character. Oops, I am again being cheesy and apologize for that, just try to boost my own spirit up in the middle of the high-pressure weeks I've been through recently. Using the excuse of 'creative thinking', I guesstimate the word 'bond' there represents relationship; well perhaps going to the coffee shop gives you double relationship, with your companion and with your dishes. Justifiable enough, isn't it? Please just say yes fellas so we won't go longer winking. 

Opening the door of Double Bond coffee for the very first time, I was right away sold to do the interior, mainly themed with white and grey. Such a soothing view for the eyes, successfully giving me that peaceful ambience. For Star Wars lover, you might be mesmerized as they did have some miniatures of the characters from this movie. Well, I heard from my friend that it used to be not this Kinfolk-ish, mostly covered in black, but they'd just recently renewed the design. A great transformation made there, buddy. 

It's quite a sizable coffee shop, providing seating for guests coming in pairs or even bigger groups. The space seemed to have decent occupancy rate according to my friend who'd come here for multiple times. At my visit, I could see some university students doing their assignments there, and some people simply stopped-by for chats over coffee. 

One more thing, when coming here, any dog lover would be happy as you would be greeted by the warm welcome from Mocha, the extremely cute Maltese dog of the owner who's there patrolling around the venue. But for those who're afraid of dogs, you needn't worry as he's very tame. 

For my morning coffee conversation, my friends and I opted for various beverages. They did offer some pastas, pastries, and light bites; nonetheless the choices were actually sort of limited. 

Chicken Wings (IDR 35k)
I didn't have a try on these deep-fried wings as it's my friend's order and I was honestly not that much into chicken wings.  But if you're wondering about the taste, they're pleasant for my friend's palate and I actually could tell it just by looking how fast she finished the whole portion. 

Hot Cappuccino (IDR 25k)

Hot Piccolo (IDR 20k)

Fulfilling my morning caffeine duty, I had a sip from both cups and my preference was doubtlessly the latter one with stronger coffee aroma and flavor. Despite that there were cups out there which might satisfy my coffee liking better, but these two were nice ones to try. 

Magic Tea (IDR 35k)

If you're a first timer here. I highly recommend you to opt for this signature beverage of Double Bond. Not only giving the magical show before you have your initial sip it's also serving you the magical flavor on your palate. Yes you heard it right guys, magical show, which's actually coming from the sugar mix. So once you poured the tea into the cup, it looked like there's chemical reaction happened in your cup, a unique short-performance to enjoy before get indulged. The taste itself was like peach infusion to me. I wasn't sure of the ingredients but the right sweetness level and the refreshing fruit touch were delightful. 

In a nutshell, I would say another visit's essential. A cup of Magic Tea, a snap at one of the Instagenic corner, and a meeting with the cutie lil' Mocha, see you real soon!

Taste: 7.5/10
Place: 8.5/10
Service: 8.5/10
Price: 8/10

Thanks for Reading! :)

Address: Ruko Alicante Blok B No. 55, Tangerang
Phone: (+62) 812 9404 0104
Operating Hours: Sat - Thu 10am - 8pm

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