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Saka Bistro & Bar, The Maestro of 3D Latte Art

Having stood for years in Bandung, Saka Bistro and Bar's one of the first comers among the mountainous numbers of hype restaurants and cafes now available in this city of flowers I guessed. For me, it's not common to see one as large as this. Yes, when I said large, I literally meant it; might be hard to describe in words yet I thought the following pictures could speak to you directly. 

They divided the venue into several parts, which I would share based on the design. Entering the quite spacious parking space, well especially if you compared to the common ones belonged to any other cafes in Bandung which sometimes didn't even have any, you would realize that from the outside, it didn't look like the typical contemporary one. More into classic one in my view, with white color dominated the building. Somehow it did look like a gigantic house with a huge front yard. 

The first area to meet was the outdoor space located at the front part. You could also spot the one residing at another corner, more to the right side. Both were decorated differently as the first one was simpler with only arrays of tables with sofas and green wall at the edge, while the second one was cooler and more casual (in my humble opinion) with combination of wood furniture and cement floors, which was the space to accommodate bigger groups as it had communal table besides the individual seating with tall tables. 

Going deeper to the center part, you would meet still another outdoor area (don't get surprised please, told you in the beginning that it's literally a gigantic bistro wink). Round petite tables, still with wooden themes, and gorgeous tiles, but happily you could still sit here though it's raining as it had the ceiling to protect the area. 

Coming to the indoor side, my most favorite part among all, whose design played with wall paintings that got me hitched right away! The spotlight definitely belonged to the blue walls compilation with the wolfs picture, presenting a comforting view for the sight. The same corner as well looked like a giant living room for me with cozy sofas standing next to each other. 

The waiter as well as the barista head, Tan-tan himself (yeah the guy behind those awesome 3D latte arts), gave my friends and I very warm welcome. It's quite funny as I'd never been here yet I got that feeling of going back home due to the great service. 

Hot Mochaccino (IDR 31.5k)

The caffeine party was started with the cup who slightly cheated as it had chocolate in it, yes Mochaccino! It was a bit flat for my palate as neither the coffee nor the chocolate flavor dominated this particular drink. 

Hot Cappuccino (IDR 30k)

Despite that l desired this cup to be slightly bolder, it was a quite decent one with medium body level. If you're more into the cup of caffeine with much milk content, this was surely yours. One important highlight, differentiating Saka Bistro from any other coffee shop was their latte art, which I would say deserved a standing ovation. Excellently handcrafted by the barista, making it might look simple in the picture but if you saw the real one, you would be stunned by how neat the drawing was. Not to mention, the mind-blowing 3D latte arts, for which the barista seemed like saying 'your wish is my command' as you could make your request.

Vietnamese Coffee (IDR 28k)

A simple blend of black coffee, condensed milk, and your choice of either hot or cold water as it's served with both in a single tray. Regardless you chose it to be served with the first or the second temperature, you needed to firstly poured the hot water into the coffee dripper as the serving style was a D-I-Y one. You needed to be patient when ordering this one as it took around 4-5 minutes I guessed to have the whole water completely dripped and filled your glass to its fullest. Bluntly speaking, I might not say it as the best Vietnamese coffee on earth, yet it's a not bad one and I would say it's my most favorite among the three caffeine cups.  

Initially wanted to go for coffee only, we got the complimentary light bites from Saka team. When they're served on the table, the garlic aroma was so ravishing that none of us could disagree they're both so tempting. Without further due, we finished the photo session A.S.A.P and gave them a try. 

Popcorn Fish (IDR 32k)

Named as Popcorn Fish, this appetizer's basically deep-fried breaded fish served with tartar-alike sauce made of garlic and lime. It was a scrumptious duo of crispy batter and moist fish fillet as each element's texture was complementing the other. This first finger food suited me best as I always loved to have fish due to its light texture, not making me easily got bloated. 

Chili Garlic Chicken Finger (IDR 52.5k)

The next round was another fillet, but this time it was chicken. Cooked with one of my most favorite seasonings for fried dishes, chili garlic, I simply couldn't resist to take another one piece (not to mention the chili and garlic flakes which I kept feeding myself as well). The juicy and tender chicken faultlessly completed the delicacy delivered by the flavorful spices. Yummmm!

Thanks to the light-bites for closing our not-so-light afternoon snacking time perfectly! It was surely happy-tummy-happy-me moment. There will surely be upcoming visits (hopefully soume time soon) when I'm back to Bandung, as the comfy ambiance has left part of my heart here. Anyway there are still much more to try from the menu!

Taste: 7.5/10
Place: 8.5/10
Service: 8.5/10
Price: 8.5/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Jl. Karang Sari No. 2, Setiabudhi, Bandung
Phone: (+62 22) 203 9651 / (+62) 8586 0808 028
Operating Hours: Mon - Fri 11am - 11pm, Sat - Sun 11am - 00am

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