Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Sydwic, Chats over Coffee in the Middle of the 'Indoor Garden'

A very peculiar name chosen there, Sydwic, making it ear-catchy and drawing my curiosity stronger to visit the place. Just reaching the parking space, I was already mesmerized by Sydwic's outer appearance. The venue made you feel as if you just entered the Kinfolk world, being decorated with the combination of white and grey color as well as wooden pattern. 

Going deeper to the back spot, your eyes would be totally spoiled by the jaw-breaking view of the semi-open-air space with wooden ceiling and furniture, white walls covered with green hanging plants, standing pots at each corner, and even one communal table with petite plants lining up at its center. I was so impressed by the brilliant mind behind the interior; like seriously whoever you were, I was so into the innovation you crafted with the design. The remarkable view made me simply feel like going back and spending long time chilling over foods. 

For early birds, Sydwic seemed to be the right choice for you as it opened daily starting 7am in the morning. All-day breakfast menu was served with quite huge variety of options. Sweets were also there when you preferred to start your day with desserts. 

Well Fed Breakfast (IDR 45k)

Similar to Big Breakfast, this dish came with more appealing name, Well Fed Breakfast. Perhaps it wanted to show that you got many ingredients served together in your breakfast plate, to make you feel well fed. Moreover, double carbo were there as you had wholemeal bread and potato croquette. The protein parts were delivered by the sausage and the sunny side up, while the veggies came as other complements. Coated in kind of curry sauce, the sausage was okay though I wouldn't call it my favorite one. I preferred to call out the veggies which were served fresh and blended with nice dressings. 

Hot Mochaccino (IDR 31k)

The first cup to put the tick mark on my morning caffeine checklist was Sydwic's Hot Mochaccino. I guessed it wasn't my cup as I could barely tasted the chocolate in it regardless the cacao aroma was actually quite strong. I would prefer the chocolate flavor to be bolder and the drink to be slightly sweeter just like typical Mochaccino. 

Hot Cappuccino (IDR 25k)

Saving the breakfast session, the second cup was more decent with the coffee served at light-to-medium level. It was not bad, but I would recommend you to go for double ristretto if you wish your cup to have more intense coffee touch. 

If I were allowed to be blunt, I would say that the highlight of this place was its interior instead of the dishes. By the way, the great decoration here was not only for superb selfie snaps, but also for comfortable space to spend long time.

Taste: 7/10
Place: 8.5/10
Service: 8/10
Price: 7.5/10

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Address: Jl. Cilaki No. 63, Bandung
Phone: (+62) 813 2121 0363
Operating Hours: Mon - Thu 7am - 10pm, Fri - Sun 7am - 11pm

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