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Dua Coffee @ Cipete; Desserts, Coffee, and Ice Cream in One Go

Dua Coffee, neither a newly established place, nor the one that just launched new menu. It's been there for awhile and I've known this place even since it opened its door for public for the very first time. It's actually owned by one of my close friends, and I've been long interested to come and give it a try, yet yeah time just permitted. 

Residing at the main street of Cipete, Dua Coffee's highly visible and accessible. Huge parking space's also provided so just say bye to that parking-seek trouble you typically found around this area. Both the indoor and outdoor spaces were huge, enabling this coffee shop to accommodate  approximately 50 to 60 people. Though it's quite crowded, I could still easily find vacant table. 

Covered with red bricks and petite pots of cactus, it felt like you're sitting in the middle of a garden; a warm feeling that's faultlessly delivered by the design. 

The barista kindly welcomed me when he's finding me staring in confusion in front of the showcase. Displaying several desserts including sliced cakes, pies, and cookies, seemed like it's hypnotizing me to order every single thing offered there. OK, inhale, exhale, self control Gaby LOL. Yeah I was a bit over exaggerating the situation, but indeed I was finding trouble deciding which one to opt for. OK sir, you helped me to choose. Your recommendation's my command this time ;)

Following the barista's suggestion based on the most favorite menu, I went for two of their cakes which I also agreed look the most appetizing. 

Ferrero Cake (IDR 30k)

For those who loved chocolate and hazelnut, loving Ferrero's simply a default setting. For me, these heavenly balls were simply addicting and if only I wasn't mindful of the calories, I might have them even as snacks. Lately, I often met cakes using them as the main ingredient, even for martabak; yes anything trendy was always contagious. Spotting the name tag mentioning Ferrero there had captivated me since the beginning. As expected, layers of chocolate combined with hazelnuts and I guessed rice crisps as well. Being not overly sweet, it's a pleasant one, yet not to the level that really 'wow-ed' me. Perhaps bolder chocolate flavor would turn it more palatable. 

Russian Honey (IDR 30k)

Being in the opposite side and doubtlessly coming as the savior, this second cake should win the nomination. A lip-smacking slice pairing caramel and peanut butter. Though people said beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I couldn't lie that outer appearance's the one most of the time got you at the first sight; and this cake's crumble came as that heart-stealing part making me couldn't resist but to have it on my table as well. Having my first bite, I was having my jaw-break moment as the sweet caramel and salty peanut butter were impeccably blended in the combination of moist cream layers and crispy crumbles. A certainly must-have when coming here!

Hot Cappuccino (IDR 32k)

My sister's pick was this Hot Cappuccino as her coffee palate did prefer the lighter one with more milk content. Well, she got what she wished for, while for me it's slightly too light. 

Hot Piccolo (IDR 28k)

Luckily I picked Piccolo for myself which turned out exactly like what I desired. A cup of hot medium-bodied coffee with indulging strong aroma and flavor. It's slightly acidic at the crema part but still at the acceptable level for my taste bud, great one to gimme a wakeup call. 

Marie and Cream (IDR 25k) 

Last but not least, or I might even say the part that I would definitely not want to miss, Amame Ice Cream Therapy! Yeah, the elder sibling of Dua Coffee who's born in prior. The one that kept reminding me of my friend, Alanda, as I continuously contacted her just to check when the stocks were available for order as it's not ready at all times. Spotting that Amame's there, occupying a special corner, I was beyond excited especially finding that my all-time favorite flavor was there, Marie and Cream! 

Being kind of disloyal (sorry dear Marie), I had a try on their Strawberry Cheesecake and Caramel Macchiato. I found the second delectable, having a hint of coffee mixed with little caramel chunks. Nonetheless, my crush did stay at Marie and Cream, featuring milk and marie biscuits. I loved its consistency in maintaining the nice flavor, neither overly creamy nor overly sweet taste. Top notch!

I deeply wish Dua Coffee's just few blocks away from my place that I could reach its door at anytime. I couldn't get more spoiled of its homy place, and most importantly satisfying desserts and coffee.

Taste: 8/10
Place: 8.5/10
Service: 8.5/10
Price: 8/10

Thanks for Reading! :)

Address: Jl. Cipete Raya No. 66, Jakarta
Phone: +62 811 1875 441
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun 8am - 10pm

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