Sunday, April 23, 2017

Strawberry Fields Bali, Dining in in the 'Fairy Tale World'

If you now have a huge strawberry farm with beautiful and shiny red strawberries in your mind, sorry fellas, but I have to tell you that I see green more than red in the venue. Nonetheless, you needn't be disappointed as I don't say that the place doesn't look good. In fact, it's such a jaw-breaker that got me right at the moment I stepped off the car, stood in front of this cafe. It looked like the combination of vintage and green concept, making me felt as if I was dining in the middle of a forest. 

The idea of using 'broken walls', old sofas, wooden racks, and had all of them covered with hanging plants, reminded me of the Beast's castle in Beauty and The Beast movie. Those elegant chandeliers were surely part of it as well, and I would even call it as the most significant element that could remind every people of palace. A totally different theme brought out here, which successfully wowed me! It's just like I was entering the fairy tale world!

But please don't expect that the waiter and waitress would be dressed in those 'castle suits' as they indeed didn't. They're just wearing the casual shirts like the ones you commonly met in other cafes, yet they're surely there to treat you like a prince/princess (don't get me wrong, it's because you're the guests and you supposed to be prince/princess in the cafes :P)

To indulge the guests, they provided Western cuisines, which were focusing on brunch menus. Browsing for a lil' bit information, I figured out that their burgers were apparently the most hunted ones besides their smoothies and healthy bowls. 

It's not a hard choice to decide which dish to order as I was without any particular reason craving for eggs-based one. Coming on my table, this Salmon Benedict presentation had nothing special that made it distinctive from the common eggs bennie I found in other places. Hoping for the taste to give me a surprise, it seemed like my wish came true! Enjoying the salmon, hash brown, spinach, and rye bread covered with the runny yolk, the flavorful combination of elements on this plate was beyond tantalizing. It couldn't be any better when I got to know that the price for this fulfilling size was also very affordable. Freshly made dish with fresh ingredients that gave me a fresh opening for my day. 

Salmon Benedict
Salmon Benedict
Not stopping there, to ensure my eyes stayed widely opened all-day long, I surely didn't miss my morning caffeine doze which I obtained through Strawberry Fields' Hot Cappuccino. It was a middling cup of coffee with nice aroma and medium body level. 

Hot Cappuccino
It was admittedly a simple set of brunch, and hence I would say there should be more following visits to this place. I could even call it as a recommended one, not only because of the place but also the dishes.

Taste: 8.5/10
Place: 8/10
Service: 8/10
Price: 8/10

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Address: Jl. Batu Belig 79, Gang Anisa, Bali
Phone: (+62) 8133 9503 454
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun 09am - 00am

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