Monday, May 15, 2017

Animo Bakery, The Home to Mind-blowing Pastries

WOW! Perhaps that's the only word that could come out from my mouth when reaching the venue as it's petite and packed. Yes, literally so packed as it's full of people, and when I said full, it's not only inside the outlet but including the front seat right next to the door, which's fully occupied by the gojek drivers who're waiting for their takeaway-orders. 

While waiting for my turn in the 'quite unclear' line (yes it's kinda unclear who should go first as apparently everyone just tried to fight reaching the order point without considering the queue, and the waitresses were sadly not directing the customers as well) and chatting with my friends about Animo's outlet, another customer actually shared to us that their outlet used to be in Kemang, yet they didn't extend the rent anymore and decided to close the outlet and moved to their own house where their gigantic kitchen was also located. So, everything landed on your table here was freshly baked from the oven and served for you! Awesome!! You might not want to imagine how seductive the aroma of the venue was, so being in the queue with starving tummy was surely a serious temptation. 

Right behind the order point which was also the cashier, there displayed the bread and the pastries which you could take yourself as they did provide the tray and the tongs for self-service. Various choices were provided, yet I could witness myself that anything brought out from the kitchen would be gone just in a blink, flying immediately into the trays of each customer. So please expect that you might meet different variants of bread and pastries at different timing of visits, which also reflected you might be unable to always get what you wanted. Fortunately, the options were abundant so you could find alternatives fast. Moreover, most of them came in affordable prices so giving a try on random ones wasn't a big deal.

Some indoor seats were actually provided, but honestly speaking it's not that cozy one for spending long time as the space was quite tiny. An outdoor long table was also there, and I did occupy this spot at my visit. From my experience, I didn't recommend dining in since it's too full inside and too hot outside, so neither of them was preferable. 

It took quite long time from starting to pick the orders, getting served by the cashier, till get all my orders ready to be had especially because I went for the drinks as well. I was unfortunately kinda annoyed as well, since the customers next to me get their coffee before me while I was the one making the order first, simply because I waited at my table while they stood right in front of the baristas. Well, but my weekend didn't deserve much grouse so let's go to the exciting part, what I had to spoil my palate!

Hot Cappuccino (IDR 16k)

Knowing that Animo Bakery actually belonged to the same owner as Anomali coffee, thus no wonder they're selling Anomali coffee in the outlet. Great news, it came at more affordable price and quite fulfilling size. Well, flavor wise it's basically similar to the one served in any Anomali's outlet. Bluntly speaking, it's indeed not my favorite, yet I would call it a nice-to-have one. 

Es Kopi Susu Animo (IDR 17k)

I found it quite funny that coincidentally all my recent blogposts seemed to feature traditional iced milk coffee, coming from different coffee shops. As I had heard this one's so good, it did raise my curiosity to have a try. I could see how the blending process was done, as it's performed live in front of the customers. They'd prepared the coffee mixture beforehand, which they stored in dispensers, then when the order came they simply mixed it with milk. The way they're being combined was quite unique as the barista used blender though it just took few seconds to have it completed. 

Perhaps due to the blending process and the milk doze in the cup, this iced milk coffee was a thick one in terms of texture, yet the taste was actually milkier at the same time. As my preference was more into bolder coffee flavor, this cup was slightly too milky for me. 

Chocolate Almond Danish (IDR 15k)

As I called out in the beginning, my attention had been shifted to the bread and pastries right at the moment their fragrant scent hypnotized me when I had my premiere foot step in the venue. This made this danish trial part became the most exciting to me. Just from the picture, you could see how beautiful the pastry layers were, being so neatly arranged. Having the first bite, the flaky pastry which spread out that indulging buttery aroma was surely heaven! The almond mixed with the batter simply added the crispiness, making it even more palatable. Not to forget, the generous chocolate filling that finally complemented the whole delicacy delivered from this single pastry. Super in love!

Pain Au Choc (IDR 15k)
I badly wish I could have Animo Bakery established its next branch right inside my office so I could have each of the pastries as my different breakie menu every single day. Pocket-friendly price with tantalizing taste, a package of perfection everyone would surely hunt for.

Taste: 8.5/10 (pastry), 7/10 (coffee)
Place: 6.5/10
Service: 7/10
Price: 8/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Jl. Cipete I No. 6A, Jakarta
Phone: (+62 21) 2276 9595
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun 7am - 7pm

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