Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Metro Coffee, Affordable Meals at the Heart of the Metropolitan City

This place might be not that new anymore. I've been aware of it for several months already I guessed, after the time I spotted that there was a coffee shop located close to All Seasons Hotel, which I coincidentally passed when I was about to go to Grand Indonesia yet had to avoid the Car-Free-Day area of Sudirman. Despite that the surrounding areas were mostly on-going construction projects, it was really easy to find this coffee shop as there's signboard directing you to the venue. Moreover, it was sizable enough, making it more visible even for those only passing-by. 

Using the name of Metro Coffee, this coffeeshop was indeed located at the heart of this metropolitan city, just several minutes away from the iconic 'Bundaran HI', which I thought was the symbol of our capital city that every single Indonesian knew. 

It was a gigantic space, looking more like a family restaurant than a coffee shop in terms of size. Not only the indoor area, I guessed even the outdoor one located at one of the wings of the venue, would be able to hold quite huge number of people. 

The spot right before the entrance door, was where I had my first self snap as I was sold to the minimalist white-dominant concept. The vintage bicycle and big gunny sacks complemented this 'impromptu' photo spot wonderfully. After some snaps, I explored the indoor area and again fell in love with the front side. Simple sofa with cushions, low table, and hanging lamps; felt like opening a furniture catalogue, just that this was a real one, wasn't it? 

Going deeper to the center and then the edge, the design carried was like improvised monochromatic theme for me as they mainly used black and grey color with minimalist pattern, yet at some corners they did give contemporary touch, just like the stage area which had colorful face collages of famous actors. With this concept, the stage did deserve the spotlight not only because the performers would indeed stand there, but also due to its uniquely gorgeous decoration. It even gave me that feeling of being in a Contemporary Art museum; well seriously I guessed no one would notice that I was actually taking a picture of a spot in a coffee shop. 

I could freely take tons of snaps as there's only my friend and I at that time. The waitress mentioned that they're usually more packed during weekdays at breakfast time, lunch time, or after office hour, since most of the loyal customers were those business people having office around this coffee shop. 

The selections of menu provided had quite huge range from rice-based dishes, pizza, pasta, light bites, and even desserts originated from both Asian and Western countries. The price was at 'okay level' considering the location was at Sudirman where mostly meals were quite pricey. 

Hot Cappuccino (IDR 25k)

Visiting the place after being to another coffee shop, this Hot Cappuccino was our second caffeine doze of the day. It's pretty milky for me as my palate demanded the one with stronger body. Nonetheless, the after taste was quite okay, so I guessed next time I should go for double ristretto and let's see ;)

As we're going to have another lunch afterwards, my friend and I just went for their light bites, a duo of savory and sweet version of snacks for this first trial. Hmm, I saw some people have just made their right guess by knowing the latter one would surely be my pick. 

French Fries (IDR 20k)

Starting with my friend's, it's just classic French Fries with extra shredded cheese on top. Nothing special to be highlighted, just comfort food for your coffee or tea companion.  

Roti Bakar Komplit (IDR 30k)

When this toast brought the title complete there in its name, it literally reflected the toppings it presented in actual. Just mention any typical ones you usually met for any kind of sweet toast and you would find all of 'em here; chocolate, cheese, strawberry, blueberry, and even banana! Well I initially thought it would taste awkward as everything's mixed together and spread throughout the toast, yet surprisingly it wasn't bad at all. The toppings were also quite abundant that you wouldn't have any single bite with missing flavors from all of them. Looking at the portion, I guessed you could already tell that it's better for sharing them to avoid being nauseated. 

Overall, we luckily got another pleasant space to chill around Central Jakarta. One additional bonus, they did serve live music every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday evening. So I guessed next visit should be marked on either one of those days, to enjoy sipping my coffee while listening to the performance.

Taste: 7/10
Place: 8/10
Service: 8/10
Price: 8/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Jl. Tanjung Karang No. 5, Jakarta
Phone: (+62 21) 2962 7821
Operating hours: Mon - Sun 10am - 10pm

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