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Di Bawah Tangga, Another New Hype for Traditional Iced Milk Cofee

When you read the name, you simultaneously have red the location of the coffee shop as well. Yes, it's exactly under the stairs or to be exact the escalator located at the entrance of Gandaria City's North Lobby. 

Whoever behind the design was surely a smart one in being very effective in arranging the venue's set up as the designer's able to utilize the small area really well, making the spot still looked not too dense. Several small round tables were lining up from one side to the other, then complemented by a long table at each of the edge. 

Anyway, looking at the location, I guessed the customers would be mostly the people who just stopped-by, buying their orders for take-away. I guessed even some people just knew it's there because they spotted the coffee shop when they passed by it, either as they wanted to go to Gandaria City Mall or the office tower. 

Glad to announce that Di Bawah Tangga's an early-bird, so people who started their daily activities early in the morning around this area should be cheerful now as you found one more choice for your morning caffeine doze. I even thought that morning was indeed the best time coming here as the weather's still friendly enough for sitting in open-space. It might be delightful news for the smokers since every area was open for smoking (I also saw some frowns there ;) ). 

As minimalist as the space, the selections provided here were also limited. The menu was dominated by drink, and they were specialized in coffee. Nothing complicated or fancy, they simply offered the basic ones, either black coffee or milk coffee, available in hot and cold. There were two options to go; either Kota or Kampung, which mainly differed by the beans, for which Kota was the lighter one as described by the barista. As not much options were provided, I opted for both; hot one for Kota and cold one for Kampung. I initially looked for my coffee pairing, yet they said it's not available yet :(. Usually they would have traditional Indonesian snacks and pastries, but unfortunately I had to call today as my not-so-lucky day. 

When others have La Marzocco, they use La Mesin Kopi LOL. Kinda cheesy yet still funny 

Kopi Susu Panas Kota (IDR 29k)

Serving low-to-medium-bodied beans, all the coffee that belonged to Kota coffee group were priced higher. Apologize in advance, but I couldn't recall the beans name regardless they'd actually told me. The standard way to serve the hot cups were without any sugar so they gave the sugar sachets separately, leaving the decision to the consumers whether to have the coffee with sugar or not, and with white or brown sugar if they opted to do so. 

Desiring to try the original taste, I didn't add any sugar into my cup. Though it was said to be made of lighter beans, it was quite acidic for my palate. Gladly, that sour flavor didn't stay long on the palate, leaving smooth after taste. Overall, I would call it a middling cup for kick-starting the day and shooing all the sleepiness away. Perhaps one trick to fade the acidity was by kind of 'cheating' by adding a little sugar into it.

Es Kopi Susu Kampung (IDR 19k)

Taking the first sluuurp from the cold glass, I would name it perfect thirst quencher! So far, the only traditional iced milk coffee which could satisfy my liking was Tuku, but apparently now I've found another one which could give the same happiness! Coming with different taste, this Es Kopi Susu Kampung of Di Bawah Tangga was so so so good! Proper sweetness from the brown sugar, indulging condensed milk flavor, as well as bold and fragrant coffee, were the impeccable trio served in this single plastic glass. Just preventing that I might be bias, I did ask my sister's opinion and she couldn't show any disagreement. She finished the whole thing just in a blink, exactly like the way I did. Well, now I do idn't mind to be called 'kampungan' for loving this Es Kopi Susu Kampung quite too much. I could already picture in my mind that this would definitely be another hype in the world of iced milk coffee!

Thanks to Nino Fernandez and the team with the brilliant mind behind the coffee shop. I wouldn't say much thing anymore, but one simple message "I'm looking forward to meeting another family member of Di Bawah Tangga and pretty please, make the next to be in Serpong so at least it's one step closer to home for me". Oops, ok I have another one. Just my random idea, perhaps the next baby could also carry out catchy name like 'Di Pinggir Jalan''Di Balik Pohon', 'Di Depan Pintu', or even 'Di Atas Atap'! Well, who knows the next could be a rooftop one ;) ?

Taste: 8.5/10
Place: 7/10
Service: 8.5/10
Price: 8/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Gandaria City Mall - North Entrance (next to Gandaria 8 Office Tower), Jakarta
Operating Hour: Mon - Sun 7am - 10pm

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