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Sensory Lab, Another Melbie Brunch and Coffee in Town

Satisfying the palate of Melbie coffee lover apparently hasn't been able to give enough satisfaction to Sensory Lab. It finally decides to spread its wings to the country located just next to it, and yeayyyy, the lucky chosen city is Jakarta!! So right here it is, brought out by the well-known Common Grounds and St. Ali; welcome Sensory Lab!

Again, unfortunately the area chosen to land its feet first at this beloved capital city is far far away from my place. Yeah, you lucky people residing in North Jakarta, again and again I have to envy you *deep frowned*. Nonetheless, let's put aside all the complaints and disappointment since today might be my blessing-in-disguise day as my sister's friend asks my sister and I to visit his restaurant in Kelapa Gading area. Seems like 2 islands passed in 1 paddle today ;) !

Located at the main lobby of Mal Kelapa Gading 3, the spot was just perfectly visible. Such a hotspot for a cafe as it will surely attract the people passing by, meaning it'll definitely capture those who even may have no idea about the place prior to coming to this mall. Actually, it occupies 2 separated spaces which are just few meters away from one to another; one is the coffee bar while the other is for dine-in. 

Featuring La Maison and Beau bread as well, the design of the venue is pretty simple, neither classy like La Maison in Grand Indonesia nor homy and green like Beau in Senopati. I somehow feel it look like the combination of St. Ali and Common Grounds, quite hard to explain in words yet I can sense the similarities in the atmosphere. Nothing's too much, nothing's too fancy, but still a very cozy space for spoiling the taste bud. 

I reach the venue slightly earlier than lunch time, so there are still quite many vacant seats and I can freely choose which one I opt for. I certainly go for the space for dining in regardless I do think the coffee bar one is also a decent one. The key reason is merely because the table there is only suitable for having quick-coffee, due to its petite size and line-form seating. 

They have quite abundant waitresses so you needn't worry about the service as it's doubtlessly speedy. Despite they've just been there for few days, they've had the favorite menus to offer. Shortly said, all of them remind me of typical breakie dishes served in Aussie so hopefully the taste will prove the same as I kinda miss them quite too much!

Hot Cappuccino (IDR 39k)

Starting the breakie with a cup of Joe, I go for their Hot Cap. Gladly, I can have it skinny as I can request for skimmed milk and I aren't charged any additional payment for this. Well, for some of you who's in the same boat with me, you might have experienced the same struggle finding coffee shop serving skimmed milk in Jakarta as it seems very limited. So thanks a lot for serving my need, Sensory Lab!

As I'm more into bolder coffee aroma yet at the same time I prefer it to be served in low acidity, I guess it fulfills my first ask but not really match the latter as it's quite bitter for my coffee preference. Perhaps if I may have another additional request, I would want it to come with cleaner after taste. 

Iced Matcha Latte (IDR 35k)

Fortunately, I still have another beverage on my table and this time I give the chance to non-coffee one. Jakarta's hot weather simply makes me craving for something cold and refreshing just like this Iced Matcha Latte. If you fancy strong green tea flavor and less sugar in your matcha latte, this one is surely your cup! For me, just adding a little sugar and voila, it's ready to quench my thirst in pampering way!

Moving on to the munching part, honestly speaking the showcase of La Maison apparently has very strong enticement on me. I'm so tempted to go for almost all of them, yet I try to persuade my own self that I come here for trying their savory ones. Well yeah, bluntly admitted, I actually can go for those desserts at other times easily at their other outlet which is far more accessible to me (keep your focus, Gaby. Hey you dessert brain, please take your rest for awhile LOL). 

The Fri-Ken Benedict (IDR 75k)

Avoiding the typical long-dilemma at order time, my sister and I put our full-trust on the waitress. So there she goes, opting the Fried Chicken Benedict for us, which she says is the one being most frequently ordered so far. 

I can still clearly recall in my mind how hype fried chicken waffle used to be, but fried chicken benedict!? Hmmm, I guess not that common yet. Moreover, I indeed can say that besides hotcake, one of the signature Aussie breakie menus I love is the one with eggs as the main ingredients. Thereby, I have no reason to say no to this dish. 

Though the presentation is not the most appealing one as the fried chicken isn't that gorgeous golden-brown-type one, the smell of the dish is absolutely seductive, making my tummy feels like being twice as empty as few seconds ago before I have this dish in front of me. 

Can't wait even longer, I take some quick snaps and finally give it a try. For sure I don't forget to capture the best part of getting the egg yolk bursts out and flows through the chicken and the toasted brioche. Though I do wish the chicken to be juicier as it's slightly over-cooked, it's overall scrumptious and the peppery crispy coating is yummy. The taste will be at its best when you have everything altogether at once, ensuring the chipotle hollandaise sauce is perfectly mixed together with all the toppings and the buttery fragrance of the brioche comes as the final complement. 

Sunshine (IDR 63k)

Ok. I admit that I do cheat (a little bit) *peace*. I take back my words in the beginning as I do end up can't hold myself from ordering at least one item from La Maison's display. Please don't blame me as they're irresistible and that's the ugly truth my mind and my heart always go synchronized in believing.

Just like its name, this cake apparently shines the brightest, in the way that makes my dessert eyes finally has a crush on it and opt for it. Simply said, it's a slice of nastar crumble, which at first may look kinda pricey if you merely judge from the size, but not until you taste it. Like other nastar crumble, it does carry out the combination of pineapple pie crumble, homemade pineapple jam, and vanilla sponge cake. But for sure, not all nastar crumble can taste as good as this one, especially that succulently melt-in-your-mouth crumbles! Not to mention the couple of treasures lay between those beautiful shiny layers; cold moist creamcheese frosting and shredded cheddar cheese. Well, I won't say more words as you'll surely call me over-exaggerating but I'm indeed a lame when it comes to the marriage of pineapple and cheese into the so-called nastar cake!

Having the flawless ending for my breakfast in Sensory Lab is such pleasure for me, which has impeccably made my day as well! There are much more from the selections, both savory and sweet ones, I definitely wanna try! I guess I've even already had in mind, what to go for at the upcoming visit *wink wink*. So wait for me, Bacon Croquettes, Soft Shell Crab Tacos, and Chocolate and Honeycomb French Toast, as I'll make you my full-course :)

Taste: 7.5/10
Place: 7.5/10
Service: 8.5/10
Price: 7.5/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Mal Kelapa Gading 3 GF, Main Lobby (across Starbucks / next to Toridoll Yakitori)
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun 10am - 10pm

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