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Roti Eneng, A New Level of Toast

Sounded so Indonesian? That's exactly what came into my mind when I heard of the name, and somehow it brought me back to the nostalgic memory of my college time, when I had my most favorite Bandung toast sold near to my boardinghouse (a.k.a Roti Bakar Bandung) at least once a week. 

As some of you might have known that I loved bread much more than rice, so you could imagine how enthusiastic I was, knowing there's a place specializing in both sweet and savory toast. My excitement got even more hyperbolic as I knew Roti Eneng has been there for long long time and apparently was the favorite of tons of people, including the beloved and well-known Ahok! Well, I gotta give a try on your kind of taste, sir ;)

Located at Gandaria, the area that used to be my most-visited place a couple of years ago when I still stayed in Senayan, the venue's location was actually quite strategic for those residing in South Jakarta area. I heard they used to have the outlet in Pasar Santa, but now they've completely relocated to this house-alike space, which I wasn't sure if it's the owner's home or not. 

Far better than my expectation, the outlet was a very decent space with comfortable and homey design. I was initially thinking that it would look like typical street-food outlets selling toasts with simple petite tents, nonetheless Roti Eneng surprisingly wow-ed me with its minimalist modern theme. Being dominated with white and brown color, every single spot looked so peaceful for the eyes. Such an awesome place for having toast over caffeine-sip.

It would be even much better if you could get the 'semi-dedicated' space located at the left corner. It looked kinda private as it's covered with walls though it wasn't a completely closed one as no door separating this particular spot from the whole venue. I wasn't say the space was nicer due to the privacy, but more because it's much cooler there being fully air-conditioned, while the rest was mostly using fans.

For this first attempt, I only went for simple afternoon snack set, having a glass of the signature beverage and one of their sweet toast variants. For you who might have been to Roti Eneng or at least have been aware of this toast shop, you might have notice that it did have its own version of traditional iced milk coffee. Named as Ice Kopi Bersahaja (IDR 20k), this coffee would be served in a glass when you had it there, but would be packed in a plastic cup when it's ordered for takeaway. The takeaway cup was actually pretty interesting, writing the name of the coffee on the glass (Sorry, no picture guys, I just saw people carriying it). 

Ice Kopi Bersahaja (IDR 20k)
Being priced slightly higher than the common ones, the size was actually the same. There wasn't any distinctive point that might be called out to differentiate this Roti Eneng's version of iced coffee from the rest. I did forget to request it coming with less-ice so I found mine to be quite plain. If some coffee shops offering similar iced coffee went with milkier version, or some emphasized more on the bold coffee flavor, for me this one tried to play safe by offering the average; being heavy on neither the coffee nor the milk. Next time, I would surely go for their other exquisite ones, which based on my observation mostly being ordered as well; Chocolate Sea Salt and Marie Regal Shake!

Being quite dilemmatic initially if I should opt for the savory or the sweet bread, I finally ended up with the sweet one (as always). My heart said went for both, but my tummy simply couldn't afford having two anymore. Well, next chance would still always be there, so no biggies ;)

Cream Cheese Ovomaltine Toast (IDR 32k) 
I asked for the waitress suggestion among the cream cheese combination as this section attracted me the most, and she advised me to try their most-favorite one, Cream Cheese Ovomaltine (IDR 32k). What's so special about this toast would probably the fact that almost everything was made in-house, including the bread! Even for the spreads, yes indeed some of the ingredients were something available in the market, but then the combination of the ingredients were actually coming from Roti Eneng's own thinking. That's also the reason why they did sell various types of bread and arrays of spreads. They even mentioned that the spreads and jams could last up to 3 months if stored in fridge. That made me think that they could actually be great gifts, especially when you're fed-up with the mainstream ones. Some of the flavors offered were quite unique for me, including Cream Cheese Combination, Earl Grey Milk, Coffee Latte, and Marie Regal.

OK, back to the key star, my Cream Cheese Ovo toast, which was freshly made upon order. The bread was that thick and fluffy type one with all the skin still on, giving that excellent combination of crispy texture at the edge yet moist at the center, once it was being toasted. The thick bread was impeccably balanced by the generously served cream cheese and ovomaltine stuffings. It was slightly pricey, but the satisfaction was successfully delivered. I loved how each element in the plate complemented each other instead of one overwhelming the rest. NOTHING ELSE BUT YUMMY!

It was such pleasant experience and awesome news to find that Roti Eneng has been able to bring toast to the next level. Well, who ever guessed simple dish like this could create a remarkable trend?

So for you who might have tried Roti Eneng for multiple times yet still find yourself badly craving for the bread, actually you also had the option to order it via GOJEK as they're indeed available as merchant there. I did meet quite many of those 'abang GOJEK' waiting for their orders, on my visit. Whereas for those who've never tried or perhaps just heard of Roti Eneng for the first time just now, you'd better get yourself updated ASAP ;)

Taste: 7.5/10
Place: 7.5/10
Service: 8/10
Price: 7/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Jl. Gandaria Tengah IV No. 19, Jakarta
Phone: (+62 21) 7251 746 / (+62) 812 9401 3000
Operating Hours: Tue - Sun 8am - 8.30pm, Mon closed

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