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Gordi, The Bridge between Coffee Roasters and Coffee Lovers

My coffee-addict friend, Fiona, has mentioned this place repeatedly as she loves the coffee and the place. I completely trust her words on coffee, since historically the ones she says decent are totally proven, and one more thing, she's indeed the master of South Jakarta area since going there is a weekly routine for her. As I finally get the chance to go to South Jakarta area, so here I come Gordi!

It's pretty much a challenge to find the venue as the recommended route by Google Map was apparently kind of misleading. Testing our luck, my friend and I just tried to guesstimate and apparently the fortune's on our side. Right at the time we thought we're lost, it's the second when we spotted the white-blue Gordi's outlet. 

When I was still on the way there, I didn't get the thought that the venue would be this spacious. What I had in mind was a petite coffee shop with just two to four tables and a simple coffee bar. That turned me into surprise when I saw the sizable green yard with several mat-seating. Feeling like summer camp enough, huh? ;) Just beware that I guessed it would be pretty hot sitting there in the middle of the sunny day. 

If you did prefer open-air space yet wanted to avoid being hit by the sunlight, you could occupy the outdoor spot right next to the yard. It did seem to be the most favorite of most guests since it looked the most packed. 

In the mood of getting spoiled by the cool air-conditioned space, my choice went to the indoor area. Consisting of two levels, only the first one was occupied by the cafe while the second was dedicated for the office. The place simply looked like an open laboratory to me as there were some coffee-maker equipment sitting on some spots. It was a cozy venue for meet-ups or even spending hours doing nothing as you wouldn't easily get bored enjoying the 'live-show' from the baristas. 

What's so special to call out about Gordi would probably the regular delivery service provided. The customer simply needed to subscribe, list down their preferences for the coffee, then on biweekly basis the curator would select the coffee produced by various local roasters from all over Indonesia to be sent to you. The beans sourcing might vary, including from overseas yet the roasters were all locals. Simply said, they're connecting coffee roasters to coffee drinkers. 

Not just stopping there, I guessed calling them as one-stop-solution for coffee would be highly suitable. They even provided ad-hoc based coffee service, such as looking for coffee machine that suited your preference, providing coffee tenant complete with the barista for events, and even creating coffee-themed activities at office! You couldn't 'WOW' me more there, Gordi!

Cappuccino (IDR 33k)

Knowing they're so into coffee, first thing to have would definitely be no else than coffee. The first cup was Cappuccino, which was simply indulging with its clean after taste. It's a pretty light cup, but still at the decent level for my coffee preference.

Piccolo (IDR 33k)

Perhaps the one suiting me better was the second cup, giving extra kick to wake me up as the coffee taste was bolder than the first cup. Same after taste, yet stronger aroma and flavor; doubtlessly my favorite from now on!

Chicken Caesar Salad (IDR 45k)

Being quite stuck in the traffic jam when my friend and I were on our long way from Serpong to Gordi, our tummies had been screaming for foods. Having said that, when we were about to order, our eyes were seeking for the savory ones and we finally ended up picking this Chicken Caesar Salad. The dish startled us when it was firstly served on the table as it's pretty different from what we imagined. For sure you might have thought the same with us that it would be served in a bowl, mixing various veggies with dressings and grilled chicken. Nonetheless, it was a totally different one as what we had was the same mixture of common chicken caesar salad, yet the bowl was replaced by bread, making it a sandwich. 

Despite that fact, I hadn't mentioned any single word about dissatisfaction as the taste was actually luscious having flavorful dressings and tender chicken, and that 'surprising' bread was another scrumptious one with its crispy texture. The only input might be it's slightly too pricey for this type of dish in my humble opinion, yet I did admit that the stuffing was generously given.

Ferrero Cheese Cake (IDR 45k)

If I had to pick one word to describe this slice of cake, I would say GORGEOUS. It might look simple, yet it's appealing look successfully made me unable to resist having it on my table. Having stunning presentation, the cake tasted just okay for my dessert preference. It wasn't bad at all, yet nothing specific to highlight. 

Bringing the combination of moist cheese and chocolate cream with crispy almond on top and crumbles as the base, it was actually a nice one, nevertheless, not to the so-called jaw-breaking stage. If I might give suggestion, I would say that I preferred the cheese flavor to be equally spread in the cake, since when I was having it I could sometimes felt bold cheese taste on my palate yet in other times it's barely there.  

Pepite (IDR 28k)

It's pretty hard for me to describe this pastry, but I believed all of you were familiar with it. Perhaps you couldn't explain it when you only heard of the name, yet once you saw the picture I thought you would give that 'Ooohhh' face (I did experience the same, FYI). The texture for me was in between bread and puff pastry, neither too flaky nor too soft. When I asked the toppings to the barista, he only mentioned cheese and choco chips but when I gave it a try, I could felt it did contain banana and all my friends agreed with me. However, I didn't mind at all as I loved banana anyway and I always loved the idea of combining it with chocolate and cheese, so you might guess it right when you pictured myself sitting there calmly, getting indulged by the pastry and my lovely piccolo.

To sum up, I couldn't thank Fiona more for introducing Gordi to me. I loved the concept of the place and the coffee gravely suited me. Well, I could see myself now thinking of proposing to feature it in my company's next event *smirking*.

Taste: 8/10
Place: 8.5/10
Service: 8.5/10
Price: 7.5/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Jl. Jeruk Purut Dalam No. 25, Jakarta
Phone: (+62) 21 2278 5171
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun 7.30am - 7.30pm
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