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Wolter House, The Home to the Nutella Doughnut

Well-represented by the name, this currently trending coffee shop was located at Wolter Mongonsidi, one of Jakarta's heavy-traffic-jam point, especially on weekdays at peak hours. So please don't look for Wolter when you paid a visit here fellas as it's definitely not the owner's name. 

You needn't worry about getting trouble finding the place since you could simply use the well-known Kambing Bakar Cairo or Jjang Korean Restaurant for your reference. Yes, the two restaurants, each lf which occupied the first and the second level of the same building, respectively. Oops, realizing something already? The fast-thinker might have done. So now let me tell you, especially those who're now curious as you still haven't gotten it. That indicated Wolter House's located at the third floor, meaning you should have a little exercise prior to starting your 'caffeine-high' time. 

The stairs connecting the second to the third floor were honestly pretty scary for me as they're kind of not flat. I gotta walked quite slowly to ensure I got my body fully balanced (well you might think differently though). Nonetheless, you could shoo those challenges away as you would be 'tickled' by the simple yet funny wall paintings, which you could see along the way to the entrance door. Thumbs up to the creative mind behind the idea!

The venue was nothing but homey, providing not too much seats yet spacious enough to pamper you with that comfortable feeling. I went for the long table by the window, facing the front side of the cafe, which's also the one located next to the coffee bar. If I came with more friends, I would probably prefer the semi-private space which was able to accommodate approximately 6-8 people. Yeah, pretty much like a small meeting room that in my sight looked like an aquarium as it's surrounded by glass walls.   

Not only the coziness of the venue itself that might make you stay for long time, but also the two restaurants located downstairs. If you're starving and craving for heavy meals, Wolter House indeed didn't provide any of those main courses, yet you could choose between Kambing Cairo or Jjang to fulfill your hunger and got your day continued. 

Back to Wolter House, I started the day with my morning caffeine portion, both in hot and cold version. Well, on weekend there's no such limitation on coffee doze so it's a take-as-much-as-you-want. 

Hot Piccolo (IDR 30k)
Coming first, the Hot Piccolo was such a wake-up call for me as it was quite an opposite to my coffee preference, having quite high acidity both at the time I sipped it as well as at the after-taste. Demanding bold coffee flavor, yet with low acidity, this was unfortunately not my cup of joe. 

Iced Manatahn (IDR 25k) 

Trying my luck with the cold one, my next cup was their Iced Manatahn, which's apparently the signature coffee menu of Wolter House as well. This twisted Indonesian name in my guesstimate was derived from 'Mana Tahan', which might be intentionally given to catch people's attention to give it a try as it reflected that the cup would be an irresistible one. It was more to the traditional type of iced milk coffee, which was highly trending lately. As I enjoyed the drink right at the venue, thus it's served in the glass, but I could spot some people did have them for takeaway, not to mention those 'abang gojek'. The taste of the bean was close to smokey ones, and I could feel the similarity on the after-taste with my first cup. Perhaps it's not my favorite one, yet still better than the one I had in prior. 

Nutella Doughnut (IDR 25k) 

Finally, the owner of the invisible magnet from Wolter House, the one that apparently raised the biggest curiosity to most guests of Wolter House - definitely not counting me as an exception, NUTELLA DOUGHNUT! I wouldn't lie to either you or my own self, at first I was kinda surprised that the doughnut wasn't as big as what I had in mind, upon looking at tons of its pictures on social media. But never mind, size and quantity might come next as taste would always be the number one. As the supply was quite limited, I quickly secured my portion by asking my friend who arrived there in prior to book one for me (LOL. I kinda laughed at myself if I re-thought about it. Feeling too insecure). Great stuff, they re-heated the doughnut before serving to the customer, exactly the serving method I loved for any of my pastries! My friend who had had his, was quite dissatisfied with his as the Nutella filling wasn't as much as what he expected by looking at others' snaps of the doughnut. However, call me the lucky one today, mine was served with generous Nutella stuffing, YEAAAYY!

The batter itself was more into traditional type of doughnut, and so as the coating as it's covered in sugar and I guessed a little cinnamon touch. It's a pretty decent one though I wished it could be less dry. I wouldn't say much about the filling as I believed everyone did know Nutella and its 'dangerously' addictive impact. As I've highlighted that mine was generously given, so you might have correctly imagined how happy I was with the treasure I found at the center of my doughnut.

Final sayings, I would say that I was more interested to highlight the comfy space on top of anything else. I knew you had to be tempted when looking at the doughnut as so did I prior to this visit. For the snacks and coffee, you might try yourself and make your own judgment, yet I can confidently say that I simply love the place. 

Taste: 7/10
Place: 8/10
Service: 8/10
Price: 7.5/10

Thanks for Reading! :)

Address: Jl. Wolter Monginsidi No. 39 3rd Floor, Jakarta
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun 7am - 9pm

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