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WINC Collaborative Space and Cafe, My Soon-to-be Second office?

Calling itself as a collaborative space and cafe, basically this new comer brought an innovative concept, which has been flourishing in Jakarta and the cities around lately. The place became a one-stop solution for anyone who was in demand for a space which could function as a meeting point, whether for meeting, working together, coaching, or even holding small-sized events. It wasn't the one with highly formal and luxurious ambiance, as it's indeed intended for more casual catch-ups. 

Seemed like trying to satisfy the needs of various types of guests, the venue itself provided the space for both people who came solo and in groups. It was equipped by furniture and supporting tools like whiteboard, projector, small and huge tables, stationary, etc. Going more informal, you could even find spots where you could sit on the floor, or simply laying in relax on the couch. 

The cozier as well as more private space was definitely the second floor, which I divided into several sections with my imaginary virtual-line; the presentation and coaching section right after the stairs, the family and friends relaxing meet-up sections with two-level simple seatings and petite low tables, the teamwork and individual section at the back with communal and long tables respectively. Shortly said, it's like a minimalist library coming with contemporary design. I was doubtlessly sold to the idea and I guessed my mind had voluntarily signed-up for loyalist here. Required to order minimum 1 item to be able to occupy a vacant space at this level? Well, bring it on :). Glad news, it's close to my office so now I was spotting the calendar, trying to find the dates for doing agile-working from there.

Not just collaboration space, the cafe did offer other seatings for those who just wanted to dine in at the first level. Smokers were also well-treated here with the dedicated space in front of the venue, and when I said well-treated, I literally meant it as this open-space spot wasn't a small one like what coffee shop had generally. 

As a dessert addict, I wasn't only passionate in eating them but also in crafting them from scratch. Thus, I was beyond enchanted to find out WINC's having transparent kitchen, letting me to enjoy the live-show of the pastry chef preparing for the desserts. I was even planning for joining their upcoming pastry class when they set up another one again, just like what they'd done yet I didn't know in prior. 

The key star behind all the seductive-looking desserts was Nana Cake Boutique. In my guesstimate, the gorgeous chef, who seemed to be a very passionate and talented chef from the way she looked so serious in building every single cake, named Nana. I was sorry if it's wrong, but I simply wanted to say you're stunning with that awesome ability to produce all the appealing cakes. 

Being in a cafe specializing in cakes and having the DNA as a sweets-holic, for sure I was opting for those attractive slices displayed on the chiller. Honestly, not much choices were available there, for which I wasn't sure if it's because that time was still quite early in the morning or they intentionally only showed some of their cakes. Since at that time I didn't know all the cakes collections provided by Nana as I hadn't gone into the website, I didn't ask as well if I could order those not in the showcases. But next time I would surely do for those I was interested in. 

Hot Piccolo (IDR 25k)
Hot Cappuccino (IDR 28k)
Just like an anthem every time I visited a cafe, there they were, the duet of caffeine cups I made landed on the table - Piccolo and Cappuccino. The Piccolo was quite a differently served one as the glass looked more like an espresso glass for me. The taste was another surprise as it's too sour for my palate and the after-taste didn't really suit my liking, perhaps it's the cup for those who fancied coffee with high-acidity. Despite that I wouldn't say that The Cappuccino was the best one ever, I was more into it than the prior cup. It's not overly milky, yet the acidity of the coffee was neutralized to the proper level. I guessed next time would be the turn for the flavored latte ;)

Thai Milk Tea Cake (IDR 42k)

It wasn't only man who desired a partner, coffee did, and that's why I gave each of the cups one. I intendedly put the Thai Tea one as the initial trial as I'd spotted that it's more into spongy texture, while my dessert preference was more to either fudgy or cream-based one. I had priorly guessed from the appearance that it would be little bit too dry, perhaps because it's been quite long in the fridge, but let's keep it as my guesstimate only. I wasn't sure if the sponge cake layers did contain Thai tea flavor as I could barely taste it.  It was more from the cream layers, which was actually pretty decent, being not too sweet. But honestly speaking, my palate demanded bolder Thai tea sensation in it. 

Chocolate, Banana, and Salted Caramel Cake (IDR 40k)

I put my hope at the second cake, which was actually the one I chose myself as well. Luckily my friend agreed to order it, because if he didn't, I might insist anyway *smirking*. Reading the name, it somewhat reminded me of Banoffee, just that it neither had coffee nor was it a pie. The chocolate-based cake was dense and fudgy, yet still at the adorable level that it didn't create that uncomfortable bloated feeling (read: eneg. yeah pardon me, as I couldn't find any other similar term in English to explain it). The banana cream layer which was complemented by little banana cuts made the cake became more tantalizing as it suited the chocolate too well by giving fresh taste to balance the heavier cacao flavor. Not to forget, the salted caramel which made the overall cake was slightly too sweet, yet I still loved it so much and found myself couldn't stop from having another spoon of it. In summary, let's call it sinful indulgence!

As I left the place, I had recorded in mind that I would certainly be back again. I personally felt it's such a spoiling place for working. I got the peaceful ambiance, the spirit where everyone else around me was doing the same thing, and most importantly I got my pair of spirit booster - caffeine and sweets. For you who fancied savory dishes more, or wanted to work or kill time here but worry of being starving, you needn't worry as they did provide heavy meals. Currently the available options were indeed very limited, yet I hoped they would add much more soon :)

Taste: 7.5/10
Place: 8/10
Service: 7.5/10
Price: 7.5/10

Thanks for reading! :)

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