Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Clicks Away to Your Glasses by Polette

Having eyes with myopia problem has made me have to wear glasses since I was in high school. Sometimes I do wear contact lenses yet I don't find it comfy to be worn for long hours and I still prefer glasses. Being a clumsy person, it's not something rarely found that I lost my glasses somewhere because I unconsciously left it. Thereby, I personally prefer to buy the affordable ones since I just feel insecure that the same 'silly mistakes' might be repeated again in the future. Well of course I hope not finger-crossed. 

The problem I've lately found when I was about to buy glasses was the store's accessibility. I had to spend dedicated time to go to the outlet, made my order, and waited until the glasses were ready which sometime might take days meaning I had to come back at another timing to pick up my glasses. This hasn't included the case that I don't immediately find the frame model I fancy and hence I have to visit several eye-wear stores. Such a complexity to face, especially with the limited time I have especially during the extremely hectic weekdays. 

Calling it a blessing (or some might say coincidence), two weeks ago I found Polette, which seems to be the answer to all my problems. This online-based eye-wear store originally comes from France and now serves Indonesian market, easing up my life significantly! Providing more than 1500 frame models, each of which have its picture shown there right at the website, it gives me abundant choices which I can see clearly just from my cellphone or laptop screen. I can save my time from visiting multiple stores and now I can even have more options for the frames. Most of the pictures even include models wearing the glasses so I could imagine how they would look like when being worn. 

Another worry might come on the choices of lenses, since I believe most people want them to be anti-scratch and anti-reflection, and I am also in the same boat. Some might demand more feature like colored lenses. Surprise surprise, they do have the solutions to all those demanding requests! Perhaps too good to be true, providing those abundant benefits, the product still comes at highly affordable price, starting from IDR 150k up to around IDR 800k for the frames, and additional modifications also come at pocket-friendly price. Having said that, no wonder why Polette becomes No. 1 online eye-wear store ;)

If you wonder how to place your order, you simply need to:

1. Go to their website (try clicking this link). You can then adjust the way you want to try looking for your desired model, by filtering based on the criteria you demand. 

2. After finding the preferred model, you could click on the particular model to find more details, including the pictures of the model wearing the glasses. 

3. Choosing your desired model, you then have to pick the lens you want.

4. Then, deciding the lens color, including the brightness level of the colors.

5. Afterwards, you simply need to fill-in your prescription.

6. You'll be offered additional accessories in case you need them.

7. Then click on the top right to check your order and proceed with payment.

8. You then need to provide more information for the payment details.

9. Upon that, you'll get the order confirmation number and you'll receive email confirmation for the placed order, for which you simply need to follow the detailed instruction regarding the payment settlement. Later with the order number, it will be easy for you to track the latest status of your order anywhere and anytime.

Too simple to believe? YESSS, yet luckily that's indeed the truth. So now ordering glasses is just several clicks away. Thanks to technology for making life much simpler and thanks to Polette for utilizing it really well and making eye-wear purchase become much more easier than it used to be. I've tried mine and the actual glasses are exactly like my expectation; comfy to wear, gorgeous model, and decent quality. Perhaps the next turn is yours ;)

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