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Excessive Sweetness at Shophaus Menteng

Shophaus is actually not a new place anymore, being there for more than 3 months now. I believe most of you have been there or at least have been aware of its existence, but I will surely respect those who might not know what it is. Basically, it's a complex of cafes, barbershop, and nail-art store, residing in a single two-storey building. From the outside, the venue looks so classic being mainly themed with white. 

Entering the venue. You will firstly meet the outdoor space providing several communal tables to be occupied by groups with bigger number of people. Upstairs is the balcony of the cafe, located at the second floor, where you can enjoy your foods while inhaling the fresh air (hopefully not polluted one remembering this is city center where so many motor vehicles traveling around). Then moving to the indoor spot, there you'll feel like sitting by the road side where arrays of cafes are there just right next to you. Well, that's what I'm experiencing as the venue has semi-transparent ceiling, meaning natural light freely can fly in. 

Some available choices there are Pigeonhole Coffee, Namelaka, Berrywell, Mockingbird, and Gelato Secrets. All of them provide their own dedicated seats, yet Namelaka and Berrywell ones were quite petite, which might make you prefer to sit at the shared spots. You needn't worry about the semi-transparent space, as it's definitely a cool one being fully air-conditioned. 

The white round staircases become the most favorite photo spot for people taking simple selfies and OOTD shots, till the ones having the real model photoshoot. I believe when you come here, you'll meet at least 1 person bringing camera for photoshoot. Believe it or not, I even meet more than 10 I guess!

Besides Mockingbird, all other stalls basically offer light meals only. For me, this perfectly suits the place whose design is more suitable to be a spot for hangout instead of formal dining. Located at the heart of the capital city, I wish I was still staying in Jakarta so that I could spend my afternoon tea working while enjoying delightful desserts and indulging coffee *frowned*.

For this initial visit, I didn't try the foods/beverages from all stalls. Instead, I had the one I've been targeting even since I knew Shophaus opened its door for the very first time, Namelaka! Yeah, it was back then in December last year and sadly it took me 3 months before I finally came there, even at the time I already moved to a place 35km away from the cafe LOL. Funny yet miserable simultaneously. 

Namelaka has told my dessert-craze heart right away at the first sight. The abundant filling of the choux and the gorgeously presented cakes were such temptation to my sweets-overloaded brain. Standing next to Namelaka's stall, Pigeonhole was the lucky one as I went for its coffee just because it's simple to be reached. 

Hot White 8oz (IDR 38k)

Serving 3 sizes of coffee, I opted for the largest one. Taking my first sip, I knew it's too light for my liking despite I actually liked how it's not acid at all. My taste bud demanded something bolder, yet it might suit you in case you preferred to have the cup with softer coffee flavor. 

Red Velvet Croissant (IDR 35k)

Oops, I did it AGAIN. Couldn't hold myself from the dessert-impulse-buying habit, I ended up having 3 desserts for 2 as I bought 1 more from Pigeonhole when I was about to pay for my coffee and was sold to the appetizing croissant displayed on the showcase. Please blame this on the guy putting them there *peace*. Fortunately, I had no single regret ordering this besides I had to run extra mile the next day to burn the calories (ok just kiddig, forget it :P). I loved it to the very last bite, and bringing the flaky aromatic croissant and generous palatable cream cheese filling once again into my mind made me badly craving for it already!

Sticky Date and Butterscotch Choux (IDR38.5k)
Sticky-date sponge, dates cream, butterscotch sauce

Moving from Pigeonhole to my main reason of visiting Shophaus, Namelaka, I  found myself standing in front of the cake-display racks, drowned in deep dilemma of which cake to opt for. Yeah, as hyperbolic as that, but I did mean it as I literally couldn't choose, simply because I wanted to try all! Unfortunately the size of the cakes weren't as small as I expected, making it unable for me to go for too much. OK, since I couldn't forever stay astonished there, I set my mind to go for 1 choux and 1 cake. Honestly speaking, they're kinda pricey coming with the quite mini size, yet I was made silent when it came to taste. 

My choice fell on this Sticky Date and Butterscotch one as I found it to be the most uncommon among all. Yeah, simply said, how often could you find this particular flavors combination? Thanks to Namelaka, their beauty didn't lie. The choux was superb with slightly crispy skin and moist overloaded filling. The blend of butter, brown sugar, and date taste flawlessly spoiled my tummy. I would doubtlessly lick the cream on my finger if only I didn't remember that I was sitting next to many people. 

Intensely Chocolate (IDR 46k)
Dark chocolate mousse, 70.5% dark chocolate cremeux, moist blackout sponge, 54.5% dark chocolate crunch, dark chocolate glaze, 60% dark soft chocolate ganache 

Without any particular reason, I was on that day craving for chocolate cake. I'd had it running around my mind since early in the morning yet I hadn't had the chance to have it with my morning coffee since the venue where I had my breakie didn't offer any. Hence when I spotted this Intensely Chocolate right there sitting next to the choux, my heart danced beyond happy! The appearance actually had drawn beautiful imagination about the heavy dark chocolate taste in my mind and I was proven right! Exactly like what I had been thinking, it was such a sinful delicacy, serving mind-blowing mix of texture from the cream, mousse, spongecake, and crunch. Serving various chocolate in a single slice, from the sweet to the bitter one, I couldn't say a thing but hands up, you had me at the first bite! Couldn't be a better choice for any chocolate lover, top notch!

Been here once, I couldn't wait for the second, third, and the following visits. Perhaps I could even arrange the order of cakes to try in each visit so I could go for all. ROTFL

Taste: 8.5/10
Place: 8.5/10
Service: 8/10
Price: 7.5/10

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Address: Jl. Teuku Cik Ditiro No. 36, Menteng, Jakarta
Phone: (+62 21) 2239 3252
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun 7am - 10pm

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