Sunday, March 26, 2017

Nebula, where Smoothie Bowls Get Married to Coffee

Still couldn't move on from holiday mood, to be exact Bali ambiance, I was still in high demand of healthy kind of breakie, including smoothie bowl! Hearing that Nebula just set up its new outlet in Mega Kuningan, I didn't want to miss the chance to give it a try. Coincidentally, I was indeed having a lunch appointment around Kuningan area this Sunday so there I was, visiting Nebula!

Asking the barista, I figured out that this one was the same with Bali's Nebula as well as the one previously available at Ruci's Joint. I'd never dined in the branch in Bali, yet I'd ever been to the one in Ruci's. Arriving there, I was quite astonished looking at the mini venue, and when I said mini here, it's literally really small, having only 1 sharing table for approximately 5 people at max. Being able to read that I was surprised, the barista then mentioned that they're still in soft-opening period and would only be completely open by May. At that time, they would have more selections of dishes and the venue would be expanded. 

Knowing that the whole cafe area's not yet completed, I wouldn't talk much about the design as for me, nothing in particular to highlight at this point of time as well. So without further due, let's immediately go to what's available on my dining table for this Sunday brunch.

Having tried Nebula in Ruci's, I've known that their signature menu were smoothie bowl and coffee. Yes, exactly like typical vegan or organic cafes in Bali :). During the soft opening, only these two kinds of menu were available and even not all the smoothie bowls listed on the menu were ready to be ordered. 

Following the barista's recommendation, I opted for their most favorite, Pittaya Bowl (IDR 65k). It's similar to the general Pittaya Bowl you might have had in any other restaurants in terms of the components served inside the bowl. It was a healthy yet luscious one, serving freshly blended dragon fruits, topped with slices of strawberries and bananas, shredded coconut, goji berry, and granola. I loved the naturally refreshing taste coming from each elements, and actually what made me turned happier was because I felt less guilty eating this kind of breakie, knowing that it contained less fatty ingredients. The sweet taste was also not artificial so there's no such thing like 'a moment on your lips, forever on your hips'.  

Pittaya Bowl (IDR 65k)
Hot Cappuccino (IDR 30k)

Using the beans with low-to-medium body level, the coffee taste in the cappuccino wasn't that bold, but still at pretty acceptable level for my palate. If you're more into stronger one, my suggestion was to go for double ristretto. The nice point to highlight was the clean after taste, which was always something important for me when talking about coffee. If I might have one request on this cup, I guessed it would be 'serving the coffee in a glass cup instead of paper one, please'.

Iced Seminyak Caramel (IDR 40k)

Feeling that the weather was stiflingly hot, my friend decided to go for the cold version, the iced flavored latte and the choice fell on caramel, one of the two flavors provided besides hazelnut. Simply said, I'd call it Iced Caramel Latte. As I've called out in prior that the coffee was medium-bodied, thus when it came in iced version and added with extra syrup, the coffee flavor got kind of overpowered and slightly too sweet. Hence if later on you opted for their iced coffee, I would suggest you to request for extra espresso shot. 

Having tried only limited menu of Nebula, I'm really looking forward to coming back on the grand opening, to figure out the other ones. I hear that they may serve many savory dishes as well, just like the outlet in Bali. See you later, Nebula!

Taste: 8/10
Place: 7/10
Service: 8.5/10
Price: 7.5/10

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Address: Kantor Taman A9, Jl. Dr. Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung lot. 8.9/A9, Jakarta
Phone: (+62 21) 2253 2955 / (+62) 812 9843 4601
Opening Hours: Sun - Fri 7am - 4pm

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