Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sta's Coffee, 'The Ugliest' Coffee Shop in Town

The ugliest coffee shop in town. Yes, you heard it right, but no it wasn't from me but from the coffee shop itself. They did bring that tagline and I couldn't agree more that it tickled my curiosity even more to visit it and tried their menu. Occupying a space at Tower A of Scientia apartment, it's pretty cumbersome to find this coffee shop especially because the wrong direction given by the security. We had to walk quite far passing Summarecon Digital Center in order to get to the venue. 

As explained by the tagline, the 'unfinished' first floor was indeed ugly and looked pretty dirty. Luckily, they provided the direction that we should go upstairs or otherwise we might have gone back home thinking that it's closed. Reaching the spot, everything's blue there except my feeling. LOL, ok sorry for being cheesy there. They brought out dark blue color as the main theme, being totally different to common monochromatic coffee shops nowadays. 

It looked more like a working space for me as it's sizable and there were long big tables standing next to each other. I saw some university students working together  seemed like doing their assignment. Well I could imagine it's indeed a suitable one not only because it's close to several uni but also the place's indeed cozy to spend long hours though it came with simple design. 

Not only the visitors, the owners and the baristas were all looking really young. I heard some of them were even still high school students. Cheers to all youngsters!

As they were still offering buy 1 get 1 promo for the beverages, my friends and I both went for 2 cups for each of us, 1 hot and 1 cold. 

Hot Cappuccino (IDR 28k)
Hot Piccolo (IDR 28k)
Oops. Quite too milky for my palate. The Piccolo was slightly bolder, yet still my palate demanded something stronger than this. Talking to the barista, he indeed said that they intentionally changed the beans with lighter ones fulfilling the preference of most of their guests. Well, perhaps we should go with double ristretto next time then ;)

Iced Shaken Piccolo (IDR 35k)

Said as one of the most recommended cup to go for if you were coffee lover, we're attracted to try it, especially it reminded me of St*rbucks' Double Shot Iced Shaken Espresso. Unfortunately, the presentation was not that appealing as they served it in too-huge cup for that size of drink, making it look like half-filled cup beverage. Same as the previous two cups, our taste buds did want it to be 'more kicking'. 

Iced Hulk Latte (IDR 40k)

Again, another reminder of St*rbucks' drink, Iced Matcha Espresso fusion, to which I was pretty addicted lately as it's not overly sweet. However, Sta's version was quite different as the Matcha had quite strong Jasmine fragrance and it was served sweet. Despite being served with a single shot of espresso, seemed like the green tea kind of overpowered the coffee, yet it's still a pretty decent one for my palate since I did love green tea and theirs was the strong-typed one. 

Iced Chocolate (IDR 42k)

For those who're caffeine-intolerant, you might be irritated as it's all about coffee, coffee, and another coffee. OK guys, you needn't worry there as I would try to be fair. Your wish was my command, here I showed you the last one which could be the nice option for you to go for, the Iced Chocolate by Korte. Honestly speaking, I didn't have a sip from this glass, yet I guessed the dark brown color could tell that it's serving bold dark chocolate taste. Moreover, so far Korte Chocolate has never disappointed me regardless where I had it. 

Thanks for the great 'treat' today, Sta's Coffee and wishing you all the best for the coffee shop :)

Taste: 7/10
Place: 7.5/10
Service: 8/10
Price: 7.5/10

Thanks for Reading! :)

Address: Ruko Scientia Residence, Tower A No. RSR17, Gading Serpong, Tangerang
Phone: (+62) 815 1411 2354
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun 8am - 8pm

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