Monday, March 13, 2017

Koze Cafe, The Cafe by the King of Peranakan Cuisines

Surprise surprise, this newly opened coffee shop was actually Eaton's. Yes, that long well-known bakery shop and fusion Malaysian-Singapore cuisine seller which has tons of branches all around Jakarta and Tangerang as well. My friend and I actually had been wondering why this coffee shop could sell so many varieties of dishes from western ones like pasta and egg-based breakfast till Peranakan ones like Kway Teow, fried rice, and fried glass noodles. We finally figured out that it's Eaton's and our questions were completely answered as those peranakan menu were simply Eaton's signature dishes and now they added more variety adding the western selections. 

The venue stood side by side with Eaton's bakery and even inside the two were connected so you might even get the option to have your coffee accompanied by Eaton's all-time favorite bread wink wink. It was a very huge one, not only being wide but also long till the backyard. Yeah, they did provide semi-outdoor space at the back, covered by ceiling so you could enjoy sitting while breathing the fresh air without having to be afraid of getting wet by the rain or 'melted' by the sunlight. 

I would call this place a perfect spot for 'single-rider' as well as big groups as you had the gigantic space, speedy internet connection, and sockets everywhere. So you're now fully equipped for working, surfing through the internet, strolling around the virtual social media world, and surely chit chatting and killing time. Yessss, I was extremely happy to find one more option to go for my agile working. 

Hot Cappuccino 

My dining session here started with a jaw-break caused by the gorgeous latte art handcrafted by the waitress. Well, I was truly sorry for underestimating her skill in drawing the latte art but honestly said, I initially thought the cappuccino will only come with simple white foam on top, but see, it's a flawless picture drawn there on my caffeine cup. Thumbs up! However, looking only wouldn't be enough till it came to the taste. Hmm, I guessed this wasn't my cup as it's quite too light for my palate. I loved how it's not acid at all, yet I preferred it to have stronger body. 

Koze's Char Kway Teow

When someone mentioned Eaton, what's always coming into my mind's their Char Kway Teow. Yes I guessed in every 10 of my visits to Eaton, 9 of them would have Kway Teow as my dish. Yes it's that often since Eaton's pretty close to my old office, just 10-minute walking distance and it's kind of comfort food for me. I guessed the same case with almost all people who've dined in Eaton regardless it's that often or not. Their Kway Teow was indeed like everyone's all-time favorite. Thus, when we figured out Koze was by Eaton, we immediately asked the waitress if the Kway Teow was same as Eaton's and they said yes. You could now see smiles on our faces. When it's there brought to the table, the appearance did tell the same and when it came to taste, yesss they indeed share the truth. It's the luscious Eaton's Kway Teow, so I guessed I didn't need to put longer explanation here, did I? ;)

Koze's New York Cheesecake

We couldn't be luckier on that day, they're on promo, giving free dessert for every purchase of Kway Teow. HAHA! I initially had told my friend that my tummy couldn't take any heavy meals anymore and I would only go for dessert, and now I would get it for free!! They actually served some choices for the cheesecake, ranging from New York, Blueberry, and Oreo, and this time I opted for the original version. It's a pretty indulging one, yet not my most favorite type of cheesecake since my taste bud preferred it to be more cheesy instead of sweet. What I fancied from this slice was the hint of lemon infused in the cake which was a refreshing flavor to balance the creamy component. 

As I called out before, I would surely come back here and perhaps became their loyal customer as for me, they provided more than awesome service and supporting equipment for the guests to spend long hours. So see you real soon :)

Taste: 8/10
Place: 8/10
Service: 8.5/10
Price: 8/10

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Address: Ruko Mendrisio 1, Blok D No. 7, Gading Serpong, Tangerang
Phone: (+62 21) 2950 7244
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun 10am - 10pm

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