Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Special Sunday Brunch at Attarine

Woooww, amazingly it just took one week for my sister and I to go back here at Attarine, my newly beloved spot for Mediterranean dining. If last time it was a lunch, this week was Sunday Brunch and yes, it was a special one as they offered a package for this only within March, and only available every Sunday! Well, a nice fact about Sunday to overcome the bad fact that tomorrow's another Monday ok, sorry for reminding. PEACE!

For you who haven't read my first post on Attarine, it's just a click away, right after this sentence (click here). I wouldn't share more details about the place as it's all available there, and this post would be dedicated to their Sunday Brunch. 

Served at a single price of IDR 350k++, there were 6 dishes served in the package including appetizer, main course, and dessert. Additionally, you would also get a glass of your choice, from the selections of light cocktails, mocktails, and fruit juices. Sounded like a good deal that's too good to be missed, didn't it? More amusingly, the menu might vary every week since they tried to come with different combinations to excite the guests! Cause guests always deserve to be treated like kings wink wink. 

Sparkling Wine

Cheeeerrsssss! Yeah, great way to celebrate the weekend, indulging yourself with a shot of alcohol. You needn't worry as the choice of cocktails that became part of the Sunday Brunch package were the light ones, just like this sweet sparkling wine. It's been awhile since the last time I had alcohol-based drink and this one was simply comforting. 

Pineapple and Passion Fruit Mocktail

I had made prior agreement (ok now I sounded too formal. LOL) with my sis that we would go for different drink so we could try each other's. Besides, it's also because the other one was alcohol so I just needed the balancer since this was still quite early for 'heavy drink'. I couldn't recall ever finding pineapple being mixed with passion fruit yet this innovative mix was simply tantalizing. A fresh cold glass of mocktail to pamper yourself in the hot sunny Jakarta. 

Roasted Pineapple

Moving on to foods, the very first appetizer served on the table already wow-ed me successfully. Roasted pineapple??!? Yes, I couldn't lie that my first impression was 'okay, that sounded weird'. Yet that didn't stop me from trying it for sure. The pineapple slices served on the plate were cooked in two styles. One was sweet, while the other was more into sour. Unexpectedly, it was lovely and refreshing, such a distinctive beginner which excited me even more to try the following ones. 

Monkey Bread

If the first came with unique ways-to-serve, this second appetizer entered 'the stage' bringing its catchy name. I wasn't sure why it's named as Monkey Bread since it didn't have any component related to banana, nonetheless, my guesstimate was because it's sweet and containing nuts which were just another favorite of monkeys (well I didn't say it would be 100% correct). Covered in caramel and I guessed cinnamon as well, this super moist bread was extremely indulging. I wish I could have them for breakie in every morning to accompany my coffee. Finger-lickin' delicious!

Selections of Snacks

Still in appetizer group, now we had another one, selections of snacks. Big family was served there, having pickles, cashew nuts, olives, and cheese-stuffed dates served together in gigantic round wooden tray. I thought almost everybody was naturally created loving snacks so this would be the dish everyone would fight for when being shared together, and my case was totally indifferent. I was confused which one to go first yet I was doubtless I would try everything's provided there except the pickles which my palate was indeed intolerant of. Briefly describing the dish, the olives were nice being fresh and slightly salty, the cashew nuts were comforting and as always reminded me of snacking time with daddy who loved this too much, and the cheese-stuffed dates? No need to question, they're the best part of this menu!! I might finish the whole thing if I didn't hold myself and focused my brain to stop and share LOL. I indeed had a big crush on dates, but I'd never had it being stuffed before and surprise surprise, now I would definitely bring this idea to any places serving dates. Hmmm, perhaps making it at home would be a great start. 

Roasted Vegetables 

At the previous blogpost, I've highlighted how well Attarine was in serving healthy foods, veggies! Again, this time their veggies didn't fail to amuse me. The compilation of roasted zucchini, eggplant, and green and red paprika were scrumptious. You could get the aroma burst out in each single bite <3. 

Fish and Batik Clams

Quite similar to the one I had in my previous visit, this gulai-alike seafood soup was delectable, bringing rich mixture of seasonings. Delightful blend of sea creatures served in a bowl, providing fresh fish, batik clams, and octopus. Regardless it's not mentioned in the dish name, for me the octopus was the owner of the spotlight as the texture was too good to be true! None of us could argue on this as everyone loved how it's being so tender. Perhaps the best octopus I've had in lifetime and you could trust me that I wasn't over exaggerating at all. 

Chocolate Cardamom Ice Cream

Understanding me best, this Sunday Brunch did include dessert in the package!  Too bad I was in a rush this morning so I didn't get the chance to try this ice cream *deep frowned*. Called it blessing in disguise, I would take this as the reason to come back some time soon!

As there would be only another two Sundays in March, you'd better mark your calendar for your Sunday Brunch at Attarine. There would be no single regret fellas :)

Taste: 8.5/10
Place: 8.5/10
Service: 9/10
Price: 8/10

Thanks for Reading! :)

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