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Yoshoku Dining at Rock Papr Scsr

If you were the generation who had Nokia in upper grades of elementary school, who experienced being a fan of Westlife and F4, who watched Amigos and Carita de Angel every day, then you had to be familiar with rock paper scissor game. Yeah, the simple game we used to play in kindergarten and elementary school, which could already entertain us as much as kids nowadays being entertained by their smartphones, iPads, or even laptops. Simple happiness at almost no cost, with more interaction with real humans and closer relationship among the society. Yeah, that's how beautiful life used to be :)

Bringing back those blissful childhood memories, this newly opened restaurant named itself as Rock Papr Scsr. Residing at the house of Trattoria and Ling Ling, RPS occupied a used-to-be vacant space at The East Mega Kuningan's ground floor. Yes, a new family member for the restaurants residing in one of Jakarta's busiest central business district. 

Perhaps it's very young age did play a role, this new comer has been consistently packed with guests every day particularly at dining time and weekend. Well, I noticed that from people's postings on my social media accounts and today I did prove it myself. Yes, looked more like a hype place for hangout particularly for the youngsters. Despite, the venue was indeed a photogenic space for those 'killing' OOTD snaps. I could see that some people even held their birthday and bridal shower there, right at the time when I also marked my initial visit! I guessed with live bands on Wednesday and DJ performances on Friday and Saturday, it would even be much crowded than this.

It might be not a gigantic space that had the capability to accommodate a hundred people, yet it was spacious enough. It's all indoor space, but I could say that the venue could be divided into two major parts, which I would call as 'totally indoor' space and 'semi indoor' one. The first was the spot located right after the indoor entrance door, being covered with walls and closed ceiling and having pretty-dim lighting. Whereas the latter was the one covered by glass ceiling and windows, allowing natural light to fly in freely. That meant you could be hit by the sunlight, yet they did compensate it with full air conditioner. Most tables were not huge, each of which might only have 3-4 people. Thus I highly recommended prior reservation when you came in bigger group.

Being innovative, they divided the menu into three big parts; Rock, Papr, and Scsr. All the dishes were freshly prepared by the gorgeous chef, who's also the family to the owner. I would call her super woman as when I met her, she shared that since she had to monitor the busy resto, she hadn't slept the whole night and hadn't had any meals since morning, while at that time it's already like 4pm. So let's see how the extremely the hard work got paid off by the Yoshoku dishes served; Japanese dishes in Western cooking style ;)


Chicken and Shitake Gyoza (IDR 55k)
Minced Chicken & Shiitake, Ponzu Sauce

Beautifully presented with edible flower decoration, this minced chicken gyoza came as the introduction. Served with Ponzu sauce as the dipping, this starter was not bad, yet it's quite similar to common gyoza in other places. 

Seaweed Fries with Truffle Aioli (IDR 55k)
French Fries, Seaweed Salt, Creamy Truffle Aioli

I wasn't a big fan of french fries like most people did, but truffle fries were always exception. I was always a lame when it came to truffle, and so far it happened whatever the companion was. This appetizer might sound pretty simple, yet it became delightful light bites especially with the extra seaweed and truffle aioli dipping. 


Ricotta Hotcake (IDR 95k)
Homemade Ricotta Hotcake, Berries Compote, Maple Syrup, Vanilla Ice Cream

The turn for ROCK then came, greet by the Ricotta Hotcake. Yes, that signature Aussie's sweet breakie menu. It's been awhile since the last time I had it for brunch and I did miss it so much! Different from Aussie's one which typically came in two stacks, RPS version was served one stack yet it's indeed a thicker one. The toppings were as 'crowded' as the original ones, serving stunning combination of colors from the berries compote and vanilla ice cream. The extra maple strup which delivered that glossy look made it become such temptation which's hard to resist. The taste was decent and it was perfectly moist, milky flavor flawlessly combined with fresh fruit toppings. Yummm!


Minced Beef Katsu Sandwich (IDR 85k)
Minced Beef Katsu, Shredded Cabbage, Meslun

Moving to PAPR yet still with something light. If previously we'd enjoyed chicken, now it's the turn for beef, same style, being minced yet this one was coated by bread crumbs making it coming with crispy texture. This simple sandwich actually reminded me of the quick take-away lunch meal I usually had when I stayed in Japan, during the busy working days. It was okay, yet unfortunately nothing special to highlight. 

Tuna Poke Bowl (IDR 95k)
Avocado, Poke Tuna, Rice, Edamame, Soy Dressings

Perfect reminder of Chirashi Don, yeah the rice bowl with Sashimi on top, just that this one was completely Tuna instead of mixed fish or mixed seafood. Serving Japanese rice, the carbo part of this bowl couldn't go better, heavenly moist! Mixing it with the runny yolk, the mushy texture was so indulging and impeccably complemented by the fresh tuna cuts on top. Now I guessed the paper started to show how it beat the rock.


Miso Cured Black Cod (IDR 85k)
3 Days Marinated Cod Fish, Pan Roasted Edamame, and Baby Corn

When paper came with the raw seafood, scissor didn't want to lose and thus it came with something different, fried one. So interesting fact I found in this dish, the cod fish had actually been marinated for 3 days, no wonder the seasoning was perfectly blended into the fish. The texture was actually quite unique as it's not smooth like fish in common, but it's quite fibrous instead.

Japanese Black Beer Braised Beef (IDR 175k)
Japanese Beef Stew Style Cooked in Black Beer, Truffle Pomme Puree, Sauteed Mushrooms

Back to this 4-leg protein, there was the braised beef, which for me was quite similar to steak and fries, just that the fries were replaced by the puree. If you recalled that I mentioned I wasn't a big fan of fries, thus I could find myself became much happier having puree to come as the carbo. The beef was juicy and tender, well executed by combining it with chewy various mushrooms including my favorite enoki. I couldn't really call out the black beer taste, yet overall it's a palatable dish for my palate. 

Striploin & Truffle Don (IDR 135k)
Striploin Steak, Onsen Egg, Truffle Oil, Japanese Rice

Easy easy guys, I knew you had to be drooling but please hold everything that's about to drop off from your mouth ;) giggling. Yeah, none could lie telling that the dish didn't tickle your appetite as it definitely did. Those striploin cuts were like calling you to give them a try, not to mention when you broke the onsen egg and saw that yolk burst; it's like literally screamed to you to taste the dish. Combined all the components into 1, you could be hypnotized by the truffle aroma when you're mixing the ingredients. Having my first spoon, I could say nothing but 'top notch' and 'gimme much more'!! Awesomely scrumptious and such a lip smacker! Every single element in the bowl was well-seasoned and complementing one another. Mark it as must-try!

Deconstructed Shibuya Toast (IDR 79k)
Toasted Brioche Bread with Vanilla Butter Sugar, Berries Compote, Honey, Vanilla Ice Cream

For me, this was the honey toast version of the prior Ricotta Hotcake. All the toppings were exactly the same, just the base which was different. Objectively said, it's a matter of preference as some might love hotcake version more, while some loved it in honey toast. But just to give you more reference in making your choice, if you love the base to be something soft, went for the hotcake; while if you preferred it to be crispier, then the toast might suit you best. 

Butter Cake with Miso Glazed (IDR 50k)
Warm Butter Cake with Miso Caramel Glazed, Vanilla Ice Cream

From the name, Butter Cake, it might sound like a very simple one and yes, the actual appearance did tell the same. Well perhaps the last two words made it a total difference, Miso Glazed. At first, I was much more into the Ricotta Hotcakes and Toast since I did judge from the 'cover'. Nonetheless, when it came to tasting part, I was astonished by this last comer, served in mind-blowing buttery aroma and flavorful butter taste, which completely reminded me of my aunt's all-time favorite homemade bluder cake.  The key distinction making it worth to try was the Miso Caramel glazed. Well, who would ever guess that the caramel layer underneath the cake and the crumbles as well as the one coating the cake, was mixed with miso? Don't you ever dare to think it tasted weird or feel reluctant to try it as telling you honestly, it's the crème de la crème of this dessert. Without it, this cake wouldn't be the same and I believed wouldn't be the most ordered dessert!


Calling it sleepy Sunday, I could see my friends and I had non-stop yawning moment. Perhaps all of us were simply too tired during the whole week and another thing was we indeed woke up early despite that it's weekend. Hence, we're in severe need of caffeine and called us lucky, RPS served Common Grounds beans, which none of the coffee-addict among us disliked. 

Hot Cappuccino (IDR 30k)
Iced Cappuccino (IDR 30k)
Hot Piccolo/Gibraltar (IDR 30k)
While my sister opted for the Hot Cappuccino, I preferred to have Hot Piccolo instead. My thinking was I anyway could try hers so why I didn't go for something else *wink*. Both cups were pleasing, yet my choice would stick with Piccolo having sipped from the two, as it had stronger coffee taste and aroma just like what my palate desired. But if you're more on the side of light-bodied coffee, you might want to go for Cappuccino here.

Roundly, my initial Yoshoku lunch in Rock Papr Scsr has successfully delivered great first impression, particularly some dishes I highlighted throughout the post. An upcoming visit would definitely be like 'something soon'!

Taste: 8/10
Place: 8/10
Service: 7.5/10
Price: 7.5/10

Thanks for Reading! :)

Address: The East Tower GF, Jl. Lingkar Mega Kuningan Kav E3.2 No 1, Jakarta
Phone: (+62 21) 2952 7101
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun 10am - 00am

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