Monday, March 13, 2017

Emmetropia Coffee

Never heard of this coffee shop before, my friends and I initially thought that it's a newly opened one then we figured out it's been there for almost 9 months already! Whatttt??!? It seemed to be invisible as we passed this area quite often yet never noticed it's there. Perhaps it's us who didn't have the Emmetropia? OK, I saw that confused face now LOL. Emmetropia itself meant the eye that had no visual defect. Well, enough talking about it and harder stuffs, at least we're here today. Woohoo!

Matching the limited space, the tables were mostly coming in mini size, except the long tall table provided at the front space. I started to get used to the type of design theme brought out, and perhaps I would call it a default for recently opened coffee shop. It would always be either grey, black and white, or wooden; and this one was the combination of the first and the last. 

This was actually the first coffee shop to visit on this Saturday coffee-rally routine. So as usual, first one was the kick-starter. Since the choices for coffee pairing were quite limited, we naturally couldn't be picky. Nonetheless, as Taylor Swift said that Two is Better than One, let's give the cup a companion. Playing safe, I picked the quite common one, Banana Bread (IDR 20k)

Banana Bread (IDR 20k)
Banana Bread (IDR 20k)
Coming in the shape of mini pound cake with moist texture yet dense content, it was a quite pocket-friendly option to go for. The taste was quite nice as well being not overly sweet, especially as the sweet flavor was mostly coming from the choco chips on top. Lucky random pick! ;)

Hot Cappuccino (IDR 28k)
Hot Piccolo (IDR 28k)
Hot Piccolo (IDR 28k)
Using El Salvador beans roasted by the well-known Toby's Estate, though the coffee aroma wasn't that strong, the medium-bodied cups served were lovely. Having stronger taste without higher acidity, I preferred their Piccolo to the Cappuccino. 

Serving nice coffee in decent price, Emmetropia could be another option to go for short chats over coffee or speedy coffee break. Perhaps takeaway would also work when this area was within your 'boat's map'.

Taste: 7.5/10
Place: 7/10
Service: 7.5/10
Price: 7.5/10

Thanks for Reading! :)

Address: Ruko Neo Arcade Blo A No. 23, Jl Gading Serpong Kelapa Dua
Phone: (+62) 822 7662 3389
Operating Hours: Mon - Sat 9am - 9pm

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